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Season 3 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Hear, There and Everywhere" 1 45

Two months later, Bulldog is struggling to accept his diagnosis of otosclerosis, and he is prompted by his doctor to join a support group. Bulldog eventually learns to scrap his initial decision not to tell anyone and confides in Gil at Café Blossom, but immediately regrets it when Angus overhears and conspires with the citizens in a town meeting to "speak louder" for his sake. Bulldog tries to set everything straight and convince people he doesn't want any special treatment, but eventually he snaps at Angus and gives him some home-truths about what people think of him. Angus is hurt by these revelations, and Bulldog feels guilty when he realises Angus was planning on surprising him with the donations he collected to go towards a charity for the hearing disabled. Meanwhile, with Angela on maternity leave, Roz finds herself taking on more than she can handle at the station. Kevin phones Debbie's show under a false name for advice on his manic parenthood, but Angela immediately knows it's him.

"Miss Blossom Regrets" 2 46

Kevin is hired by Melanie Blossom to defend the café and Giles when he finds himself being sued for throwing out a hostile customer. Kevin is confident he can win the case until he realises the opposing council will his rival from Washington. When it becomes apparent that Ralph has recently divorced after an affair, Kevin decides he'll have to play dirty, and his plan to have Debbie "seduce" him into folding is hampered when Roz is upset that she wasn't asked first. Angus further complicates matters when it turns out he is calling for Giles to be fired as Café Blossom is the number one competitor against Kane Groceries. Meanwhile, Bulldog is annoyed when Gil swindles a place in his support group so he can review the new caterers; and Angela has a battle of the wits with another mother over a swing set.

"Don't Tell Mom the Grandfather's Deaf" 3 47

Stuart arrives in Bloomer and reveals he is getting married to Julie, his old girlfriend from military school. Roz and Bulldog are shocked by this announcement and are shanghaied by Angus into throwing an engagement party in the town square. Roz immediately finds herself disliking Julie and feels that she is completely wrong for Stuart, but the others only believe Roz is making excuses because she is uncomfortable seeing her son grow up. When Julie shows her dark side, Roz becomes determined to prove it before she and Stuart walk down the aisle. Gil and Debbie reluctantly assist Roz in digging up some dirt on Julie, and they interrogate her family at the party. They soon learn that Julie is incredibly uptight and has to have everything perfect, including her future family. Bulldog is upset with Roz when he realises she has told everyone about his otosclerosis, in an attempt to dissuade Julie from marrying a guy whose kids could be born with a deficiency. Meanwhile, Kevin spends the evening babysitting Dana by himself; while Angela has her first night out in weeks at the party. Despite their initial promises, the two of them find themselves wishing they could exchange places.

"Grocery Overstatement" 4 48

The residents of Bloomer are annoyed when Giles starts playing music loudly, and Roz decides to bring up the subject at the next town meeting. She is outraged when Angus refuses to add it to the discussion, and she accuses him of bias as the offender is his son. Bulldog attends his annual checkup and learns that excessive loud noise could worsen his condition to the point of permanent deafness. Bulldog eventually decides to talk to Giles man-to-man at Kane Groceries and walks in, only to go completely deaf in one ear when an irate customer fires a gun into the air for being given the wrong change. With police arriving, Bulldog finds himself in a hostage situation, during which he develops a bond with Giles. Giles promises to turn his music down if they get out of this alive. Surprised by this statement, Bulldog begins to suspect that the hostage situation isn't as authentic as they think and that Angus may be up to his old tricks. This is confirmed when Roz and Angela discover an order form for a starter's pistol in his office, and they are shocked at the extent he is willing to go to "keep the peace" in Bloomer.

"Choir and Ice" 5 49

After his experience in the supermarket, Bulldog shuns Angus for orchestrating the ill-fated "lesson" that resulted in one of his ears going completely deaf. When Bulldog starts coming home late at night, Roz begins to worry he is drinking and enlists the help of Gil to follow him. To their surprise, the trail leads them to a church, where it turns out Bulldog has been seeking enlightenment from the new parishioner, June Archer. Roz begins to suspect June may be up to her old tricks again and decides to volunteer for a future choir service to keep an eye on her. This proves to be a challenge for Roz when she realises it will require a tough solo. Meanwhile, Angus turns to Debbie for advice on earning the trust of his neighbours again; and Angela begins to have doubts about raising Dana in such a chaotic environment.

