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Season 14 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Love is the Best Steroid" 1 287

Following the hypnosis disaster, Roz has dumped Noel, believing he would've let her be "brainwashed" for as long as possible. Noel becomes determined to prove that he had no desire to keep up the pretence, and eventually snaps at Roz, saying he just wanted to get their joke of a relationship over with. Roz is overcome with guilt, and after talking to Becky, she realises how much Noel has tried to change himself over the past months for her benefit. Meanwhile, Angus is getting overly excited for the final of a high-school football tournament. Jennifer begins to wonder just why he cares so much and gets Denny to do some digging. To Jennifer's surprise, it turns out that Angus used to be somewhat of an athlete in his high-school years, but an unforeseen banana peel cost him and his team victory. Ever since Bloomer has failed to win one tournament, and Angus has felt guilty each time. Roz seeks to use the newly installed Jumbo Vision at the stadium to apologise to Noel and enlists the help of Laurence and Becky to give it a Star Trek spin. Jennifer, on the other hand, decides to help Angus put his past behind him by convincing Roz to give the team a motivational speech during her apology. Roz is hesitant but manages to achieve this anyway when, after conferring with Becky for a few minutes, she comes to the realisation that she has fallen in love with Noel, and tells him this over the Jumbo Vision. The team are inspired by this display of affection and go on to win the tournament; Angus' guilt is alleviated, and Roz and Noel share their first non-awkward embrace.

"The Right to Keep and Bear Gnomes" 2 288

Herbert, the estranged brother of late Gnomeland proprietors Barney and Norman, steps up to the podium during a meeting and shocks everyone by announcing his intentions to auction off the gnomes surrounding the town square. Roz objects, believing the gnomes are exactly where Barney and Norman wanted them until Herbert reveals that their wills stipulate that the gnomes go to their surviving family. Angus is more than willing to grant permission, feeling the gnomes are a blemish on Bloomer's traditional beauty. Outraged, Roz decides to challenge the wills and gains several supporters in Becky, Laurence and Noel. On the other hand, Denny and Jennifer choose to side with Angus, as they have always hated the gnomes. Eventually, it is decided that the matter will be settled during an old-fashioned town debate. While Roz struggles to keep her team under control long enough to see them through to victory, Angus realises he'll have to put his dictatorship qualities aside for the time being. However, the others have trouble keeping the debate separate from their personal lives, and when Roz realises several arguments have broken out, she worries that the debate will be a disaster and that Herbert has already won. Out of options, she attempts to track down the elusive Gnomeland sister, who may be the only one that can settle the disagreement.

"Man of the House" 3 289

Sam and Lola return from their extended honeymoon and announce that they are now married. Roz is looking forward to having some time off from running Café Blossom alone but is dismayed when Sam reveals he has decided to become a house-husband instead to focus on building a family. With the next rent looming on the horizon, Roz realises she'll have to find a new business partner quickly and eventually finds one in Becky, who has always loved the place. Lola is shocked by Sam's decision to abandon his career, especially as it means she'll have to find a way of being the primary breadwinner. Denny also worries about Becky's impulsive decision as they will soon have three kids to provide for and no college fund. Lola and Denny end up joining forces to put everything back to the way it's supposed to be; but end up taking a backseat when Roz begins to have second thoughts about working with Becky, who can't seem to get past her dental expertise and insists on giving customers teeth advice. Sam immediately comes to realise just how difficult it is to do everything around the house. Meanwhile, the recent career changes make Angus come to the conclusion that he's always done what's expected of him, and never chased a dream of his own. Jennifer tries to make his childhood goal of becoming a pilot a reality by organising helicopter lessons but is oblivious to the fact that he's now afraid of heights.

"A Tale of Two Mailmen" 4 290

When Laurence gets a cold, Noel offers to fill in for him delivering letters until it passes. Laurence is initially reluctant; knowing how much Noel wanted his job in the first place, but eventually relents when he can't make his way out of bed. Noel becomes an instant hit with the locals due to his extra fast delivery. Laurence is overcome with jealousy and becomes determined to make Noel's job more difficult by mercilessly ordering items out of a catalogue. As a result of increased pressure, Noel suffers a nervous breakdown and inadvertently drops a bag of parcels into the lake. This has a dramatic impact on the lake's wildlife, when a package containing a toaster sends out an electric pulse, killing a large amount of fish. Noel is subsequently loathed by animal lovers and wildlife organisations everywhere. This allows Laurence to resume his position of everybody's favourite mailman after his recovery. However, his endless spending spree has made his account go into overdraft, which in turn stops anybody from withdrawing money from the local bank until the matter is settled. After becoming the town's new enemy, Laurence feels guilty for what he put Noel through and attempts to make amends by convincing him to resume his mantle of mailman so they can deal with the crisis together.

