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Season 14

Season 15 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas and is the final season of the series.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"While You Weren't Sleeping" 1 309

Roz struggles to hide her jealousy as Noel and Bonnie Weems announce their intentions to live in Bloomer together. Realising she's made a mistake in giving up on him so quickly, Roz decides to throw herself in the ring and fight for Noel, after learning Bonnie only settled with him because she just got dumped by her boyfriend. When her initial attempts to enlighten Noel go undetected, Roz turns to Denny for help, as he has become somewhat of an expert at destroying relationships from years of investigating two-timers. Denny is reluctant to interfere with Noel's happiness until Roz promises to give him all the tips she made while in Vegas if he gets the job done. Denny, in need of the money, accepts. However, he winds up questioning his ability when his meddling accidentally results in Noel and Bonnie becoming closer. Despondent, he admits to Roz that he and Becky are having financial difficulty, and have a fourth child on the way. On top of things, the situation has forced him to sleep on the couch because he snores unbelievably loudly while under stress. With this nugget of information, Roz gets the idea of making Noel snore so badly that it drives Bonnie away for her own sanity. They crash a sleep clinic pretending to be insomniacs, and are surprised to find that Laurence is a regular visitor. Laurence ends up complicating things further when he believes Roz and Denny are "not sleeping" together. At the same time, Roz is beginning to have second thoughts when she realises she and Bonnie are very similar in their desire for companionship. Meanwhile, Sam, Jennifer and Lola set up a nightly poker game after finding a passion for it in Vegas, and law-abiding Angus becomes determined to put a stop to the operation.

"Changing Rumors" 2 310

Jennifer returns from a high-school reunion despondent because all her classmates spent the whole evening boasting about how fulfilled they feel in their lives. Jennifer admits to Angus that she has never felt fulfilled in her career as a grocery supplier and only fell into the business because of her father. Angus persuades Jennifer to follow her dream, but immediately regrets it when he can't find a replacement supplier for Kane Groceries within a 100-mile radius. Jennifer, on the other hand, manages to persuade the owner of WKZT to give her a weekly gig on the radio gossiping about celebrities and the town. Jennifer quickly proves to be a hit among the young listeners and the owner agrees to make her a permanent fixture. Angus vents his frustration on not being able to find a replacement, but after talking to Sam, he begins to realise that he actually misses his wife, who is spending all her time either working on her next show or mixing with her new social circles. Unable to express himself with words, Angus resorts to posing as an infamous online gossip and sending Jennifer offensive "exclusives", so the town will stop tuning into her show; and a war of words ensues when the girls find out. Meanwhile, Laurence becomes an intern at the station to make more money and stumbles upon an old radio transmitter while giving the tour to Denny. They decide to have a little fun, unaware that the transmitter is connected to a hidden PA system in the town square, and the faint sound quality has Noel convinced he is hearing ghosts.

"Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner" 3 311

Bonnie decides to invite Roz over for a dinner party to show her there are no hard feelings regarding Noel. While Bonnie had hoped for an intimate evening, Roz fears she will make a fool of herself if she goes alone, and persuades Denny, Becky and their kids into joining her. Noel is afraid he won't be able to hide his internal conflict between Roz and Bonnie and promises Sam and Laurence free food if they come. Lola insists on going with Sam because they never go out together, and Hazel wants to show off her engagement ring in a social setting since Laurence finally popped the question. Angus, with Jennifer on tow, also joins the festivities to discuss Bonnie's request for a house extension, and he stubbornly refuses to postpone the matter. Bonnie is annoyed that her plan for an intimate evening has been ruined and is determined to overcome the necessary obstacles to make things right with Roz. When this proves fruitless, she hits the booze and starts telling her guests precisely what she thinks of them, and most of it isn't pretty. Noel realises the effect Bonnie's harsh words have had on his friends and comes to the conclusion that she isn't the right woman for him. While the guys try to convince Noel to wait until morning to break up with Bonnie when she is sober, Noel insists on doing it right away while he is still thinking clearly. As a result, the gang are held "hostage" in the living room while Noel and Bonnie exchange heated words in the hallway. Meanwhile, Becky barters with Hazel over who gets to break their exciting news first.

