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"The Curse of Bloomer" 1 23

Roz regrets convincing everyone to turn down the severance packages offered by the land developers when a major plumbing crisis breaks out, depriving Bloomer of its water and toilet facilities. Roz desperately tries to amend the situation by hiring someone cheap to fix the plumbing and announces the good news at a town meeting. However, it is soon learnt just why the plumber was so cheap when he accidentally swaps the sewage and water system around, resulting in sludge protruding from taps, showers and toilets instead. Bulldog and Gil team up to make their own repairs, and anger the townspeople further when they start charging ridiculous amounts for their services. Roz is dismayed to learn that she and her friends are now considered a "curse" to the once peaceful town and she becomes determined to rid herself of this reputation by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Debbie helps Angela search for a drink to drown her sorrows over Kevin's departure, but they are dismayed to learn that, with the bars out of operation and suppliers refusing to deliver to supermarkets, Bloomer has become a "dry" town.

  • Angus Kane becomes a main character.
"The River Senile" 2 24

Gil finally moves back into the renovated Shady Glades, allowing Roz and Bulldog to breathe a sigh of relief. He is dismayed to learn that the new owner is an eccentric, friendly Eastern-European man, Gerry, who enforces his strange tastes in food in the canteen, among other things. Gil decides to make a stand with the other tenants and is pleased when Gerry promises to do something about it. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost, when everyone's rent unexpectedly skyrockets. Gil is forced to take a job at Kane Groceries to get some extra income, which affects his show to the point where he accidentally recommends McDonald's to a caller. Roz, realising something is amiss, decides to take action and heads to Shady Glades. However, Gerry's dim-witted new assistants mistake her for a senile troublemaker and make it difficult for her to get answers.

"Kevin in the Big White House" 3 25

Angela is shocked when Kevin returns to Bloomer, revealing he didn't quite fit in at his new job in Washington. Roz and Debbie are somewhat relieved about this because Angela has been "clinging" to both of them for the last few weeks during his absence, and now they can finally get some peace. However, Angela doesn't want to get back with Kevin because he broke her heart, so Roz and Debbie join forces to make them see sense. Angela confesses that she misses Kevin, but is afraid that he may jilt her again given the opportunity. Roz and Debbie decide to put this to the test and feign a job offer from the White House, to truly determine Kevin's loyalties. Meanwhile, Gil is jealous of Bulldog when the new guitarist at Café Blossom crowns him her "muse", as he spends the same amount of time there.

"Catch of the Day" 4 26

Stuart is on leave from the army, and Bulldog decides to take him on a father/son fishing trip at Bloomer's famous lake. Gil invites himself to tag along, having never gone fishing before, and Bulldog quickly finds that staying sane is a bigger challenge than catching something. Gil becomes mad at Bulldog when he uses his gourmet lunch as bait after running out, and when he successfully catches the biggest catfish the lake's ever seen, the two of them end up fighting over the credit. Stuart is bummed because he didn't manage to spend any quality time with his dad, and he finds himself developing a friendship with Gil instead. Bulldog is jealous of the bond between them and is faced with choosing between the fish and his son when town selectman Angus insists on putting together a ceremony in honour of the catch. Meanwhile, Angela and Kevin try couples therapy at the local church and are surprised to learn agony aunt Debbie has been called in as a consultant.

"Swing and Amish" 5 27

Angela nervously awaits a visit from her parents, but Kevin is excited to meet them as they were unable to attend their wedding. It is this time Angela chooses to confess that her parents are "extremely" Amish, and the reason they couldn't attend was that they refused to board a plane. To make matters more complicated, they are seemingly under the impression that Angela has moved to another Amish community, and she is forced to plead with the residents at a town meeting to "play along". Everything seems to be going swimmingly, until Gil pulls up in his fancy new BMW, thus spilling the beans. Angela's parents are furious and threaten to disown her unless she goes home with them. Determined not to let this happen, Kevin rallies the other residents to prove that Bloomer isn't the evil, technologically enslaved place they perceive it to be. Meanwhile, Bulldog desperately tries to avoid hearing the football score after Angus cut off the town's power to make it authentically Amish.

"Guy's Night Out" 6 28

Bulldog, Gil and Kevin elect to have a guy's night out when the girls get tied up in a chick flick marathon, and the next morning they are shocked to learn just how far their drunken antics went when Angus Kane accuses them of vandalising the town founder memorial statue. The threesome is forced to face up to their punishment when Angus sentences them to accompany several pre-school children trick-or-treating around Bloomer. Roz fears the consequences when Bulldog dons a potentially politically incorrect costume. Gil is overcome with guilt and is determined to accept his penance, but the poorly behaved, fast-food adoring children soon have him re-thinking his devotion to the law. Kevin is convinced that he played no part in the vandalism and enlists Debbie's help to retrace his steps from the night in question. Meanwhile, Angela is infuriated when no one can guess what her costume is and sulks in the town hall with Angus, who is depressed that his position of town selectman commands no respect.