"Speed Racist" 6 50

Angela returns from maternity leave and has trouble leaving Dana with the day-care. She is also forced to deal with a rather large pile of things Roz couldn't handle and ultimately abandoned, including an allegation of racism from someone in the accounting department. With Gil's assistance, Angela tries to be as diplomatic as possible, and she is disgusted when she realises how racist the accused is. After dismissing him, the dispute is settled, and Angela comes to the conclusion that she makes a perfect "mediator". However, Angela's newfound respect among the employees may come to an end when Mohammad, the day-care manager who is of Middle-Eastern descent, says some bizarre things that have her concerned for the safety of everyone, especially her baby. Meanwhile, Roz crashes a business course with Kevin in an attempt to prove to Bulldog that she can handle the complex aspects of running a radio station like Angela.

"Bullpuppy" 7 51

Bulldog receives an invitation to his high-school reunion and is initially hesitant about going because his life is going in a different direction than he expected. Roz offers to go with him but is upset when he inadvertently suggests he has nothing worth living for. The two of them have an argument, which results in Bulldog storming out to attend by himself. Talking to Angela at Café Blossom, Roz realises Bulldog is going through a lot and decides to surprise him at the reunion. However, she is horrified when she stumbles upon Bulldog introducing Debbie as his young, attractive new girlfriend. Roz decides to play along to make things harder for Bulldog, and the escalating confusion makes it a night to remember. Meanwhile, with Angela spending a quiet evening at the café, Kevin is left alone with Dana, and he has trouble getting her to sleep. Eventually, a lullaby does the trick, but the peace is short-lived when the fire alarm is set off, waking Dana up again. With Gil's help, Kevin desperately searches for another lullaby, and matters are complicated further when they accidentally get themselves locked in the bathroom while looking for formula, leaving Dana all alone in the lounge.

"Cold War" 8 52

On Monday morning, Gil wakes up to discover he is unable to taste anything, and he subsequently blames Kane Groceries for causing it with the funny-tasting meat he had delivered at the weekend. Angus is furious at this accusation and claims Gil is trying to sour his name like he does with every other food retailer in Wisconsin. The subject is raised at a town meeting, and Gil is shocked to learn at the reputation he has developed in Bloomer with his "business devouring" tactics. Determined to prove that he really does appreciate good food, Gil desperately searches for a restaurant that meets his impossibly high standards, but not being able to taste anything proves to be a difficult challenge to overcome. Gil enlists Bulldog in his hunt and finds himself in deeper resentment after accidentally insinuating that Bulldog has never had an "adversity" to deal with like he does. Before he knows it, Angus is rallying to have his review privileges revoked, and Roz is angry at Gil for making such a cutting remark. However, Bulldog realises he doesn't want to be defined by his problem anymore and offers his support to Gil, to the surprise of everyone. Meanwhile, Debbie struggles with the knowledge that she may have caused the debacle, having caught a cold from her visiting sister.

"Grave Misunderstanding" 9 53

While at Café Blossom one morning, Roz and Bulldog notice that Giles' work is even worse than usual and decide to call him on it. Giles reveals his judgmental mother, Edna, is coming to town, and Bulldog is amused to see Angus is in an identical panic over reuniting with his ex-wife. Roz offers to intervene and help repair the problems between Giles and his mother, but the next day, it transpires that her advice failed miserably. However, Roz refuses to give up, and Bulldog begins to suspect that she is actually coming to terms with her own motherly issues when she is unable to recognise that Giles doesn't want her help anymore. Bulldog tries to remedy the situation by taking Roz to visit her mother's grave but accidentally makes things worse when they discover the flowers planted nearby have been vandalised. Meanwhile, Debbie reluctantly poses as Giles' girlfriend when he introduces her as such, and when Edna notices Dana and assumes the baby belongs to him, they inadvertently play along, much to Kevin and Angela's annoyance.