"Sexless in Seattle" 5 291

Roz learns that Willa has given birth to her child, and decides to take a road trip to Seattle. Noel offers to accompany her, and they embark in Roz's Winnebago. Over the course of the journey, Roz begins to wonder if Noel only asked to come along in the hopes of consummating their relationship for the first time. When they arrive in Seattle, they reunite with Kenny Daly and Roz's sister Denise in the hospital waiting room, before meeting Willa's daughter. Roz and Denise decide to throw a welcome home party for Willa. During the preparation, Roz seeks Denise's advice and is surprised to learn her sister still has an active sex life, even in her older years. Roz comes to the conclusion that she will always see Noel as a friend and not a lover. As the party gets in full swing, Roz struggles to find a way of telling Noel how she feels when it becomes apparent that he thinks tonight's the night. Noel and Kenny, meanwhile, spend the day at KACL and are shocked to find it has been transformed into a very exclusive gym. Recalling a time capsule they buried there shortly before their departure, Noel and Kenny become determined to gain access to the basement where they buried it, without having to pay the extortionate membership fees.

"The Last Laugh" 6 292

Now sharing his mail duties with Noel, Laurence finds himself strapped for cash and decides to apply for the position of Denny's assistant. Denny is immediately impressed with the amount of work Laurence brings in, and has to start turning people away. Eventually, Denny chooses to investigate several apparent euthanasia cases at the advice of Laurence, who believes the controversial subject matter will put him in the spotlight. Denny is surprised when he realises the first target of the investigation is Becky's dental surgery, which may be a front for a euthanasia business. Torn between loyalty to his wife and his desire for fame, Denny procrastinates during the investigation, which prompts Laurence to take his place. Laurence quickly proves to be profoundly inept at being a detective and is forced to repeatedly ask for dental work to avoid Becky's suspicion. Denny re-considers abandoning the investigation when he realises what he does is always for the greater good, and joins Laurence at the practice. Laurence, shocked by Denny's arrival, inadvertently knocks over a canister of laughing gas, making them both break out in hysterical laughter. As they fight back their giggles, Laurence worries that Becky's method is to make people laugh throughout their death, and his concerns begin to affect Denny as well. Becky finds out about the investigation when a police officer tells her the matter has been dropped but decides to prolong Laurence and Denny's suffering to teach them a lesson first.

"A Lot of Hot Air" 7 293

Roz feels lonely when Noel joins a class at the YMCA and decides to find an organisation of her own to take part in. Eventually, she chooses the Bloomer Preservation Society and enjoys having a peaceful outpost away from home. Roz quickly realises the club is more about the social aspects than historical preservation; until a power-mad dictator, Biddy Strong, wrangles her way up the ranks and becomes group president. Biddy makes her desire to restore old buildings in Bloomer known, and Roz is shocked when Biddy forces her out of the club for renovating Café Blossom without their consent, as its previous design dated back several decades. Furious that it has been taken away from her, Roz decides to run against Biddy in the presidential race, with Becky and Laurence acting as her campaign advisors. Meanwhile, Jennifer is shocked when Angus impulsively purchases a large hot air balloon in his continuing quest to soar the skies. Sam and Lola are also unhappy with this as it blocks the light in their apartment, and they take their grievances to one of the Bloomer Preservation Society's meetings. Roz is reluctant to tell Angus he can't keep the balloon and as a result is targeted by Biddy in the race for her personal attachments.