"The Rebound" 4 312

Noel is miserable after Bonnie leaves town and Roz contemplates the right time to make a move, worried that she will be taking advantage of him on the rebound. Denny and Becky offer Roz advice, and Denny is shocked when Becky reveals that she had just broken up with a long-time boyfriend when they met. Denny is upset because he never thought of himself as a rebound sort of guy, and orders Becky to invite her ex to Bloomer so she can apologise for discarding him so abruptly. With Denny and Becky wrapped up in their own issues, Roz realises she can get a large variety of relationship advice from the various couples of Bloomer, and pays a visit to them all over the course of the day. Her next stop is Laurence and Hazel, who are in an irritating "lovey-dovey" stage after their engagement. Roz awkwardly tries to escape when they insist on telling stories about the night Laurence proposed. When Roz tries to change the subject by talking about the ring, she bares witness to another argument when Laurence reveals that he got the ring from his grandmother's grave, as they originally buried her with the wrong one. Roz makes a swift exit in the midst of the yelling and becomes depressed at the thought that she is a relationship-wrecker. Seeking solace at Café Blossom, Roz is surprised to find Sam and Lola on a double-date with Angus and Jennifer. Despite her protests, Roz ends up becoming a "fifth wheel" when Angus pulls up a chair and pesters her to join them. Roz quickly realises her purpose is to break the ice, but she is too afraid to say anything, in fear that she'll cause more arguments. Luckily, an ice-breaker arrives in the form of Denny and Becky's ex, when they get into a fist-fight. However, after conferencing with Jennifer in the powder room, Roz comes to the conclusion that silence doesn't achieve anything in relationships, and rushes to Noel's house to tell him how she feels. To Roz's surprise, the house is for sale, and all his belongings are gone.

"Home Imprudent" 5 313

Denny and Becky consider making an offer on Noel's house when they realise their own isn't big enough to handle four kids. However, complications arise when Laurence reveals he had also hoped to buy the house so he can raise a family with Hazel. Arguments break out until Jennifer informs them that Angus owns the house, along with half of Bloomer nowadays, and he will be the one to make the final decision about the buyers. Consequently, Denny and Laurence find themselves competing for Angus' affections with increasingly over the top friendly gestures. Becky is annoyed when Denny offers to repair Angus' battered hot air balloon, and leaves it in the garden, blocking her morning sunlight. On top of things, his noisy repairs last long into the night and disturb both the neighbours and their kids. Laurence manages to annoy the rest of the town when he focuses all his efforts on delivering Angus' mail and neglects everybody else. Becky, on the warpath due to her lack of sleep, is furious when her monthly health-care products aren't delivered and desperately turns to Hazel for help. Hazel agrees to help her put an end to the madness, and eventually, they come to the conclusion that the house is big enough for both parties, and that it is all just a matter of building a dividing wall. Unfortunately, convincing Denny and Laurence to retreat proves to be a difficult task, and Angus is reluctant to allow more construction work after dealing with numerous complaints about the hot air balloon. Meanwhile, Lola begins to hint at the idea of having kids with Sam, but he is oblivious to her efforts. Determined to get the message across, Lola enlists Roz to casually talk to Sam about his future plans, but takes on more than she bargained for when Sam admits he is not sure about having kids (with her). Roz, still hyper-emotional following Noel's departure, invests an unhealthy amount of time in helping them overcome this obstacle.

"The Best Things in Life Are Freeloaded" 6 314

When Lola and Hazel's parents unexpectedly go bankrupt from tax evasion, Hazel suddenly finds herself unable to pay for her wedding to Laurence. Determined not to let her down, Laurence rallies the town into contributing donations so they can have a budget ceremony. Cash-strapped due to an economic downturn, they promise to offer their various services for free instead. Denny gets himself ordained online and decides to practice his duty by pretending to marry Angus and Lola. Unbeknownst to Denny however, his license to marry was active from the minute he registered, meaning Angus and Lola are wed. As they hurriedly scramble to get their accidental marriage annulled, Jennifer and Sam begin to wonder why they are acting so strange and eventually come to the conclusion that they are having an affair, and plan on running away together while everyone is focused on the bride. Becky is allocated the task of getting food for the reception and heads to Kane Groceries with Roz to choose from his near-expired range for free. Unfortunately, Becky's pregnancy cravings combined with a despondent Roz makes a lethal combination, when they take Angus' generous offer too far and gorge on the ice cream supply. The two of them are overcome with guilt afterwards and desperately try to hide their shame from Angus. Luckily for them, Angus is pre-occupied with the whole accidental marriage issue, but their secret could be exposed when they realise Laurence has already sent out the wedding invitations, promising an ice-cream desert in the RSVP. In one last desperate measure, they attempt to intercept the delivery and end up having to re-create every single invitation by hand after dropping the mailbag in a puddle.