"Son of the Grocer" 7 29

Angus turns to Roz and Bulldog for parental advice when his rebellious 17-year old son, Giles Kane, is sent to live with him by his fed up ex-wife. Roz and Bulldog are pleased to realise that people value their input, but quickly find they are not the best experts. Angela reluctantly agrees to give Giles an interview for the lunch boy position at WKZT, and he charms her into giving him the job. Angela is later dismayed to find that Giles has absolutely no work ethic, and is forced to deal with several hunger-mad employees. To make matters worse, Roz's 20-year old granddaughter Willa has come for a visit and Giles' efforts to woo her prove disastrous when she misinterprets his intentions and pepper sprays his eyes. On advice from Kevin, Roz and Angela are forced to mediate a sexual harassment seminar, with the rest of the gang as unwilling participants. Meanwhile, Gil argues with Debbie when she advises a caller on the best place to dine to reveal an affair. Gil feels she is stealing his thunder as the restaurant critic and reacts by giving his own advice to the troubled lovers, much to Debbie's annoyance.

"Beauty and the Breach" 8 30

Kevin is shocked when he is summoned to Bloomer's courthouse and discovers he is being sued for breach of contract by a brash attorney from the law firm he worked at in Washington. Being the only lawyer in town, Kevin finds himself without defence when the judge refuses to let him represent himself, forcing the courthouse to call in a "moonlighting" attorney. The moonlighter turns out to be the most incompetent lawyer Kevin's ever known, so he turns to Bulldog for tips on how to play dirty with opposing council. Bulldog makes a surprising discovery when the attorney reveals he is married to newly elected Washington senator, Poppy Delafield. Kevin tries to take advantage of this fact by threatening to expose the shameful marital secrets Roz and Bulldog have been greatly amused by over the months in Poppy's annual newsletter. Unfortunately, their plan backfires when it transpires that Poppy's husband is looking for the perfect way to end their marriage, which suffers from everything but a lack of communication. Meanwhile, Angela worries when he makes a passing comment making her believe Kevin had an affair with someone at the law firm.

"Tactless in Seattle" 9 31

Roz, Bulldog and Gil receive invitations to the wedding of former Seattle colleagues Carl Banks and Fiona Floyd. Roz wants to go because she feels she left things with Fiona on a sour note after her hasty resignation from KACL. Bulldog hopes to use their minor celebrity status to talk him up and get him back on the radio; while Gil is on his usual quest to sample every wedding caterer in North America. Arriving in Seattle, they are shocked to learn Carl and Fiona are back working at KACL for the ruthless businesswoman Paula Sparrow. Roz begins to have concerns that Bulldog isn't happy with his life in Bloomer when he expresses resentment towards Paula for "shoehorning" him out of Seattle. Roz must also deal with Fiona's obsessive wedding planning when she is enlisted as a replacement bridesmaid at the last second. At the rehearsal dinner, Roz tries to stop Bulldog and Paula crossing paths, fearing she'll want to hire him; while Carl attempts to keep Gil out of the caterers' way by asking him to watch out for wedding crashers. Back in Bloomer, Angela asks Debbie to teach her assertiveness when the employees prove to be less hard-working without Roz watching over them. Later, as Fiona prepares to walk down the aisle, the gang is sent on a scavenger hunt for several missing items when the wedding planners fail to show up. Adding to the chaos are Angela and Debbie, who arrive in Seattle and quickly get themselves lost while looking for Roz, whom they need to fix the situation back in Bloomer. Bulldog's search takes him to the KACL radio station, where Fiona left her "something blue". There, he finds himself a hero after stepping in to finish the sports caster's show due to food poisoning. Gil becomes convinced the caterers for Carl and Fiona's wedding are to blame and takes it upon himself to stop anyone taking a bite. Eventually, the missing items are found, and the ceremony begins. However, an oblivious Bulldog accidentally interrupts as Carl and Fiona recite their vows, to announce that he has gotten his job back at KACL. Roz is devastated by this news, and when Bulldog mentions how he came to be on the show again, she becomes convinced that Paula purposely poisoned the former sportscaster so Bulldog would come back. At the wedding reception, Roz tries to prove Paula's misdeeds while Fiona reaches breaking point when all anyone can talk about is Roz.

