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Title Season # Series #
"P.S. I Love Oil" 1 89

While renovating parts of their house, Roz and Bulldog are stunned when they strike oil, and they impulsively pack up their things to lead a life in luxury. Leaving behind a note at the café explaining their absence, Roz and Bulldog head for the airport, but are detained when it is revealed the oil they struck is actually a quarter of an inch away from their property, meaning it belongs to the government. The horrified couple is forced to return to Bloomer, where they find themselves the target of anger from their neighbours and friends, who feel that they were abandoned without so much of a goodbye. Roz and Bulldog become determined to make it up to everybody, so they enlist the help of new town resident Poppy Delafield to utilise her connections with the government and get them a share of the oil money for the community to spend. Meanwhile, with Damien gone, Chloe finds herself forced to start kissing up all over again to replacement station manager Giles.

  • Poppy Delafield becomes a main character.
"Faster Than a Speeding Bulldog" 2 90

Bulldog's birthday is approaching, and Roz decides to throw him a surprise party. However, she is unprepared for a late-life crisis when he suddenly wakes up in a panic about his age and becomes an overgrown, aggressive teenager. Roz desperately tries to restore Bulldog's normality before the party and is dismayed to learn that he has joined a street racing circle in Milwaukee. Realising the only way to knock some sense into him is to beat him in the competition; Roz turns to Dino to take up the task when he reveals he was once a mildly famous drag racer back in Italy. Meanwhile, Poppy is given the task of finding entertainment for the party, and it's up to Bebe to convince her not to do stand-up comedy as she has the tendency to tell lengthy jokes that ultimately don't lead anywhere.

"Kings Among Mentors" 3 91

Gil is surprised when Bobby Marlin, the son of his former mentor Elias, shows up at the café looking for help in becoming a restaurant critic. Gil is flattered that he is held in such high regard, but when Debbie notices his happiness after reviewing his first restaurant in over a year, she worries she will abandon his post at Café Blossom and desperately tries to stop this from happening. Enlisting the help of professional meddler Bebe, Debbie sets out to make Gil and Bobby's restaurant experiences the worst they've ever had. However, they infuriate the managers in the process, and Debbie is overcome with guilt when Bobby decides to abandon his dream, feeling it only leads to disaster. Now Debbie is faced with making it up to Bobby without letting Gil in on the truth, but things only get worse when Bebe accidentally reveals all. Meanwhile, Giles moans at Chloe as he is having trouble commanding the respect of his employees at the station because he looks so young. Chloe is furious because she has just discovered her first grey hair, and Giles is determined to prove to Angus that he can handle an employee crisis.

"The Ex Files" 4 92

Poppy is dismayed to learn her ex from Washington, Warren, is coming to Bloomer to discuss their relationship. Unable to let him down gently, Poppy resorts to making Dino pose as her new boyfriend. Dino is initially willing to play along because he relates to Poppy but gets more than he bargained for when Warren reveals he is staying in Bloomer for a few weeks for a business conference in Milwaukee. To make their relationship more authentic, Dino is forced to move in with Poppy, and he is quickly driven mad by her constant chatter. Seeking refuge at Café Blossom, Dino learns from Gil about the root of Poppy's problem and realises the only way to make her stop is for her to achieve closure with Warren. However, this is complicated further when Chloe and Warren unexpectedly hook up. Meanwhile, Bulldog has a battle of wits with the neighbourhood children after they turn his tool shed into a playhouse.

"The Erotic Adventures of Angus" 5 93

Giles is surprised to learn that his father has a passion for painting and convinces him to paint something on the blank wall by the town hall's entrance. Angus gets to work, and the townspeople are overcome with excitement, guessing what's being painted and huddling around him at any opportunity. However, Giles and the rest of the town are horrified when they realise that Angus' passion actually lies in erotic art. While Angus is pleased with his creation, the townspeople resort to secret meetings to discuss how to get rid of it, and he stumbles in on one during an impassioned speech by art-lover Gil. Angus is upset because he wanted to do something nice for the town and Giles, overcome with guilt, enlists the help of Bebe and Chloe to coerce local philistines into accepting the painting. They soon find competition in Roz, who is furious that the first thing she sees from her bedroom window when she wakes up is the painting. Meanwhile, Debbie tries to convince Dino to be more creative with his desserts but regrets it when he takes a page out of Angus' book.

"MeatTales" 6 94

When Gil suffers mild chest pain one morning at Café Blossom, a visit to the doctor tells him he needs to cut back on red meat. This makes Gil decide he wants to become a vegetarian, and Debbie is worried about the impact it will have on business when he throws out the menu at Café Blossom in favour of an all-vegetarian selection. To her surprise, business booms for the first time in months thanks to Bloomer's underground hippie community, but the café's former regulars no longer feel welcome as meat-eaters. Dino, Bulldog and Giles, as carnivore enthusiasts, decide to set up a Meat Club to be held every week in the town square, but this provokes an angry reaction from the vegetarians. Hoping to prevent all-out war, Debbie tries to convince Gil not to enforce his choices among other people, but it turns out he is already going through withdrawal symptoms without meat and is close to throwing in the towel. Meanwhile, it is decided that the frozen meat Gil threw out should be given to the disadvantaged community, and the competitive Poppy winds up getting into a fierce competition with Angus over who can give out the most before its expiration date.