"Renuisance" 7 315

Angus is horrified to learn that his sister Candice "Candi" Kane is coming to town for Thanksgiving. Jennifer tries to convince him to be hospitable and Angus relents until he realises that Candi now works for a renaissance fair road-show and has convinced her colleagues to stop in Bloomer for the holidays. Despite Angus' determination to put an end to it all, the town subsequently gets into the renaissance spirit. When the usual Henry VIII performer comes down with food poisoning, Denny volunteers to take the role and Becky becomes convinced that he likes the position of a domineering husband a little too much. As for Sam and Lola, they get in the game too late and are subsequently forced to act as peasants; performing the dullest of tasks. Lola quickly tires of this and tries to convince Sam to mutiny against King Denny by challenging him to a joust. Roz, on the other hand, decides it is time she got over Noel and strikes up a conversation with a friendly knight. Roz is pleased when he asks her out on a proper date but feels awkward when she catches him with his helmet off and realises he is only in his mid-thirties. Meanwhile, Laurence and Hazel return from their honeymoon.

"Grievous Bodily Arm" 8 316

Lola is despondent after learning that the company which manufactures her prosthetic arms has gone bankrupt. When Sam realises that Laurence has a degree in robotics, he asks him to help build the ultimate prosthetic arm for Lola to give to her on her birthday. Laurence agrees but asks Sam to step aside as he works better alone. A few weeks later, the arm is complete, and Sam gives it to Lola. She is overjoyed and promises to model it at their romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Roz and Denny are tasked with clearing Café Blossom out for the evening as Sam has rented it out for him and Lola. Denny makes the mistake of telling the customers that there are rats in the kitchen. Roz is fuming because she thinks it'll decrease the business, but that's the least of their worries when the health inspector shows up after being tipped off by one of the customers, and they realise that there are legitimate problems for them to be concerned about. Sam and Lola arrive shortly after, and Roz acts as their waitress while Denny tries to keep them at bay in the back room. Lola excitedly activates her new arm for the first time and is shocked when it starts demolishing everything in sight. Roz and Sam manage to restrain the arm between two tables, and Sam rushes to get Laurence. Laurence reveals that he built the arm how he thought Sam wanted and admits that he only ever succeeded in making contenders for Robot Wars. Now, Sam, Laurence and Roz must do whatever it takes to control the arm; all the while avoiding suspicion from the increasingly short tempered health inspector.

"The Boat That Docked" 9 317

Angus is furious when a boat docks in Bloomer without the permission of the local council. Afraid of provoking a hostile reaction, Angus enlists Denny, as the brawniest citizen of Bloomer, to leave a note on the boat. While doing so, Denny is shocked to find that the owner of the boat is Noel, who has returned to Bloomer after a month of travelling the open seas on a journey of self-discovery. Denny feels guilty for swindling Noel's house for cheap and offers him the spare bedroom. Noel gratefully accepts but leaves the boat in the same place. Angus' mood intensifies when joy riders start using the boat late at night, causing him to oversleep and miss a major meeting with the council. At the next town meeting, Angus drafts the residents into staging an intervention so they can force Noel to get rid of the boat. While Angus gets what he wanted, the meeting soon escalates into a war of the words when the residents take the opportunity to air the other grievances they have. Numerous bans come into effect, leaving the town looking like a bland, suburban nightmare. Noel, realising the calamity his return has caused, considers setting sail once again until Roz tells him that she would like him to stay, and together they work on restoring order to the town. Meanwhile, Sam and Lola start double dating with Laurence and Hazel, but problems arise when Lola and Hazel turn out to heavily dislike each other when they spend too much time together. Fearing the downfall of their own friendship, Sam and Laurence team up to repair the rift between the two incompatible women, before a "handbags at dawn" situation arises.