"The Show Where Kenny Shows Up" 10 54

While visiting Denise at the care home in Milwaukee, Roz runs into Kenny and offers him her spare room when he complains about the commute from New York City. Bulldog enjoys catching up with Kenny and reflecting on old times, and they spend the night drinking together. Bulldog and Kenny quickly find they have a lot to complain about and their laughter turns to sorrow over the direction their lives have gone in. The next morning, Roz is shocked to find a note on the kitchen counter, detailing an agreement made between Bulldog and Kenny, stating that if ever they feel their lives are truly "over", one will kill the other. Bulldog laughs it off and claims it is nothing more than drunken antics, but Roz worries for his frame of mind and decides to consult a therapist at the care home. Bulldog finds out about the consultation when the therapist phones Roz at home to re-schedule their next appointment. Angry, he heads to the care home to confront Roz but quickly forgets his intentions when he discovers Kenny has been fired from his DJ job in New York. Bulldog is now faced with acting on the agreement, as he thinks it's what Kenny wants. Back in Bloomer, Kevin and Angela debate how they want to be treated if their minds ever go.

"Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" 11 55

Roz is surprised when her formerly deaf ex-boyfriend, Clint, arrives in Bloomer to promote new cochlear implants. Roz is excited at the possibility of Bulldog's hearing problem being fixed and schedules a consultation with the creator of the device, which Clint has been funding. Bulldog is delighted when he is told that he is eligible for the procedure but has to wait several months due to an extensive list. However, Bulldog begins to have second thoughts when he is told by Clint that sexual activity of any kind is prohibited before the surgery, as it may put a strain on the ears. Roz tells Bulldog she is willing to abstain for his sake and as the days pass, Bulldog realises it isn't as difficult as he thought it would be. Ironically, it's Roz who finds she is missing doing the dirty deed and after running into Clint, she begins to suspect he may not have been entirely truthful due to his continued disdain over her relationship with Bulldog. Meanwhile, Gil enrols in a cooking class with Debbie after Angus mocks his baking ability at the annual town bake sale.

"Career Suicide" 12 56

Giles comes to WKZT for his high school's career week, and Angela decides to show him the ropes. She quickly finds that he has an incredibly laid-back attitude, and winds up doing all the work for him. Kevin is shocked to see the effect Giles' slacking is having on Angela, so he confronts the rebellious teenager the next morning at the station. One thing leads to another, and they end up challenging each other to a physical fight outside Café Blossom. Kevin finds himself the target of ire from Angus as a result, who fears that a public spectacle such as this will destroy Giles' chances of getting into a good college. Angela, meanwhile, searches for a confidence boost after Giles' disobedience has a startling effect on her self-esteem, but ultimately decides to quit the station and become a stay-at-home mother. Roz is surprised by this decision and is forced to initiate an emergency search for a new station manager, unwilling to take on the difficult job herself. In the meantime, Gil coaches another student who has an interest in restaurant journalism but fails to see that he is only in it for the free food.

"Once Upon a Rhyme" 13 57

As the town gets ready for its annual poetry recital, Gil is shocked when his pesky younger brothers, Phil and Bill, arrive looking for a place to crash after their meals on wheels business went bust. Worried their brief visit will turn into three months as per the norm, Gil tries to convince Angus to provide the funds they need to get their business back up and running. Angus promises to think about it and agrees to let them work in his grocery store so he can judge their food-making talent. Angus is impressed, and Gil is relieved because it means his brothers will be leaving soon. However, their newfound business relationship is threatened when Angus accuses Phil and Bill of stealing the poem he had planned on reading at the recital. Afraid his brothers will be finding permanent residence in Bloomer, Gil becomes determined to prove their innocence, but is conflicted when he realises they truly are the guilty party. Meanwhile, newly unemployed Angela desperately searches for a rhyme to finish her entry with; and Roz has trouble settling into her old role as station manager.

"Run Fratboy Run" 14 58

Roz reluctantly signs WKZT up for a marathon organised by Angus to raise awareness for STDs, after his son Giles is allegedly struck with an ailment by his girlfriend. As Roz is faced with the arduous task of training her employees for the run, Bulldog and Gil look for ways to get out of it, and they seek help from Giles. It soon becomes apparent that Giles tomcats around with many girls and his father sees him from an entirely different perspective. While Roz battles lame excuses and less than enthusiastic runners, Bulldog and Gil decide to expose Angus to his son's way of living and are overcome with guilt when he is sent into an almost catatonic state due to shock. Hoping to get Angus back to normal, Bulldog and Gil get to work on turning Giles into a proper gentleman and plan to unveil him at the after-marathon party. Meanwhile, Kevin, Angela and Debbie rotate shifts filling in for Angus, and soon come to appreciate the work he puts in for the town as they struggle to deal with the various everyday problems of the locals.

