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"A Roz of Her Own" 1 67

Roz adjusts to life on her own in Bloomer now that Bulldog has left town to see the world. At the same time, she finds herself struggling financially without his pension, forcing her to apply for a job at the newly re-opened and renovated WKZT. The manager, young college graduate Damien Black, reluctantly agrees to let her on due to her experience, despite his misgivings about her age. Roz quickly finds herself settling back in at the station but struggles with not being her own boss anymore. At the same time, she quarrels with the new secretary, a feisty young woman named Chloe Nolan, who later turns out to be Damien's girlfriend. When Chloe makes a formal complaint, Roz finds herself being forced to prove her competency, so she enlists the help of new town resident Bebe Glazer to enforce this. Meanwhile, Gil and Debbie now officially own Café Blossom together, but their newfound business partnership is threatened when they disagree on napkin designs.

  • Damien Black, Bebe Glazer and Chloe Nolan become main characters.
"I Never Promised You a Dish Washer" 2 68

Damien enlists the help of Roz to get the employees on his side because of the dramatic decrease in morale that occurred since he became the manager. Roz reluctantly agrees with the condition that her monthly competency tests be dropped. After brainstorming for ideas, she encourages Damien to take the employees on a company outing to Café Blossom. Gil and Debbie are excited because it means their biggest business ever, but disaster ensues when Damien forgets his wallet and has neglected to mention that the company will not be paying for their selections. Roz becomes determined to make it up to the frustrated café owners and encourages Damien to wash dishes for the rest of the day. This, in turn, makes the employees like him more for being subjected to dull "grunt work", and Damien thanks Roz for her advice. However, Chloe is worried about the growing friendship between Roz and Damien and will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing else develops.

"The Waiting Game" 3 69

After dropping out of college, Giles settles back into his job at Café Blossom and strikes up a friendship with regular customer Bebe. Giles is surprised when Bebe tells him he has a "perfect face" for commercials and asks him to meet her at the top ad agency in Milwaukee. Giles is excited but is presented with a conflict when he realises he has a shift during the busiest period at the same time. Determined not to lose his job or this once in a lifetime opportunity, Giles desperately searches the whole of Bloomer for someone to cover his shift, eventually finding Damien. Giles returns dejected later that evening after Bebe failed to show up at the agency and is shocked to find that Damien is doing a fantastic job and that everyone at the café loves him. Gil and Debbie fed up with Giles' constant tardiness, refuse to let him work there again unless he beats Damien in a waiting competition. Meanwhile, Chloe is dismayed over Damien's apparent descent into "common" ground and becomes determined to keep up her reputation by signing them both up for a Finer Things Club. However, she soon finds Angus has an exhaustingly extensive interviewing process.

  • Giles Kane becomes a main character.
"Reach for the Money" 4 70

The residents are shocked when Angus reveals during a town meeting that Damien is one of the 50 richest people in Wisconsin, according to a local magazine. Damien soon finds himself overwhelmed with unreasonable requests. On Roz's advice, he decides to grant one, hoping it'll win him some friends, but he soon finds himself struggling to choose who should get it. Bebe is determined to get a hold of the money to finance her very own talent agency in Bloomer; while Roz considers requesting a share so she can join Bulldog on his tour of the world. However, their requests prove to be pointless when Angus persuades Damien to drop his cash into the town square from a helicopter in the sky. Roz is upset when she only manages to get $2, and when the townspeople start spending their share on expensive material items, she becomes determined to teach them a lesson about using money wisely. Bebe, on the other hand, will not give up her dream just yet, and to get the money that's "rightfully hers", she starts promising everyone they can be stars – for a hefty fee of course.

"Leave Me Chefless" 5 71

With Gil out of town at a restaurant management conference, Debbie decides to hire a new chef when it becomes apparent that his cooking is not liked by the Café Blossom regulars. She is surprised when Dino Luther, the cocky Italian chef, applies for the job as his restaurant has gone into administration. Debbie agrees to give him a trial run and is pleased when the customers take to his cooking. However, when Gil returns, he is unhappy that this decision was made without him and becomes determined to balance the scales by doing something without her input. Before they know it, impromptu decisions are being made left and right, and the café descends into chaos, forcing Dino to do something before the most stable job he's had in months is thrown out the window. Meanwhile, Chloe demands retribution when it transpires Giles has inadvertently been giving her full-fat coffees ever since her arrival in town, and Bebe tries to convince her to sue the establishment.