"It's a Wonderful Roz" 10 318

The holidays are approaching once again, and Roz is livid at the thought of having to spend it alone. Denny considers inviting her to spend the holidays with him and Becky, but his plans are quickly hindered by Becky, who fears it will be viewed as a pity invitation. As a result, Roz is left thinking that nobody in Bloomer cares about her anymore, and she begins to wonder if they would notice if she were gone. After downing a touch too much booze, Roz falls asleep under the Christmas tree and experiences a vision of a Bloomer she never lived in. In this reality, as Roz wasn't there to sell him the apple that led to him breaking his tooth and needing a dentist, Denny never met Becky. Denny is lonely and spends his days taking on numerous investigations. Angus asks Denny to investigate the vandalism of the town square's record-breaking Christmas tree. Jennifer appears to be a broken woman, still feeling guilty for having an affair, as there was never anyone around to help her and Angus through their marital difficulty. To make matters worse, forever-angry and immature Seth hasn't yet jumped the nest since he and Angus failed to build bridges, leaving him unconfident. Becky still remains a citizen of Bloomer as the dentist but has a far less cheery disposition since her practice continues to function as a secret mobster hangout. Seth, her hygiene assistant, prompts Becky to join him in Bloomer's Christmas festivities. During the town's Christmas party, Denny steps up to the podium with the intention of revealing the perpetrator, but after glancing at the miserable lives that surround him, he reaches the conclusion that everybody had justification. In true Spartacus fashion, everyone steps forward and confesses to sabotaging the Christmas tree. In the meantime, Sam pays a visit to Lola at an insane asylum, where they reflect on their history. It is revealed that shortly after following Sam to Bloomer, Lola suffered a nervous breakdown since she was never offered a job at Café Blossom, depriving her of some much-needed stability. As for Noel, he never came to Bloomer in the first place since he had no one to stay there for, and Laurence's postal route didn't take him to Bloomer since his first delivery there was a letter for Roz. Roz's vision comes to an end when she is woken up by a bucket of water being poured on her head. The fire department has been called, after her hair burnt on the hot Christmas tree lights, triggering the alarm. Roz notices her friends surrounding her and realises it was them who recognised her absence, and the gang spend the rest of the holidays together.

"Root Canal of All Evil" 11 319

Denny and Becky prepare for a visit from Becky's highly-strung parents, who want to wish their granddaughter Abby a happy birthday. Denny gets more than he expected when Becky confesses that her family have a ritual for any child turning five, in which their teeth are vigorously inspected. If they fail to pass the test, they are sent to a Swiss boarding school so that the family won't be embarrassed in front of their friends in the dental industry. Denny is appalled but is able to relax when Roz points out that there's no way Becky will anyone take control of her children. That is until Becky admits she has always had trouble saying no to her parents, and she was only driven to dentistry after failing the teeth test. Denny is furious and tells Becky's parents that they can forget about sending Abby away. However, as more of the Simpsons arrive, Denny is surprised to find just how successful Becky's siblings are as a result of being educated in Switzerland. Denny begins to have second thoughts, especially when he realises his in-laws are offering to pay for the tuition. At the birthday party, Becky enlists the help of Lola to become more assertive before the test begins. Meanwhile, Noel and Laurence are hired by the Simpsons to perform as clowns at the party but struggle to reach a compromise over the style of humour to use.

"The Passion of the Christians" 12 320

Irritating bible-pusher and long-time antagonist June Archer returns to Bloomer as part of a Christian road show. She reveals to Roz that following her previous visit to Bloomer, she took a long look at herself and decided to find better ways of spreading her religious message. The Christians quickly make an impact on day-to-day life in Bloomer. Despite initially seeing it as a breath of fresh air in a predominantly atheist generation, the townspeople later begin to tire of being told they're doing everything wrong. Angus senses an uprising and admits to Jennifer that he was the one who allowed the road show to go ahead. Now that it's apparent that the road show won't bring any money to Bloomer, Angus is determined for them to leave but is stunned when June leads the Christians in erecting a mini-church in the town square, replacing the dilapidated original, which effectively protects their rights. Strapped for cash once again, Laurence decides to join the Christians in their cause and is assigned the door-to-door gig. Meanwhile, Sam engages in a battle of the wits with a Christian at Café Blossom, whose tendency to point out the sins of others is driving customers away. Determined to prove that even Christians have skeletons in their closet, Sam asks Denny to conduct an investigation. Through his late-night snooping, Denny is horrified to realise the real reason June came to Bloomer was to turn it into a segregated Christian community, and the townspeople must do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn't happen.