"Bebe Jeebies" 15 59

After moaning about how tough being a stay-at-home mother is, Angela is furious with Kevin when he accidentally insinuates that it is "women's work", prompting an argument between them. In the meantime, Roz and Bulldog are worried when Bebe Glazer returns to Bloomer, still reeling from her previous visit. Bebe assures them she is here to make peace. Their initial relief is short-lived when Bebe reveals she is to become the new president of BTV, the town's public access television station. Roz and Bulldog make a pact to "stay out of this one" so they leave for a remote cabin in the woods, forcing the others to deal with whatever Bebe has up her sleeve. When she overhears another argument between Angela and Kevin at Café Blossom, she is inspired to create a reality show in which bickering husbands and wives swap roles for a month, promising "old-fashioned family values" and lessons to be had. The feuding couple enthusiastically agrees and soon find their partners' job is harder than they thought, which isn't helped by Bebe's constant drama-creating meddling. As all this is going on, Gil and Debbie accidentally get themselves locked inside Roz's office while looking for clues on the upcoming bonuses.

"Natural Born Bulldog" 16 60

Bulldog returns from the cabin in the woods; while Roz has stopped in Milwaukee to visit Denise. Everyone is surprised when Bulldog appears to have a completely altered personality, prompting him to reveal that a "vision" in the woods has compelled him to become less dependent on technology and live a more natural life. The others are initially accepting of his choice, but eventually, decide something must be done when his odour proves too overpowering to bear. Gil and Kevin plan to stage an intervention; while interim manager Debbie must deal with complaints from neighbouring companies in the business park. Gil begins to suspect that drugs may have been involved in Bulldog's so-called "vision", so he seeks answers from Roz over the phone. Roz reluctantly admits she scored some pot to lessen Denise's pain, and Bulldog may have unknowingly taken some of it from the brownies she baked. Unfortunately, Bulldog refuses to believe the truth, and things go from bad to worse when the left-over brownies are inadvertently shared among the employees. In Milwaukee, Denise takes the pot, and Roz feels guilty when a nurse accuses Kenny of being a drug mule.

"The Death of the Party" 17 61

Grief surges through Bloomer when news gets out that the dear old owner of Café Blossom, Melanie Blossom, has passed away. Roz decides to take on the funeral arrangements herself; appreciative of how welcome Melanie made her and Bulldog feel when they first moved to Bloomer. However, she is forced to deal with several complications along the way. Kevin is given the responsibility to find any living relatives, but accidentally invites an entire clan of the wrong Blossoms, unaware that it was not Melanie's maiden name. Angela is determined to take over the café's lease, recently realising a dream to own her own little coffee shop. Bulldog accidentally screws up the venue booking, leaving him and Debbie to negotiate with Angus for the use of the town hall. To top it all off, finding a caterer for the wake proves to be impossible due to Roz's connection to Gil, and the escalating obstacles make her ever closer to losing her mind.

"Gil and Debbie" 18 62

Valentine's Day has everyone in Bloomer falling over themselves to get a date. Bulldog is shocked when he overhears a conversation between Debbie and her gal pals and is lead to believe that she plans on asking Gil out on a date. Realising it's an embarrassment that neither of them needs, Bulldog tries to explain to Debbie as politely as he can that Gil is not the right guy for her, but she misinterprets his efforts and believes it is a criticism against her. Bulldog soon finds himself in deeper trouble when Gil discovers his meddling, and the two of them end up reigniting an old argument regarding Bulldog's assumptions about Gil. Angry with Bulldog for getting involved in their personal lives, Debbie and Gil decide to teach him a lesson by pretending they are in love, and they schedule a romantic dinner at Dino's, the local Italian bistro. Bulldog is there with Roz and the evening quickly turns into a frantic one-upmanship contest, as both Gil and Bulldog are determined to prove they are happier than the other. Roz and Debbie conspire in the powder room to reconcile their differences. Meanwhile, Angela and Kevin look forward to their first romantic night out in months but continue to make outlandish excuses not to leave Dana, much to her babysitter's annoyance.