"The Devil and Kevin Price" (Part 1) 10 32

Kevin is shocked when a woman shows up during a town meeting and reveals she is six months pregnant with his child. Kevin swears that he has never met Mona before, but she insists they had a one-night stand together in Washington. Angela has trouble swallowing this development and takes to over-working herself at the station, which increases productivity but has Roz worried about her friend's state of mind. Kevin becomes determined to prove his innocence and requests that Mona gets a DNA test. He also worries about the future of his job when the town's attitude towards him changes, and he finds himself getting called a sleaze-bag on the street. Kevin decides to make an appeal on public television, but his efforts to spread the truth are hampered by the devil-like new producer: Bebe Glazer. Roz and Bulldog reveal Bebe's history to Kevin, and he starts to think she may be in cahoots with Mona somehow, but proving this to everyone proves to be a difficult feat. In an ironic twist, Angela discovers she is pregnant and confesses to Debbie that she worries Kevin isn't parent material. Bebe overhears their conversation and her plot to spice public access up takes a more sinister turn.

"In Glazer We Trust" (Part 2) 11 33

As Kevin deals with the news that Angela is pregnant, Roz and Bulldog debate what to do with Bebe after her scam. Mona has skipped town, leaving Bebe to face the music at a town meeting. Bebe quickly comes to the conclusion that Angus is a power-mad dictator, and she decides to oppose him in the next race for town selectman. Angus mocks her, believing no one will vote for someone as unstable as her, but as the campaign gets underway, Roz and the gang begin to realise that maybe a town run by Bebe wouldn't be quite so Hilter-esque. Bulldog and Gil become overbearing door-to-door political activists and infuriate their neighbours; while Debbie gives Bebe tips on how to appear more friendly while maintaining power. Roz, on the other hand, begins to feel sorry for Angus when she realises being town selectman meant a lot to him, and after a disturbing nightmare in which Bebe brings about the Apocalypse shortly after her victory, Roz opts to help him instead. Meanwhile, after doing their best to avoid each other, Kevin and Angela eventually come to terms with the news and start to get excited about parenthood; though their happiness is short-lived when Giles gives them a reminder of how annoying kids can be.

"Trucker's Choice" 12 34

The Bloomer tourism industry is annoyed when a mobile delivery service stops passing through town in favour of an alternate route, depriving them of business. The subject is brought up at a town meeting, and Roz is determined to do something about it after being accused of never contributing to the community. However, in her investigation, she is shocked to learn that it is her fault the truckers stopped passing through Bloomer after she failed to tip them for a delivery they made to WKZT. Roz visits the trucking depot on the outskirts of Bloomer to make peace and must make a difficult decision when the depot manager, Kurt, requests that Roz appears in a photo-shoot as a "loveable grandma" so the company can seem more family-orientated. Roz, still frightful of acting her age, tries to convince Kurt to take a different approach and accidentally volunteers Debbie to appear in a swimsuit photo shoot instead. Meanwhile, Gil considers investing in his favourite local restaurant after the owner fears he will have to sell up and is surprised after the papers are signed when Kevin informs him that it is the local misfit youth's hangout of choice.

"No Rest for the Wicca" 13 35

The anniversary of Bloomer's founding is approaching, and Angus wants to celebrate the event in style. Roz and Debbie decide to join the party-planning committee, and a theme is agreed upon while Debbie is out of the room; there will be a re-creation of Bloomer's famous witch trials in the 1800s. Bulldog and Kevin try to convince a popular local illusionist to come out of retirement and help make the "burning" as authentic as possible. Roz volunteers to play the role of the witch but fears for her safety when it becomes apparent that the illusionist's skills are not as they once were. Debbie, on the other hand, is outraged at the decision being made without her; partly because she is half-Wiccan herself and feels it is an insult to her faith. With Gil's help, she decides to protest the re-creation, but Gil misunderstands her intentions and thinks they are protesting the less than appetising 19th-century food instead. Meanwhile, Angela cracks a few jokes about Debbie's religion and finds herself being forced to attend a tolerance seminar at the local YMCA with Angus' son Giles.