"Whosunkit" 13 321

Noel returns to his boat at the end of the day and is shocked to discover that it has sunk. Convinced that someone did it deliberately, Noel turns to Denny, and together they launch an investigation. In the meantime, Angus is involved in a heated race to become president of the local yacht club. Jennifer has been reluctantly acting as his campaign manager, but later finds out that Angus has hired Regina Casey, a PR rep, in her place, because she wasn't ruthless enough. Dejected, Jennifer unwinds at Café Blossom and is encouraged by Lola to ruin Regina. After stalking Regina for a short while, Jennifer and Lola are stunned to witness her sinking another boat, and realise she is the one who did it to Noel's, in an attempt to make Angus' preceding rival look irresponsible. As this is going on, Denny and Noel find themselves going around in circles, following alleged leads that get them nowhere. As a result, Denny is left thinking he has lost his groove as a detective, and he feels ashamed of himself once he realises Jennifer and Lola have already solved the case. On Election Day, the foursome confronts Regina on the yacht on which the event's being held. Jennifer is overcome with guilt when Angus is kicked out of the race following the allegations, but that's the least of their problems when Regina initiates her backup plan and makes the yacht start sinking, before escaping in the only lifeboat. Denny seeks to redeem himself as a detective by figuring out a way of getting everybody to safety, and Jennifer tries to find a way of spinning the disaster so it can be used to Angus' advantage in a potential re-election.

"In Retreatment" 14 322

Noel has moved in with Roz again, and Roz is afraid it will drudge up their feelings for each other when they briefly share a tender moment in the kitchen. Realising that they are not compatible as a couple, Roz seeks advice from Frasier Crane over the phone, who suggests that she and Noel come to a marriage retreat he's running with his wife Charlotte in a mountain lodge. Noel accepts the invitation but is also in a predicament regarding their relationship. Not wanting to do something he'll regret, Noel invites Denny to tag along under the pretence of receiving free skiing lessons. After realising she'll also need a wingman, Roz asks Becky to join her at the lodge, and the four of them are soon on their way. The gang arrive at the lodge, where Roz reunites with Frasier for the first time in years. Roz gets more than she bargained for when Sam, Lola, Angus and Jennifer all show up, and she realises Frasier invited them all to take part in the marriage retreat's first test run. Because of this, Roz finds herself either unable to catch up with Frasier and making next to no progress with Noel. On top of things, the other couples appear to have no problems whatsoever, making it seem like they are flaunting their perfect relationships in her face. Roz eventually gets a moment with Frasier alone and makes her thoughts clear. Frasier predictably misinterprets this and thinks that Roz is hoping their friendship will lead them into the bedroom again. As a result, the test run is an unmitigated disaster when Frasier is plagued with fear over what may happen between him and Roz, and Charlotte's snipes at how much buying the lodge set them back financially push him further and further away. Meanwhile, the gang's daily therapy sessions start to unravel marital problems they didn't know existed.