"Bad Share Day" 19 63

Angela is finalising the paperwork in her plans to purchase Café Blossom but is surprised to find Dino Luther, owner of the local Italian bistro Dino's, owns a controlling percentage of the business and refuses to let any changes be made without his consent. Angela desperately tries to convince Dino to sell his share in the café, and he agrees under the condition that she boosts business at his restaurant. Stuck for ideas, Angela turns to Kevin and asks him to recommend his friends at the law firm to start lunching there. Kevin agrees, and Dino is pleased when it is a success; however, Kevin finds himself the target of anger from his co-workers when they all come down with severe cases of food poisoning. Not willing to give up on her dream, Angela enlists Gil to pose as a health inspector to scare Dino into selling up, but some serious improvisation skills will be required when the real health inspector shows up after a tip-off from one of Kevin's colleagues. Meanwhile, Debbie interviews for a new producer and struggles to shake a persistent Giles.

"Hard Candy Floss" 20 64

Debbie reluctantly takes Giles on as her new producer but is annoyed when he skips his first day to tour colleges with his friends. Determined to teach him a lesson, Debbie enlists Kevin to help her confront him on the Bloomer University campus. However, complications arise when they are mistaken for Giles' parents, and they decide to play along to make his situation even more awkward. Bulldog and Gil also play hooky and crash a carnival. Bulldog is determined to have as much fun as he can before his big surgery day, but Gil proves to hinder his intentions when they inadvertently injure two tightrope walkers, forcing them to take up the post themselves. Bulldog confesses to Gil that he is worried about the surgery and is wondering how different things will be when he comes out of it, but a successful tightrope walking clears his mind and makes him feel like he can accomplish anything. They later pay a visit to the campus on a sugar high from a mountain of candy floss and make Giles' life a living nightmare. Meanwhile, Roz is surprised to learn about Bulldog's concerns from Angus and wonders if a rift has grown between them that caused him not to share it with her.

"Rise of the Copier Machines" (Part 1) 21 65

As Bulldog's cochlear implant surgery approaches, Roz is determined to give him the support he needs, so she organises a "good luck" party to be held at the station. However, while printing out flyers for the event, disaster strikes when she accidentally overloads the copier machine, resulting in a minor explosion and the entire fourth floor being sealed off. Roz is overcome with embarrassment and is forced to deal with a safety inspection from the local council. With the party moved to Café Blossom, Angela and Kevin are forced to take on more than they can handle, and end up getting into an argument when Angela accuses Kevin of being deliberately sidetracked. In the heat of the moment, Kevin winds up revealing he has been offered a job at a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles, and he's going to take it. Angela is upset for making this decision without her and leaves the party planning to Gil and Debbie so she can have some time to think. Gil and Debbie enjoy working behind the counter and pretending they own the place, and the party gets underway later that night. The inspector finally completes his inspection at 9 PM. Roz is shocked to learn that the radio station is one of the most dangerous buildings he has ever seen and that it will have to be closed immediately. Meanwhile, Gil and Debbie strive to do something about the intolerable "customer is always right" rule.

"Beyond Repair" (Part 2) 22 66

Realising the station is beyond repair, Roz puts on a brave face for Bulldog at the party, and struggles to hide her discovery from her friends as it puts all their futures in jeopardy. Bulldog notices Roz acting distant all evening, and she is forced to feign worry when he misinterprets it as panic over his simple surgery. The next day, Bulldog awaits his surgery; while Roz is surprised to receive a phone call from Angela, revealing that she and Kevin have departed for L.A. for good. This prompts Roz to tell the truth about the station to Café Blossom, and Bulldog is upset when he realises that was all she was worried about the night before, not him. Roz apologises, but he refuses to listen and heads to the hospital alone. While in the waiting room, Bulldog chats with a friendly man who tells him of all the troubles he's had to put up with in old age, and Bulldog comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want to get to the point where the treatments he receives is just a stall. He picks up a "world tour" pamphlet from the receptionist's table and strides out the door. Roz arrives at the hospital shortly after only to find that he has disappeared, forcing the doctors to cancel the surgery. Meanwhile, Gil and Debbie mull over the news of WKZT's closure but are inspired to run the café together when they get word of Angela and Kevin's departure. To celebrate, they toss out the customer that has been aggravating them all night. Later, Roz returns to an empty house to find all of Bulldog's clothes and personal belongings gone. She checks for messages on the answering machine but finds there are none.

  • Angela Porter-Price and Kevin Price's last appearance as main characters.

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