"Ballooney Tunes" 8 294

Irritating bible-pusher and long-time antagonist June Archer returns to Bloomer after finding religion once again. Determined to spread the word across America, she announces her intentions to re-open an old abandoned church at a town meeting. Meanwhile, Becky has an alarming afternoon when she realises she hasn't felt her baby move for a while, and Denny rushes her to the hospital where they realise everything's fine. Becky finds faith as a result and volunteers to help June with the church renovation. Denny offers his assistance too, to lighten Becky's load. Roz becomes convinced June is up to something, and with Denny too distracted to investigate, she turns to Laurence and Noel, who prove to be highly inept at undercover work when they volunteer at the church. Angus, on the other hand, promises to get his hot air balloon up and running in time for the re-launch so he can advertise it from the skies. Angus soon regrets making this promise when he realises he hasn't actually gotten anywhere in its lengthy repair. Paranoid and secret Christian Jennifer worries about the consequences if Angus breaks his promise to June and calls up an old mechanic boyfriend to help with the repair. Angus is jealous when he notices the spark between Jennifer and her ex still exists. Convinced they may be unwinding in an affair; Angus ends up getting drunk on the big launch day and crashing the hot air balloon through the newly restored large church window, leaving June outraged and looking for revenge.

"There's Something Inside Mary" 9 295

Christmas has arrived, and Becky is unwittingly signed up to play Mary in Bloomer's annual nativity play due to her pregnancy. Angus is determined to make it the best nativity play Wisconsin's ever seen, in his continuing efforts to one-up a rival selectman from a competing town. Disaster strikes on the big night when Becky genuinely goes into labour in the middle of the performance. With all access to the town square sealed off for the play, getting an ambulance is unfeasible. Angus initiates a brief intermission and begs the performers to see the play through, making a rousing speech about town pride. Becky reluctantly agrees, and the play becomes something else entirely as the gang are forced to improvise. Denny, Noel and Laurence, as the Three Wise Men, attempt to find an emergency substitute for Becky and scour the town for another pregnant woman but are repeatedly turned away because they look like religious zealots.

"Band of Bothers" 10 296

A beloved retired musician unexpectedly passes away and leaves his entire collection of instruments to the town. Roz considers learning how to play one of them, as her mother always told her that no one should go through life without knowing how to play an instrument. However, at the musician's wake, the executor of his will reveals that the instruments are only to be released on the condition that the local high-school band marches through the town square at least once a day utilising them. Unfortunately, what initially starts off as a pleasant novelty soon turns into an irritation when the daily music playing manages to interfere with everyone's lives. The loud noise continually interrupts their newborn daughter's naps, leaving Becky crankier than usual and Denny hiding for his life at Café Blossom. Laurence, on the other hand, is faced with an uprising after accidentally dropping a bag of letters in the path of the marching band. Roz seems to be the only one who is enjoying the music, and she desperately tries to convince one of the band members to give her an instrument. When Roz inadvertently trips a saxophone player up twisting his ankle, she is subsequently shanghaied into taking his place and soon finds herself hated by the town for fraternising with the enemy. Meanwhile, in an effort to escape the band, Sam and Noel spend the day in the skies on Angus' newly repaired hot air balloon, provoking jealousy from the man himself back on the ground.

"Out on a Limb" (Part 1) 11 297

Roz and Sam decide to launch a catering business to bring in more money for Café Blossom, but after a dry run of clients, they are forced to appeal to their friends for help. Lola offers to let them cater the yearly Milwaukee Prosthetics Convention in which she is the principal speaker. Noel and Laurence decide to crash the convention in search of free food and end up becoming unwitting test subjects of various new prosthetics after getting caught without a pass. Roz, on the other hand, is forced to deal with a cooking emergency when Sam purchases a large batch of chicken legs, leaving Roz worried about the offensive implications. Sam also gets into an argument with Lola when she accuses him of not caring about this side of her life. Determined to prove her wrong, Sam takes to the stage and makes a heartfelt speech about his feelings for her, and how proud he is for the way she deals with diversity. Sam gets a little too eager and dramatically hammers the podium, resulting in a nearby statue of an axe-wielding warrior (who is said to have overcome his own lack of limbs many centuries ago) falling over and subsequently taking off one of his toes! Meanwhile, Denny begins to feel the pressures of being a father-of-three when Becky insists that he takes the kids to the convention so she can have some quiet time alone.