"A Little Taste of Heaven" 15 323

A food festival comes to Bloomer and sets up overnight. The townspeople awaken to find the square full of various stalls and other food-related activities. Angus is furious because he never agreed to it and becomes determined to put a stop to everything. The rest of the gang, on the other hand, decide to be adventurous with the food. Laurence enlists the help of Noel to horde as much food as possible as he and Hazel are still having financial difficulty. Becky decides to take cooking lessons when she realises Denny dreams of enjoying lovingly prepared meals like other husbands and is surprised to find the teacher is the now famous chef Dino Luther, who was roped into the event by his book publishers. Later, Angus confronts the food festival manager, who presents to him a work permit with his signature. Jennifer admits to getting Angus drunk so he would sign the permit after receiving numerous requests from her girlfriends. Angus is horrified that he can be influenced so easily and dramatically declares that Jennifer is the town selectman from now on. Meanwhile, Dino is so impressed by Becky's progress that he signs her up for a cook-off at the end of the day. Becky is delighted until she realises she is up against Lola, who has played her disabled arm to her advantage and now has a world-class chef helping her out. Roz and Sam attempt to devise a new menu for Café Blossom by sampling everything in sight. Still under stress from her circumstances with Noel, Roz eats a little too much and ends up in hospital with her stomach needing to be pumped. Noel rushes to her side, embarrassing her profusely, but is able to be there for her when she receives some devastating news.

"Bucket Full of Dreams" 16 324

Roz has discovered that her lymphoma has returned in an inoperable condition, leaving her with mere months to live. Noel urges Roz to seek treatment, but Roz is hesitant as it means she will have to spend the majority of her remaining time in hospital. Eventually, Roz decides to write a bucket list for all the things she wants to accomplish before she passes. However, despite the strong incentive, Roz quickly finds she is unable to think of anything, so she instead turns to the various residents of Bloomer to help her out under the false pretence of a hypothetical essay for a night class she's enrolled in. Sam tells Roz he's always wanted to go bungee jumping but never found the time to do it, Becky wants to create the world's best toothpaste, Denny hopes to solve a mystery that's plagued him from his earliest days as a detective, Angus is desperate to see Bloomer as a unified, loving community; Jennifer has dreams of growing the largest vegetable in history and Lola wishes for the finest prosthetic arm available. Although Roz wants none of these things on her bucket list, spending the day with the people she loves makes her realise she's got everything she needs in Bloomer and she puts it aside, before leaving to spend more time with her friends.

"Laboring Grief" 17 325

Roz has decided she wants to fight her lymphoma for more time and gets Noel to start taking her to the hospital for daily treatment. Denny and Becky are also at the hospital for the final sonogram. Denny is shocked when he realises Becky blew off the last sonogram for a patient, and as a result, they never found out she's having twins. Denny is livid at the thought of raising five kids and runs outside to get some fresh air. He encounters Laurence, who has gotten a part-time job at the hospital as a courier. While Denny's absent, Becky suddenly starts to experience severe cramps and her doctor reveals there's a chance she may go into early labour. Becky is placed under observation in the emergency room. In another part of the hospital, Roz experiences an allergic reaction to her first round of medicine and is transferred to the emergency department, winding up on the bed next to Becky. Roz will be okay, but she also gets placed under observation. With both the women facing their own crisis, Roz comes clean to Becky and admits that her lymphoma has returned. Becky is stunned but promises not to tell anyone until Roz feels ready. After recovering from her reaction, Roz is able to support Becky as she goes into labour. Denny, on the other hand, is desperately trying to get away from Laurence when he is suddenly pulled into an exam room by a patient. The patient, who has seen Denny on his billboard ads, insists that he proves he wasn't drinking so the doctors won't deprive him of a new kidney. Laurence tells Denny just to say no, but Denny struggles to get the words out when he realises the patient has a young daughter with him in the hospital. Using simple logic, Denny manages to prove to the transplant team that the patient couldn't possibly have been drinking. The daughter then hugs Denny, giving him a newfound confidence in himself as a father-of-five, and allowing him to get to Becky's bedside in time to watch the arrival of his new twin daughters.