  • Dino Luther becomes a main character.
"You Can't Do That on Film" 6 72

Angus announces the first Bloomer film festival, prompting the residents to make their own movies for the $5,000 prize. Gil enlists Chloe's help to film an exposé on Shady Glades. Chloe is excited as the controversial matter will likely win them the money, until she realises the living conditions of the retirement community are perfectly fine; it's just the food that doesn't meet Gil's impossibly high standards. Roz is surprised to learn Dino has a flair for musical theatre and tries to convince him to act on his dream of directing a musical. They get to work on filming The Harmonious Chef, but when Dino decides to take on the lead role himself, Roz panics when he turns out to have a lousy singing voice. Giles is convinced his father has sinister reasons behind the festival and sets out to prove it with the help of Damien. Meanwhile, Bebe's busy trying to gain financial rights on everybody's film.

"Alpha Mail" 7 73

When her friends each receive postcards from Bulldog informing them of his latest travels, Roz is upset when she doesn't get one and decides to write him an angry letter in response. Debbie returns to her old busybody ways by telling Roz not to mail it and to wait a few days until she calms down. However, Chloe's manic desire to get on everyone's good side ends in disaster when she unknowingly hands it to the mailman. Roz becomes determined to intercept the mail before it arrives at its destination, and finds herself forced into agreeing to a date with the depressing mailman, Dale. The night turns out to be one of the worst of Roz's life when Dale takes her to Café Blossom, incurring the gossip of all her friends and neighbours. Roz desperately tries to find a way out of the nightmare when she notices Dale carries his undelivered mail around with him at all times, so she drags her less than subtle spectators into the mix for assistance. Meanwhile, Dino has a battle of the wits with Giles when he refuses to clean the microwave after use.

"Birds on Parade" 8 74

Thanksgiving is on the way, and Angus is determined to give the people of Bloomer an official celebration. Typically, this ends in disaster when roughly 80 turkeys wind up getting loose in town, forcing him and Giles to crash various Thanksgiving celebrations and places in Bloomer to round them up. Roz is busy trying to entertain Denise and Kenny but finds that Kenny has developed a depressing attitude ever since Denise's diagnosis of Alzheimer's that makes giving thanks a particularly difficult task. Bebe has a stand-off with Dino at the local supermarket over the last microwavable turkey. Supplies are running low at Café Blossom, and Debbie is close to having a nervous breakdown, and all Gil wants to do is impress a stingy local restaurant critic. Damien is shocked to find several turkeys have stowed away on his private jet during a romantic Thanksgiving in the air with Chloe. This wouldn't usually be much of a problem, except that their pilot has a deadly fear of turkeys and is unable to land the plane until something is done about them. While Damien is willing to throw them overboard, Chloe is an animal lover and demands they come up with a more humane solution.

"Office Spat" 9 75

Bebe decides to rent out some newly available office space for her up and coming talent agency but is shocked to find Angus is also considering renting it out so he can have more room for his town selectman duties. Bebe and Angus wind up getting into a major bidding war with the owner of the offices, forcing Giles to intervene before things get ugly. However, Giles soon realises that the office would also make a perfect apartment for him, and the bidding war starts all over again. Angus and Giles realise they'll have to work together as father and son when Bebe claims to have some damaging information on the Kane family history; eventually resorting to breaking into her apartment to get it. Things go from bad to worse when Bebe turns out to have installed a lavish security system, resulting in them getting arrested by the local police. Bebe visits them during their overnight stay in jail and boasts that the office is as good as hers; however, the landlord shows up shortly after and reveals he isn't willing to lease the place to "any of you psychos". Meanwhile, Dino tries to retrieve the recipe box he buried before his restaurant went into administration, but finds an obstacle in the diner that has been built on top of it.

"Bulldog Returns" 10 76

Roz is shocked when Bulldog shows up at the house a few days before Christmas along with their son, Stuart, and Stuart's new wife, Celia. Bulldog reveals he is low on money and has been forced to end his world tour. Roz must now deal with the fact that not only Bulldog expects to be a part of her life again after pushing her away, but her son Stuart got married without anybody telling her. Roz is hostile towards Celia as a result, making Stuart angry, and eventually, Roz decides they cannot stay with her as she is too upset to welcome Bulldog back into her life with open arms. This forces Bulldog to crash on Gil's couch, while Stuart and Celia stay at a motel. The next day, Bulldog becomes determined to win Roz back with a romantic gesture, and he shanghais the residents at a town meeting into helping him throw a "second wedding" for Stuart and Celia so Roz can witness the nuptials this time. Gil and Debbie are excited to cater their first event but struggle to make design choices due to demands from several different religions and non-worshippers. Damien and Chloe have an argument when Chloe wants to go back to New York and spend the holidays in style with his wealthy family. As all this is going on, no one seems to have noticed that Roz has left town to visit Frasier in Seattle, in a quest to seek advice on her troubled marriage.