"Tick Tock Toe" (Part 2) 12 298

Sam is taken to the hospital after the statue incident, but after all the mayhem, no one thinks to bring the toe. Noel, Laurence and Denny scour the convention for the toe; while Roz balances between feeding hungry visitors and babysitting Denny's troublesome trio of kids. Becky and Jennifer visit Sam in the hospital; while Lola remains at the convention to deal with insurance matters. Sam subsequently believes that Lola doesn't care about him enough to show and paranoia leads him to believe that she orchestrated the statue incident to teach him a lesson following their argument. Becky and Jennifer try to calm him down, but Sam refuses to listen and steals Becky's cell phone to give Denny a call. Denny agrees to investigate the possibility of Lola's involvement, and he is shocked to stumble upon her exchanging money with someone. Fortunately, that someone is a janitor out of uniform, whom Lola paid to clean up the mess on stage, but dense Denny can only make matters worse when he reports back to Sam. As this is going on, Noel and Laurence learn that a thoughtful visitor put Sam's toe on ice after the incident, which leads them to the kitchen. Predictably, one of the 150 cold drinks Roz has just sent out to the visitors contains the toe, and the search continues as time quickly runs out.

"Hushed Little Baby Won't Say a Word" 13 299

When Becky learns that children in Maggie's pre-school are already saying their first words, she begins to worry her daughter has a learning deficiency which is holding her back from saying hers. Denny tries to convince Becky not to be paranoid but when they hear news of a seven-month-old in a neighbouring town saying their first word, their paranoia increases. Denny takes to the podium at a town meeting and asks for help. Eventually, it is decided that any volunteering citizen will have a one-on-one talking session with Maggie on a regular basis so she can pick up more words than ever before. Unfortunately, Sam finds himself the target of Becky's fury when he accidentally stubs his toe, which is still being rehabilitated after the incident and swears profusely. Now it will take everyone's best efforts to make sure that Maggie's first words aren't the unpleasant ones Sam used, and Denny has trouble hiding the fact that he finds it hilarious. Meanwhile, the talk of first words has Roz, Noel, Laurence and Jennifer scrambling to uncover their own. They decide to make a bet out of it and find obstacles in dead parents, destroyed records and unhelpful officials; while Angus is jealous because he wasn't invited in on the action.

"Nightmare at Kane Inn" 14 300

Angus invites the gang to join him in Ireland for the re-launch of his family business, the Kane Inn. Roz worries Angus is up to something as he is never social outside of town affairs but is interested to see Ireland all the same. Mid-flight, Angus reveals the truth behind the invitations: he wants them to pose as his extended family for the benefit of his dying mother, who was always disappointed that she never got to see her son in this light. After some arguments, the gang decide to give Angus what he wants when he reveals his mother also owns some of the finest alcoholic spirits in Ireland. Denny and Becky pose as Angus and Jennifer's children; Roz and Noel play the role of Denny's parents; Sam and Lola act like their neighbours; and Laurence reluctantly takes on the position of the absent-minded cleaner who lives with them. Predictably, the opening is an unmitigated disaster when no one is able to keep track of their stories; several of which conflict with each other. The night takes a turn for the worse when Angus' insufferable sister Candice "Candi" Kane and threatens to blow the whistle on the entire charade unless she gets a cut of the inn's profits. Unfortunately, all these complications become insignificant when Angus' mother unexpectedly passes away during her nap. Shortly after guests for the re-launch party arrive and the gang are forced to continue their family act while dealing with the fact that they've got a dead body in the building.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Surgeries" 15 301

Roz and Noel finally consummated their relationship in Ireland but feel awkward around each other as a result. Determined not to let this ruin what he's worked so hard to achieve, Noel orders some relationship literature for advice, and signs himself and a reluctant Roz up for Couples Who Can't Stand the Sight of Each Other, a self-help class at the local YMCA. However, it soon becomes apparent that Noel totally misinterpreted the subject of the group, and it is actually for couples who plan on getting facelifts together to reinvigorate their relationship. Their attempts to explain the mistake are immediately shot down by the overly enthusiastic instructor, who has them signed up for nose jobs, botox and various other procedures before they know it. Roz is adamant that she is above cosmetic surgery, but when a group of attractive young women come to town looking at wedding venues and get the eye of every man in the vicinity, she begins to have second thoughts. Noel tries to show Roz he has always appreciated her beauty the way it is and his efforts finally starting to resolve the challenges they faced. Meanwhile, Laurence is low on money again after purchasing an engagement ring for Hazel and applies for a newspaper delivery job at Kane Groceries. Angus appreciates Laurence's professionalism and promptly hires him, but they soon find themselves hated by the town for depriving a sweet-natured young kid of the job.