"My Fair Kevin" 14 36

Gil becomes convinced that the residents of Shady Glades are being poisoned when the tyrannical Nurse Ratched-esque dictator, Edna Bellamy, returns to service. When his so-called evidence is rejected by local police, Gil turns to Kevin, who agrees to pose as an old man and conduct an undercover investigation at the retirement home. Gil fears Kevin will ruin everything when he proves to be particularly bad at acting old, and Bulldog is offended when he is asked for advice. Bulldog is eventually persuaded to accept this as a compliment, so he decides to mould Kevin into the perfect old man. Unfortunately, the situation is further complicated when Kevin accidentally shows up in the dining hall without his disguise, and the residents are left thinking he has acquired some sort of miracle drug that can reverse the ravages of age. Meanwhile, Angus pesters Debbie to push Giles into getting back together with his controlling girlfriend, as it gets him out of the house more often. Angela and Roz protest the new jukebox selection at Café Blossom.

"Most Deafeningly" 15 37

Bulldog finds himself in Angus' bad books after inadvertently damaging the priceless town charter. Roz encourages him to make it up to Bloomer somehow, so he agrees to volunteer at the library and work off his debt until the charter can be repaired. Long days in a large, empty room overseen by a strict librarian soon begin to take its toll on Bulldog and he is horrified when he wakes up one morning, completely deaf in one ear. Blaming the library, Bulldog becomes determined to teach Angus, the librarian and everyone else that noise is good, by setting up the loudest sound possible. Unfortunately, the plan backfires when people within a 2-mile radius find themselves temporarily deafened and Bulldog's popularity factor takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Debbie is among those deafened, and she is furious because it is the day that her favourite band's new album is released; while Roz and Angela worry about the impact it will have on the station if most people can't hear their radios.

"Roz in Wonderland" 16 38

Roz grows despondent as her birthday approaches, and she comments to Bulldog over breakfast that she'd just like to forget about it and move on. Unfortunately, Bulldog takes this literally and convinces everyone in town not to make any mention of it whatsoever. Roz's demeanour grows worse on the day as a result, and she ends up escaping to her own private Wonderland, where she is young again, and everything is as it should be. Back in reality, it transpires that Roz is on a sugar high after drowning her sorrows at the bakery and has climbed to the roof of the town hall in her lingerie. The townsfolk mistake this as a suicide bid and Bulldog desperately tries to make amends with Roz for forgetting her birthday. In Roz's Wonderland, things take a turn for the worse as everything starts to age, including herself, after attending a bizarre tea party with Gil, the Mad Restaurateur. Meanwhile, Angela accidentally blabs that she is pregnant to the town gossip, much to Kevin's chagrin.

"Debbie Does Dinner" 17 39

Debbie is excited when she is invited to the Bloomer mayor's penthouse for dinner, as his wife is a huge fan of her show. Debbie's excitement quickly turns to shock on the night when she realises it is merely a set-up, as the mayor blames her for ruining his marriage and wants her to intervene further and advise his wife to reconsider her decision to walk away, threatening to close WKZT if she doesn't comply. Debbie is conflicted and asks to make a phone call so she can get the advice of her friends. However, Roz and Bulldog are out of town, and Kevin is busy attending Lamaze class with Angela. This leaves Gil, forcing her to call Restaurant Beat in the middle of the show so she can talk to him. Debbie and Gil do their best to keep things strictly food-orientated but time is running out before the heartbroken mayor makes his move.

"Lectureous" 18 40

Debbie is surprised when Professor Richard Berkeley from the University of Madison, Wisconsin shows up at the station and requests she gives a lecture to his psychiatry students. Debbie excitedly accepts, pleased that she is a respected member of the advice-giving community. Roz and Bulldog decide to tag along as it is their anniversary and they want to spend a night in the city; however, they inadvertently promise Debbie they'll sit through the entire lecture. As Debbie nervously prepares, she is shocked to overhear that Berkeley only invited her to give his students a glimpse of what "pop-psychiatry" can lead to. Roz and Bulldog become determined to teach Berkeley a lesson when they see how his actions have affected Debbie, and a drastically altered speech shakes the very foundations of the university. Back in Bloomer, Angela is forced to fill in for Debbie on the agony aunt show, and she accidentally advises a woman to get back together with her prison-bound boyfriend, whose endless interruptions make things tough for attorney Kevin.

"Have a Happy Funeral" 19 41

Gil encourages the others to help him organise a funeral for a friend at Shady Glades, Martha, as her ex-husband has recently passed away. Roz accidentally volunteers to transfer the body from his home in Milwaukee to Bloomer and enlists Angela to help her do it without coming down with a major case of the heebie-jeebies. Bulldog is tasked with finding the flowers and feuds with Angus after getting caught picking the daisies in front of his grocery store. When all hope seems lost, Giles approaches Bulldog with a surprising offer that is sure to infuriate his dad. Debbie searches for a priest and is shocked to learn that Kevin has recently imprisoned the only one in town for stealing holy water. Debbie tries to convince Kevin to let the priest off for the time being, but he refuses and suggests she gets herself ordained online. Debbie is conflicted as to whether it would be a breach of her Wiccan faith and she struggles to get answers. Eventually, everything comes together, and the gang are horrified to realise their efforts were in vain when Gil discovers they threw a funeral for the wrong ex-husband! With Martha on the way, they have little time to rectify their mistakes and Gil realises some complicated improvisation will be required.