"There's Something About Bebe" 11 77

When Bulldog proves to be a highly annoying house guest, Gil desperately tries to pawn him off on one of his friends before he loses his mind. Eventually, Bebe invites him to move in with her and Bulldog is terrified at the prospect of living with such a devil-like woman. To his surprise, Bebe turns out to be the perfect host, preparing the food he loves and generally making his experience a wholly pleasant one. However, after talking to Gil, he realises Bebe is never this nice without a catch and becomes determined to find out what she's up to. Bebe is hurt when she realises what he is doing, and climbs to the edge of the town hall's roof. Angus steps in as negotiator when the townspeople gather in shock, while Bulldog, still unsure about Bebe's sincerity, enlists Gil's help to break into the filing cabinet in her apartment. After getting it open, they are shocked when they realise it has triggered a small fire and they are forced to get out quickly. Bebe notices her apartment building going up in flames and climbs down from the roof, making Bulldog realise that everything Bebe's done: her acts of kindness and her suspicious "suicide attempt", was all a scheme to gain the insurance money from her apartment without getting the blame for starting the fire. Bulldog decides to keep this quiet but has trouble hiding the truth from his neighbours, who are in a panic that Bebe may attempt suicide for a second time.

"The Hand That Robs the Cradle" 12 78

The gang are surprised when Roz returns from Seattle with a handsome young man in his 20s, and everyone is left thinking that, in the wake of her separation to Bulldog, she has become a cradle-robber! Bulldog is especially jealous and becomes determined to find out the details about their relationship. The discussion of intergenerational relationships becomes the basis of an argument between Damien and Chloe when Damien admits that, if he were to "go old", Roz would be his choice as he finds her sexy in a "mature" sort of way. Chloe is upset because she has worked vigorously for years to keep herself looking young, so she decides to teach Damien a lesson by not maintaining her appearance for several days. However, this only makes things worse when Damien doesn't even notice, prompting Chloe to have a heated confrontation with Roz over her new relationship. Roz finds the accusation hilarious, and reveals the man is the nephew of Frasier's wife Charlotte, and he is in town hoping to get work experience at the station. Chloe neglects to mention to this to Bulldog, who is doomed to make a fool of himself when he conspires with Giles to humiliate the man in front of everyone with his extensive collection of water pistols. Meanwhile, Debbie is surprised to learn Dino takes dancing lessons at the local YMCA, and her decision to join the class provokes an unexpected response.

"No Place Like Gnomeland" 13 79

Gil is horrified one morning to discover several repulsive gnomes have appeared in front of Café Blossom. Thinking it is a teenage prank, he is forced to spend the day getting rid of them. However, his efforts prove fruitless the next day when he finds several more have appeared, and he becomes determined to find the culprit with Bebe's assistance. Their investigation leads them to the town hall, where Angus reveals that an anonymous buyer has recently purchased a large plot of land in the Bloomer countryside. Travelling to the land he bought, Gil and Bebe discover a large sign with the words "Gnomeland: coming soon". Later on, many more gnomes start appearing around Bloomer, driving the residents into a panic. Angus is quick to demonstrate his incompetence in dealing with a crisis when he caves into mob mentality and grants permission for the gnomes to be round up and burnt. While on a "stakeout" for the buyer with Bebe, Gil is surprised to see a small gnome-keyring in her purse and comes to the conclusion that she was paid off to help in the Gnomeland ad campaign. Meanwhile, as Giles and Damien keep a concerned fire department at bay, Dino finds himself facing a barrage of accusations after displaying one of the gnomes in Café Blossom.

"Decisions, Divisions" (Part 1) 14 80

Roz and Bulldog are struggling to hide their disdain for one another around their friends, and the gang are soon left worrying that they will have to swear their allegiance to one side. Determined not to let this happen, Debbie decides to lock the feuding lovers in the café until they can come to a truce. Gil is annoyed at Debbie for depriving them of business for an entire day, leading to them having an argument about joint decisions. Gil releases Roz and Bulldog from their capture, neither of them having said a word to each other, and he leaves with Bulldog. Debbie realises the division has begun, and that she is powerless to stop it. Angus, on the other hand, is not so willing to give up, and he calls an emergency town meeting to discuss the problem: with Gil on Bulldog's side, those who swore allegiance to Roz feel unwelcome at Café Blossom. Damien is forced to deal with high absence rates at the station as those who sided with Bulldog take advantage of the fact that Roz works there. Chloe begins to have second thoughts about settling down in such a backwards town and takes it upon herself to fix the problem once and for all with a phone call.