"Robbery the Old Fashioned Way" 16 302

Roz reluctantly agrees to take on the care of William for the next few days; Kevin and Angela's 12-year old kid from LA who is in desperate need of some old-fashioned values. Noel enjoys playing "father" with Roz and realises part of him still has the ambition to raise a family the proper way. However, they are unprepared for how rebellious William is when he is caught stealing out of the register at Kane Groceries. Angus insists on putting William through "Bloomer justice"; an exhaustingly long trial run by the citizens. Roz believes this is unnecessary and promises Angus he will get every cent back by making William work part-time in various places of business across town, hoping that seeing the "real" Bloomer will instil respect. This proves to be a poor decision when more and more items keep going missing, and Noel proves to be oblivious as usual in his attempts to be the perfect dad. Eventually, Roz sees her mistake and agrees to the trial, but the town unexpectedly sides with William when he apparently steals Angus' gavel, which he abuses far too much during events like these. William is visibly affected by this display of support and agrees to return everything he stole; while Roz is proud that she still has it as a parent. Noel, unfortunately, isn't so willing to say goodbye and reveals to a horrified Roz that he has signed them up for an adoption agency. Meanwhile, William's destructive behaviour makes Sam recall his own rebellious youth, and Laurence, who sees this as a chance to defeat the demons gained from the bullying he suffered throughout his teen years, becomes determined to make Sam repent for all the damage he caused.

"Battle of the Vegetables" 17 303

Jennifer is horrified when she awakens to discover her prized greenhouse has been sabotaged and her vegetables are ruined. Jennifer finds her confidence as a grocery supplier shaken as a result, to the point where Angus must hire a replacement. Roz, Lola and Becky join forces to help restore Jennifer's confidence and learn of a vegetable growing contest being held shortly in Milwaukee. While signing up, Jennifer runs into her chief supplier rival, Brent Weston, who promises her a competition she'll never forget. Jennifer reveals to the girls that she and Brent used to date and were the most promising supply duo in Wisconsin until they broke up and were forced to go their separate ways in the business. Roz becomes convinced that Brent, still bitter from their break-up, sabotaged Jennifer's greenhouse in anticipation of the contest and tries to prove it with Becky and Lola. Becky ends up infiltrating Brent's operation as his newly hired "glamorous assistant", much to Denny's dismay; and giggly Lola has trouble looking beyond the funny shaped vegetables. Eventually, the girls gather enough evidence to expose Brent at the contest but fail to anticipate Angus' involvement when he shows up to defend Jennifer's honour, and a "duel" between him and Brent breaks out via sword-like cucumbers. Meanwhile, Noel becomes determined to get his hands on a vegetable that looks like William Shatner.

"Noel Jr." 18 304

Roz is shocked to learn that Noel's request to adopt has been successful, and their child will be chosen in a matter of weeks. Determined to cancel the impending contract, Roz heads to the adoption agency in Milwaukee and is told that cancelling it will incur a $5,000 fine for wasting their time. Unwilling to pay the ridiculous amount, Roz instead takes Laurence's advice to act like an irresponsible parent so the agency will reconsider. As an experienced mother, Roz struggles to pull it off convincingly and seeks help from her friends. Angus is offended, misinterpreting Roz's request as a dig at his parenting skills due to his experience in the past with wayward sons. At the same time, Roz fails to see the effect she is having on Noel, who is starting to believe that Roz doesn't take his views seriously even in their relationship. Eventually, Noel decides to remove Roz from the adoption process altogether and assume the care of a child himself. This results in the arrival of 13-year old Ollie Wilkes; an eager Star Trek fan Noel specifically requested. Roz struggles to find a way of proving to Noel that she is okay with the decision he has made; while the rest of the town are stunned with the similarities between Ollie and Noel and start referring to the former as Noel Junior.

"Seeing Other People" 19 305

With Noel spending all his time with newly adopted Ollie, Roz becomes jealous and tells Becky it is like he is seeing someone else. Becky invites Roz to spend time with her daughters, and she turns out to make the perfect nanny. This allows Denny and Becky to spend more romantic time together; something they are rarely able to do. Becky begins to feel guilty as a result, feeling she is abandoning her kids and taking advantage of Roz's loneliness at the same time. When Noel reveals that Ollie has gone back to his mother and was only in his care while she was hospitalised, Becky's guilt is alleviated as she assumes they will start spending time together again. However, the time spent with Ollie has given Noel a chance to think about his relationship with Roz, and he has ultimately decided that they can't spend their whole lives waiting for each other to become someone else entirely. Noel tells Roz he is going back to Nevada for a while to spend time with his kids, Kirk and Uhura. Roz is initially upset but quickly realises Noel was right about everything. Becky asks her to be their full-time nanny, to which she agrees. Meanwhile, Laurence starts up a taxi service using his mail delivery van but fails to mention he drives like an old man, forcing Jennifer and Lola to endure a very slow start to their weekly girl's night out.