"I Wait, Therefore I Am" 20 42

When Gil manages to offend the entire waiting staff at Café Blossom, the owner, Melanie Blossom, is forced to deal with a strike as they claim his belligerence was "the last straw". Melanie confesses to Roz that she can't afford pay increases, and might have to shut the place down if the strike isn't settled quickly. Not willing to let her favourite solace be closed under such trivial matters, Roz convinces her friends to become the new waiting staff in the meantime. They quickly find that waiting on customers isn't the easy job they thought it would be, and Gil has the toughest time of all when the waiter he offended complicates his work further. Things turn for the worse when the health inspector shows up for a surprise visit, and notices several violations in Debbie's hairstyle alone. While Bulldog is braced with the immense task of convincing Debbie to change her appearance, Roz rallies everyone to make sure Café Blossom passes the health inspection. In the meantime, Kevin enters negotiations with Melanie and is shocked when she seemingly comes onto him, misinterpreting her subtle request for cheap workers from the local jail's "second chance" program.

"Don't Talk Back in Anger" 21 43

Roz and Angela are forced to deal with a team of highly incompetent plumbers that have come to fix the faulty flushing system. When their errors prove too many for Roz to handle, she winds up screaming at them and losing her voice as a consequence. Roz worries when it doesn't pass overnight, so she teaches herself how to communicate without speech. Bulldog is surprised when he realises Roz has also acquired a calmer attitude, feeling that her voice loss was a warning that she should be less angry in life. As the days pass, her voice still hasn't returned, and Bulldog becomes convinced that Roz is faking it because she finds it easier to suppress her annoyance if she doesn't speak. Determined to prove this, Bulldog conspires with Angus to include her in the Bloomer carnival, an event loathed by many due to its inconsistent scheduling, thereby making Roz key to warning everyone about it. Meanwhile, Gil enlists Kevin as his bodyguard when the plumbers turn out to be former restaurateurs from Seattle whom he critically slaughtered.

"Time is on Our Side" 22 44

Roz is shocked to learn that Angela has implemented a time-card system at the station due to repeated instances of employees arriving late. When Angela refuses to exclude Roz from the system, a war of biblical proportions breaks out between them. Bulldog worries about the effect it is having on Roz's sanity as she and Angela start implementing one crazy idea after another, so he takes it upon himself to put an end to the charade. In his efforts, he discovers Roz has the worst on-time record out of everyone, and he grows suspicious of her morning activity. Roz is outraged when she catches Bulldog following her one morning and confesses she has been visiting her ill sister Denise at a hospital in Milwaukee, as she has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Bulldog apologises to Roz and agrees to accompany her for a test to see if she carries it. Bulldog finds himself unable to support her when he is cajoled into an extensive full body exam by a team of eager medical students, and he gets some surprising news. Roz's test comes back negative but Bulldog is nowhere to be found, and she is left thinking he has deserted her. Later, Roz and Bulldog return from Milwaukee but have little to say to each other. Meanwhile, Debbie and Gil are shanghaied into throwing a surprise baby shower for Angela when they realise her recent crankiness was down to hormones, and that she'd just like to do something normal as her pregnancy is driving her crazy. Rumours begin to spread of Roz and Bulldog's issues, and Angus fears their potential break-up will divide the town. The party gets underway, and Angela is pleased; however, Roz mistakenly thinks it has been thrown in her honour, to celebrate her "negative" result on the Alzheimer's test. Roz blames Bulldog, thinking he abandoned her in the middle of it to gossip to everyone about it, and they have a huge argument that results in Angela's waters unexpectedly breaking. At the hospital, Kevin annoys everyone with his "textbook" approach to the process and in his hurry to do the right thing, he slips and twists his ankle, earning himself a place in the emergency room. With Gil's help, he tries to "bust out", but they encounter several bizarre obstacles along the way. Roz is outraged when she realises Bulldog has slipped out again, and she marches down the hall to look for him, only to overhear a conversation between him and a doctor: Bulldog has just discovered he could go completely deaf any moment, having ignored the signs for months. Roz apologises to Bulldog, and they agree not to hide things from each other anymore. Angela gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Dana, just as Angus, Giles and half the town show up to offer their overbearing support.

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