"The Talented Mr. Crane" (Part 2) 15 81

Frasier arrives in Bloomer, having received a phone call begging for help from Chloe. Frasier is initially hesitant to go behind Roz's back and meddle in her marriage until Chloe points out that it was Roz who told her of his excellent psychiatry skills. They then get to work on fixing the rift between Roz, Bulldog, and even the town itself. Chloe begins to wonder why Frasier is so highly regarded in the psychiatric community when he plans a series of bizarre new age tactics to help Roz and Bulldog. Gil tells her that Frasier isn't usually like this, and they come to the conclusion that he is under the influence of drugs. Chloe notices that Roz and Bulldog are concerned for their friend, and decides it's the perfect opportunity for them to work out their differences with each other under the pretence of getting Frasier help. Unfortunately, Frasier is unwilling to play along and is convinced that his new age tactics are the key, forcing Chloe and Gil to do some serious improvisation to keep up the illusion of his drug addiction. Roz and Bulldog eventually call a truce and agree they'll have to be civilised with each other to continue living in Bloomer. Meanwhile, Damien turns to Giles for help in rounding up the absentees and finding out who is truly sick; and Angus tries to convince Dino to purchase supplies from Kane Groceries.

"Dino Sore" 16 82

When Dino slips in the kitchen and throws his back out, Gil and Debbie are frightful of a lawsuit when his attorney brother, Anthony, shows up for a visit. Gil and Debbie desperately try to butter Dino up with gifts and benefits before he takes action. Dino quickly realises what's going on and decides to take advantage of the situation while his back heals. However, Anthony is hungry for a lawsuit after getting disbarred from his firm for unethical methods, and Dino soon remembers how his brother has a way with words when he starts to reconsider his decision not to sue Café Blossom. Determined not to be "corrupted" like the rest of his family, Dino seeks refuge in the local church and winds up getting swayed into joining the choir. Gil and Debbie, noticing this, are horrified at what has happened to Dino and are left thinking that he has acquired some sort of head injury that has made him "insanely" religious. Meanwhile, Damien becomes jealous of Chloe's crush on Anthony and decides to learn an Italian accent when he realises that it's the foreign aspect she likes.

"Shopaholics Anonymous" 17 83

Damien and Chloe have an argument in front of everyone at Café Blossom when Damien finds out Chloe used his money to purchase an expensive diamond necklace. Damien is mad at Chloe for always using him as an ATM, and he tells her that she'll have to pay for her own things from now on. Chloe is furious and becomes determined to prove that she can function without buying stuff all the time, but she quickly finds herself desperate for a shopping spree when the new Vogue catalogue comes out. Roz and Debbie, having experienced trying shopping withdrawal themselves, empathise with Chloe and decide to help her through the process, but the three of them quickly find their urges coming back when Damien accidentally leaves his credit card in plain sight. After indulging themselves at the mall, the threesome is quickly overcome with guilt when they realise just how few of their purchases they'll actually use, and they become determined to repay Damien before he finds out. Meanwhile, Bulldog learns from Giles that the mall is the perfect place to cruise for chicks. Despite his apparent lingering attachment to Roz, Bulldog asks to tag along with Giles, and he soon finds that his flirting skills are not as they once were.

"Bebe Malone" 18 84

Angus is up for re-election as town selectman, but when he realises that people in his position rarely last beyond four years, he decides to enlist Bebe's help for the campaign after hearing stories about her cutthroat tactics. Bebe agrees to help him in exchange for a seat on the town committee, and they plan on meeting at her office the next morning to discuss their strategy. While waiting outside, Angus is shocked to see a sinister looking man in a tuxedo with what looks to be a gun holster emerging from Bebe's office. This leads Angus to think Bebe has mob connections, and he begins to have second thoughts about their business partnership. However, he is afraid to say anything in case it brings out her truly dark side. When Bebe's plan to make him more liked by the public proves to be a success, Angus forgets about his doubts and revels in his glory. Unfortunately while celebrating his assured victory at Café Blossom, he accidentally blabs what he found out about Bebe to the town gossip. Pretty soon everyone in Bloomer knows the truth and is afraid to cross Angus; while Debbie and Gil fear the café has turned into a mobster hangout when he and Bebe set up the campaign there.