"Something Wicca This Way Comes" 7 95

Debbie is dreading a visit from her obsessively Wiccan parents when she learns they are on a cross-country trek to get Halloween outlawed across America. Worried about the impact they will have on Bloomer, Debbie takes the floor at a town meeting and asks everyone to hide their Halloween festivities until her parents leave. However, when several of the non-attendees don't get the message, Debbie is forced to rely on her friends to keep her parents distracted while the remaining decorations are taken care of. Roz and Bebe find a roadblock in Gretchen Garrison, a reclusive old woman who refuses to take her decorations down. Bebe manages to coax Roz into removing everything while she is distracting Gretchen, but Roz is overcome with guilt when she realises it's the only time of the year she isn't lonely because of all the kids that come to her house. Further complications arise when Bulldog decides to join Debbie's parents in their cause due to his bad experience with Halloween in the past; then announces he has become a Wiccan.

"In Air Sickness and in Health" 8 96

Damien returns to the station to put his final business affairs in order, and Chloe takes the opportunity to confront him about the way he ended their relationship. When he reveals that he has met someone in New York City and is going to propose to her, Chloe is so upset that she pretends she has gotten married herself. When Damien asks who, the first name she can think of is Gil. Although initially unconvinced, Damien eventually accepts it as truth and invites them to join him and his girlfriend for dinner on his private jet. Gil is willing to play along as he has never been on a private jet before; though keeping up the façade proves to be a difficult task for Chloe when Damien keeps asking questions. To make matters worse, Gil won't stop moaning about being "air-sick" after the meal. Meanwhile, Giles worries that Damien is back to seize his management position and becomes determined to get a contract drawn up, so this doesn't happen. Enlisting the help of Bebe, Giles heads to the head office in New York City to make this happen, where they struggle to resist the tantalising distractions and complimentary delights offered.

"Delafield of Dreams" 9 97

Poppy scours the whole of Bloomer for a job when her severance package from the Washington Senate starts to run out. Eventually, she gives up and seeks solace at Café Blossom, where Angus takes pity on her and decides to hire her as his new assistant. Poppy is excited and does her best to do a good job, but Angus quickly goes crazy with her running her mouth off and becomes determined to find a way of keeping her quiet. He eventually decides that lying is the best option, and he pretends that he has the flu and does not want any noise. However, his solution backfires when Poppy notes his recent visit to the doctor, and ends up accidentally convincing everyone that he is dying. Angus is quickly perplexed as to why everyone is acting so odd around him, while Poppy realises the truth after finding a pair of earplugs in his office desk and decides to worsen the situation to teach him a lesson for not talking to her like an adult. Meanwhile, Roz feels helpless after learning about Angus and becomes determined to boost his spirits; ultimately settling on baking him a cake with Dino's assistance.

"Bringing Down the Board House" 10 98

Gil discovers his brothers are on trial for insurance fraud after their meals on wheels van mysteriously exploded. Worried he will be called to the stand to give a deposition on his brothers, Gil decides to skip town in Roz's Winnebago, and he heads for the Chesterton family estate in Seattle. However, he is surprised to find that the Chesterton fortune has been frozen due to the meals on wheels incident, and his family have been forced into "poverty" – living in a $300 per night boarding house. Paying them a visit, Gil learns that the proprietors of the boarding house are none other than Noel Shempsky and his wife, Bonnie Weems. They allow Gil a room in the house at no cost, but this stirs up an angry response from the other boarders. Worried about losing business, Noel and Bonnie try to convince Gil to attend his brothers' trial back in Wisconsin, but their efforts are complicated when a letter arrives at the boarding house informing Gil that there is a fourth Chesterton brother. Back in Bloomer, Giles turns to resident busybody Chloe for exclusive gossip on Phil and Bill's trial.

"The Face of Kane" 11 99

When Kane Groceries goes an entire day without a customer, Angus is informed by Chloe that the store is considered “un-cool”, so he decides to ask her for help in reinventing its image. Chloe quickly goes overboard with outlandish decoration ideas and drastic stock changes and Angus worries about the impact it will have in the store and more importantly, his reputation. Determined to put an end to the madness, he turns to Debbie for a more sensible input. Chloe is hurt that she has been replaced and wages war against Debbie and things turn for the worse when Angus decides that one of them should become the new "face" of Kane Groceries. Meanwhile, Roz and Bulldog get seats on Phil and Bill's trial when two of the jury members are unexpectedly hospitalised. During a visit with the troublesome brothers, it becomes apparent that they are getting rid of the jury members with expired food from their meals on wheels business so they can acquire a better selection of jurors. Roz struggles to keep this revelation under wraps, while Bulldog will do anything to get everyone sequestered at a local hotel when he discovers they have an 80" plasma TV and a superior sports package.