"The Gnomes They Are a-Changin'" 20 306

In the middle of a lively debate at the town hall, a loud alarm suddenly rings, drawing everyone's attention to the town square. There, they are shocked to witness a series of small explosions that destroy every gnome, which were all lined up like dominoes in anticipation. Angus is horrified by this display of "terrorism" and becomes determined to find the culprit. It seems Roz is the only one affected by the actual loss of the gnomes, and in the middle of "Bloomer justice"; she suddenly has a breakdown and mourns the gnomes, believing they represent the final, inevitable death of her relationships. While Denny assists Angus in the investigation, Sam, Lola and Becky travel to Colorado, home of the original Gnomeland proprietors, in an attempt to convince them to come out of retirement and create more gnomes so they can rebuild the memorial and make Roz feel better. Disaster ensues when an avalanche traps them in their cabin and Lola begins to get suspicious that they aren't the men they were looking for. Meanwhile, Angus learns what the gnomes meant to everyone while conducting the investigation with Denny.

"There's No Business Like Ho Business" 21 307

It's time for the annual Bloomer civil war re-enactment, with Angus taking on the responsibilities of the director. Roz begins to doubt Bloomer's role in the historical event when she realises several of Angus' claims contrast with official records. Determined to find out the truth, Roz seeks help from a local historian, who tells her Bloomer didn't play a role in the war at all, but merely acted as a rest stop for soldiers. Roz takes this discovery to a town meeting and Angus relents, admitting he wanted to make the town seem more important than it actually is. Angus steps down as the director, leaving Roz to take his place. Roz is surprised that people still expect a re-enactment when there's nothing to re-enact but promises to put on the best show she can. However, Roz worries about the reaction of the town when the historian provides more information about Bloomer's role; revealing it was the hub of all prostitution in Wisconsin during civil war times, which is what made it so popular with the soldiers. Meanwhile, Laurence is disappointed that he won't be playing the so-called "hero" of the civil war and reveals to Lola that he comes from an army background and has always felt emasculated next to his brothers. Lola comes to the conclusion that most of the townspeople don't care about its false history and just liked having something to be proud of. Unfortunately, convincing a disgraced Angus to take up the post again proves to be a difficult feat.

"Capital of Second Chances" 22 308

Roz and Denny embark for Las Vegas, Nevada in the Winnebago, after receiving word that Noel has been detained at a casino over accusations of cheating. Roz hopes to make amends with Noel and restore their friendship, but Denny worries he has betrayed his trust by bringing her. On their arrival, they are able to speak with Noel and realise he was only accused of cheating because he kept muttering under his breath when in fact, he thought he was being contacted by a higher being. Noel also admits he was unaware that his children had moved on, which is why he sought solace at the casino. Roz, feeling sorry for Noel, promises him that she and Denny will get him out of the fix he's in. Denny speaks with the casino owner, who admits that the newly installed security system has a design flaw which makes people think someone's talking to them, but he feels uneasy about letting Noel off with a warning because he is attempting to sell the place. Denny realises the only way to secure Noel's release is to get the place sold. When the staffs resign in protest of the decision, Denny and Roz realise they need replacements quick when several interested buyers agree to spend the weekend there. With no alternative, they shanghai their friends back in Bloomer into flying to Vegas to help run the casino for a few days. Meanwhile, the usual chaos unfolds as Jennifer and Lola are assigned to the kitchen and realise that the chef left laxatives in the food supply as his final revenge. Laurence battles uncooperative elevators while acting as bell-boy, and Becky worries that she and Denny have drifted apart after noticing the tight-knit friendship between him and Roz. Hitting the cocktails, she turns out to be somewhat of a letch where businessmen are concerned, but it may be just what they need to secure the sale. Angus, on the other hand, attempts to get "down and dirty" when Sam points out he always takes a back-seat role. As all this is going on, Roz ponders if she and Noel will get back together, only to receive an unpleasant surprise when Bonnie Weems shows up at the casino looking for Noel and reveals they have reconciled their marriage.

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