"Weekend at Dino's" 19 85

While dividing up some of their things, Roz and Bulldog get to reminiscing about their relationship and realise that it wasn't all bad. When Roz finds a brochure Frasier left them during his visit, they are prompted to visit a marriage retreat in the wilderness in an attempt to sort out their problems. There, they are surprised to find Dino works as the caterer as he moonlights at the retreat on weekends. Roz and Bulldog are forced to introduce themselves during a couples' circle, and they soon come to the realisation that they are the only sane people there. Things turn for the worse when Bulldog begins to suspect that Dino is being paid off by one of the spiteful husbands to poison the food. He shanghais Roz into investigating, and the two of them wind up rekindling their old spark in the process. Back in Bloomer, Damien is shocked to learn that the station employees don't respect him as much without Roz by his side, so he turns to Bebe for help in "owning" rooms when he walks into them; while Gil and Debbie begin to suspect that their weekend chef is stealing from the cash register.

"Fight for Your Right to Poppy" 20 86

Roz is shocked when Poppy shows up in the middle of the night looking for a place to stay. With some persuasion, Poppy reveals she has been fired from her job in Washington due to a scandal involving her mutual relationship with a 17-year old apprentice, Warren. Roz agrees to let Poppy crash on the couch for a few days, but quickly remembers what a hindrance having her around is when she interferes with the baby steps she is taking to reconcile with Bulldog. Things go from bad to worse when Poppy lands a waitressing job at Café Blossom, and Roz realises that her stay will be a lot longer than she expected. Determined to amend the situation, Roz calls Warren, and he arrives the next day with the hopes of getting back together with Poppy. Unfortunately, Poppy refuses and blames him for ruining her career, driving him to hold the staff and customers hostage in his anger. Roz, Debbie, Dino and Poppy find themselves caught in the middle of it. On the outside, Bulldog steps up as a negotiator when the hired professional is overcome with nerves; while Giles begins to suspect the authenticity of the hostage situation when he realises several of his prized water pistols have gone missing. Unfortunately for Giles, this is because Bebe has borrowed them to help Angus ward off the teenagers that keep vandalising the town founder statue.

"The Winnebago Takes it All" 21 87

At town hall, Angus announces that he has hired a grief counsellor for the people of Bloomer to talk to in the aftermath of the hostage situation. However, he is annoyed when nobody shows up and angrily decides to quit his job as town selectman as it commands no respect. Roz is overcome with guilt when Angus packs up his bags and leaves town, so she coerces Bulldog, Giles, Dino and Bebe into joining her on a road trip so they can track him down in a Winnebago and convince him that he is a valued member of the community. The trip inevitably turns into a disaster when the Winnebago is pulled over for border control, and it is discovered that Dino is carrying a gun. Dino explains that it is for his protection after the hostage situation, but the group are forced to report to a local police station for questioning. Giles reveals he is deadly afraid of police stations after a "trauma" from his childhood involving stolen candy and worries that he will crack under pressure and spill everyone's secrets if subjected to questioning. Roz and Bulldog's spark continues to re-grow, and they accidentally make their case worse after getting caught canoodling in the Winnebago; while Bebe realises she knows the police chief from her days as an agent and tries to remember the skeleton in his closet, so he'll let them all go.

"The Reunion Dinner" 22 88

Roz and Bulldog decide to throw a dinner party for their friends to celebrate their reunion. However, this coincides with Gil and Debbie's planned anniversary celebration at Café Blossom, and the four of them eventually decide to merge it together and have one big party. Unfortunately, the night descends into chaos when Bulldog is nowhere to be found. Roz becomes determined to learn Bulldog's whereabouts, fearing he has done a runner. She insists that if this is the case, she will not forgive him this time. Damien joins forces with Dino to search the locales in Bloomer for Bulldog, and the two of them reflect on their first year in town. Damien reveals he is heading back to New York City to re-join his family business but has decided not to tell Chloe as he feels their relationship isn't going anywhere. Dino struggles to hide this discovery, especially when Chloe acts excited for a "talk" Damien promised, thinking he is about to propose. Meanwhile, Bebe poaches for clients at the party and Giles, sensing that his job at Café Blossom may be under threat, approaches her about the possibility of a radio career at WKZT. Angus is not pleased with the direction his son's life is going but decides to hold his tongue after being told that he meddles too much. This proves to be an immense challenge for Angus, especially when Bebe agrees to help Giles, and everyone is stunned when he is announced as new manager of WKZT in Damien's absence. Bulldog, it transpires, is detained at the flower store after the exit freezes shut along with several bizarre companions.

  • Damien Black's last appearance as a main character.

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