"Trail of the Century" 18 326

Following a gourmet evening organised by Sam and Lola at Café Blossom, Noel overhears Becky talking to her mother on the phone about a dying friend. Assuming that Roz has come clean regarding her lymphoma, Noel inadvertently lets the secret out to the gang, leaving them stunned. Noel is overcome with guilt afterwards and becomes determined to do whatever's necessary to stop it reaching the absent Angus, who is bound to make a spectacle out of the news. Learning that Jennifer was drinking heavily all evening and couldn't be trusted to keep a secret, Noel decides to confirm it with her the next morning, and is shocked to learn that she has already gossiped about it to her masseuse. It also transpires that the masseuse is an aspiring rock star on the side and is involved in a garage band with Sam. Sam reiterates that he won't tell Angus, but admits that he told his band mates because they asked why he was feeling so blue. Noel asks the band to keep it quiet, but the guitarist adds that Angus may already know because he was there earlier in the day to hand over a cease-and-desist order. It is with deep regret that Noel is forced to pay a visit to Angus, under the pretence of organising a town bake sale. Noel vainly tries to find out what Angus knows without releasing any information, but ultimately surrenders once he realises Angus plays golf with Roz's doctor. Angus is shocked by the news, especially once he realises everybody else learnt it before him. Furious, Angus confronts the gang during the next town meeting and goes into a lengthy tirade about why people need to start trusting him. Arguments break out amongst the residents, each differing on how Roz should be supported, when the woman herself arrives unexpectedly, having witnessed the tail-end of the discussion. Roz makes it clear that she is upset with the town for failing to ask her directly what she wanted, which was to deal with it in her own way. Telling them not to try and contact her for the next few days, Roz heads back to her apartment, only to find former husband Mark Flint waiting on her doorstep. After a brief pause, they engage in a romantic embrace.

"Living is Easy" 19 327

After Roz and Mark spend the night together, Roz ponders why Mark has returned and what his intentions are. Mark reveals Noel informed him of her condition, and that the news made him realise how much he misses her. After some deliberation, Roz decides to forgive her friends for the debacle they made, and heads to Café Blossom to tell them what's happening in her own words. Roz's friends are noticeably upset when she reveals the length of time she has left, but agree to comply with her request not to focus on it. Mark also explains part of the reason he came to Bloomer was to relocate his charity for the blind, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He also needs help running the charity's big launch day, as his existing staff members are unable to transfer for the next few days. The gang agree to help Mark out. Denny's skills as a father of five are put to the test as he is tasked with keeping a group of blind or visually impaired children under control. Sam and Lola meet a blind woman who is putting her baby up for adoption, and they consider adopting it themselves after reaching the conclusion that they want children, but can't be bothered with the long and painful pregnancy. In his efforts to be politically correct, Angus winds up offending practically everyone, leaving a frustrated Jennifer to pick up the pieces. Laurence chats with a friendly blind person, and after being asked about his career, he makes the mistake of saying he could deliver mail with his eyes closed. Noel, overhearing this, challenges him to a series of tasks to prove his theory wrong. Roz, on the other hand, is inexplicably hated by Mark's seeing-eye dog Buster, and with Becky's help, she is determined to find out why. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that Buster senses Roz's uneasiness, leaving her wondering if she and Mark can have a future together under the circumstances.

"The Mystery of Denny Reynolds" 20 328

Becky becomes convinced that Denny is having an affair when he keeps leaving town for investigations, each sounding more made up than the last. Becky coerces Jennifer and Lola into helping her investigate and follow him to a dilapidated building in Milwaukee. The girls reluctantly stake out the place, and it's not until hours later that Denny emerges, sporting a black eye. This intensifies Becky's concern, convinced that Denny's "mistress" injured him for not leaving his family. Meanwhile, Roz's feud with Mark's new dog Buster continues to grow, and she eventually decides to have a heart-to-heart with the dog to find out what his problem is. To her surprise, Buster calms down and shows affection for her. This causes Roz to open up and reveal she is having second thoughts about staying in Bloomer, as it's too painful to see what she will be leaving behind. Mark overhears this and promises to support her. At the next town meeting, Roz takes the opportunity to announce her decision to leave Bloomer and travel the world, leaving her friends and neighbours shocked. Denny arrives at the meeting late sporting more injuries, causing an aggrieved Becky to snap at him and demand that he explains his whereabouts. Denny asks to speak in private, but Becky forces him to tell the whole room. Denny relents and admits that for the last few weeks he has been undergoing intensive CIA training after the organisation received word of his impressive detective work, and tonight he's finally been offered a position in Los Angeles. Becky apologises for not trusting him and eagerly discusses the exciting opportunity. Denny questions whether he'll still be able to join now that he's told half the town, but Angus makes everyone swear to keep it a secret.

"Lost in Office Space" 21 329

As a result of Denny and Becky's departure from Bloomer, Denny's detective office is up for grabs. Jennifer hopes to expand her vegetable business after her chief rival Brent Weston comes to town to boast about his success. However, she faces direct competition from Angus, who wants another office on the side for personal business not involving Bloomer. Jennifer becomes annoyed by Angus, convinced he is trying to take over the town at the expense of everyone else's livelihoods. Elsewhere, after a near-run in with Buster, Laurence develops a phobia of dogs and refuses his usual postal route as he encounters several of them every day. Facing dismissal from his boss, Laurence tries to prove his worth by setting up a sorting depot in Bloomer and ends up battling Angus and Jennifer for the same office. With Roz showing no signs of deciding what she wants to do with Café Blossom, Lola encourages Sam to open a restaurant in the office space. Ultimately, it falls on Noel, as the only impartial member of the gang, to make the decision, but he is soon eyeing up the office himself. Meanwhile, Roz inadvertently loses Buster while taking him for a walk and as she tries to keep the truth hidden from Mark, she realises it's harder than she thought to deceive a blind man.

"Bon Voyage" 22 330

On the night before her departure, Roz has trouble sleeping and discusses her ideal afterlife with Mark, telling him she hopes it is like a never-ending vacation. In a flashback to a few days earlier, Angus is determined to give her the perfect bon voyage party, and ropes the residents into helping out at a town meeting the following morning. Roz requests a low-key affair, but Angus won't hear any of it and insists that it will be the grandest party the town has ever seen. Roz takes the opportunity to announce she has signed Café Blossom's lease over to Sam and Lola, and that she plans on leaving for the airport within the next few days. This stirs sad emotions within her friends, and there is an outcry when Sam professes his desire to turn Café Blossom into a wine bar. Angus is forced to make several last-minute adjustments to the party, causing him to stay up all night and drive Jennifer to the brink of insanity. Jennifer has a heart-to-heart with Angus, and he admits that Roz is the only person in Bloomer who never got on his nerves and he can't imagine the town without her. The next day, the gang reluctantly get up at the crack of dawn to begin the party planning, with Angus acting like a drill sergeant. In the meantime, the residents continue to criticise Sam's decision to change the café, but Lola tells him not to cave into peer pressure. Afraid Mark will find out about his fling with Roz, Noel seeks Laurence's help in getting her aside for a moment so he can share a private goodbye with her. In between juggling clowns, elephants and a full brass band, Angus realises spectacle isn't what the day should be about, and surprises everyone by scrapping his plans and organising an intimate gathering with just Roz's close friends. Roz is visibly moved by Angus' gesture as the party begins. Old friends make their arrival and Roz, overwhelmed by emotion, retreats to her bedroom where she chooses to share one-on-one goodbyes with her loved ones. From LA, Denny and Becky offer their own goodbyes via webcam. Elsewhere, Laurence's efforts to distract Mark end with a trip to Lake Bloomer to observe a "funny mushroom". As a result, Noel is able to make his feelings clear to Roz, and she thanks him for the companionship they found in each other. Sam and Lola poll the party guests on Café Blossom but are unable to reach a compromise. Mark returns from the lake after getting fed up with Laurence's stalling and catches Noel emerging from the bedroom, but takes the news of their fling in his stride, much to Noel's relief. Emotionally drained; Noel finds solace in party guest Poppy Delafield, who introduces him to their 3-year old son; Jamie. Laurence's turn with Roz makes him realise life is short and inspires him to make the final step with Hazel, by asking her about having kids. Angus is the last to say goodbye to Roz; thanking her for everything she brought to Bloomer. The following morning, on the day of her departure, everyone gathers at Café Blossom expecting Roz to show up for a coffee before heading to the airport. Mark arrives instead, bringing with him the sad news that Roz passed away peacefully in her sleep, with a look of sheer contentment on her face. The final scenes depict various changes in Bloomer as the gang reflect on Roz's attitude towards life: Noel gets to know his son and explores a relationship with Poppy, Laurence and Hazel celebrate getting pregnant, Angus delightfully observes the community spirit at a town meeting and a plaque dedicated to Roz's memory is unveiled at Café Blossom. Finally, Roz is seen on a serene cruise ship heading towards the horizon, with Bulldog and Gil sitting silently at her side.

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