"Alice Doesn't Like Men Anymore" 12 100

Roz is surprised when her 42-year old daughter Alice shows up along with her younger friend. Roz winds up giving Alice the cold shoulder most of the evening for not keeping in contact over the years, but Bulldog prompts her to make things right before she leaves. However, before she can say anything, Roz accidentally stumbles in on Alice and her friend in a seemingly compromising position. Taken aback, she offers them the spare bedroom for the night, to which they agree. Roz then informs Bulldog that she thinks her daughter might be a lesbian. Bulldog thinks Roz is paranoid so the next day they turn to professional charmer Dino to introduce himself to Alice, hoping to stir a reaction. Despite his best efforts, Alice doesn't respond, Dino is left questioning his flirting abilities, and Roz has no clue about her daughter. Meanwhile, Giles turns to Poppy to distract the health inspector when he shows up for an unannounced visit, but she soon finds that even she can't find something to talk about with the unusually tight-lipped man.

"The Heart of the Matter" 13 101

Gil returns to Wisconsin, determined to get information from Phil and Bill about the fourth Chesterton brother. Gil quickly comes to the realisation that there is a massive cover-up afoot among the Chestertons, and he is furious for being excluded from the family like he has been all his life. Enlisting the help of Bebe, Gil becomes determined to learn assertiveness so he can confront his parents and ultimately get the truth. However, Gil proves to be an incredibly difficult student, as Bebe soon comes to learn. Surprised as he always manages to get his point firmly across while on the air, Bebe suggests he lets his feelings out on WKZT, to which he agrees. Things go disastrously wrong when Gil winds up going on an enraged tirade against everything that annoys him, which results in a "minor cardiac event" while on the air. Meanwhile, Phil and Bill's trial comes to a conclusion, and they are declared guilty. The judge places them under house arrest, but since the meals on wheels van was their home, they have nowhere to go. Now Roz and Bulldog are faced with the arduous task of finding someone in Bloomer to put up with the troublemaking brothers, or they face prison.

"Gil" 14 102

The gang gather at the hospital when they receive word of Gil's minor cardiac arrest. The doctor informs them that he will have to go into surgery to have some minor damage repaired. As they anxiously await news, Roz, Bulldog and Poppy think back to how Gil has affected their lives. Roz recalls the first time she met Gil, shortly before Frasier joined KACL when he kicked up a fuss on a nearby table during her lunch meeting with the boss to discuss a potential radio career. Although her job situation didn't change that day, Roz's life would never be the same again. Bulldog remembers the first time he considered Gil a real friend when he was going through a rough patch with Roz; and Poppy looks back at her original period with KACL when Gil was the only one who didn't run away from her, despite his obvious displeasure. A few hours later, the doctor returns and reveals the surgery was a success and Gil will make a full recovery. Meanwhile, Dino poses as a birthing coach after hitting it off with an attractive pregnant woman, and Bebe tries to help Debbie through her fear of hospitals. Back in Bloomer, Angus and Chloe struggle to keep Gil's brothers under control as they fill in at Café Blossom.

"Wicked Witch of Wisconsin" 15 103

When Debbie discovers her parents are getting a divorce, she becomes miserable, so Roz, Poppy and Chloe decide to take her on a girl's night out to boost her spirits. After several drinks, Debbie dramatically denounces her Wiccan faith. The next morning, Bloomer has a blackout after an electricity problem, Giles discovers he has a wart, and Debbie notices several frogs passing by. A horrified Angus announces at a town meeting that the "ten plagues" are upon them. Debbie worries she is to blame after denouncing her faith, and after Phil accidentally serves her a Bloody Mary instead of water, she has a nervous breakdown and desperately tries to reaffirm her faith before anything worse happens. Meanwhile, Bebe, Dino and Bulldog conspire to help Gil keep up his new stress-free lifestyle, though he quickly grows frustrated with their constant intervention.

"The Fourth Chesterton" (Part 1) 16 104

Gil fears the worst when he discovers the doctor who performed his heart surgery has the highest mortality rate in Wisconsin. Determined to get answers, Gil enlists the help of Dino to "infiltrate" a dinner party Dr. Hall is hosting at his penthouse by applying for the catering job. Dino gets in, and Gil goes undercover as one of his chefs. While taking food orders, Gil is shocked when he hears one of the guests referred to as "Mr. Chesterton", and he comes to the conclusion that someone among Dr. Hall's party of 12 is the elusive Chesterton brother. Unfortunately, Dr. Hall proves to be a very intolerant host and refuses to let his staff speak, forcing Gil to come up with another way to weed out the right guest. Dino, on the other hand, struggles to fill the guests' orders as he hasn't heard of most of them before, forcing him to seek advice from the other servants. The janitor gets suspicious of Dino's questions and seemingly makes a run for it, only to get stopped at the gate by Roz, Bulldog and Poppy. The janitor reveals himself to be William "Will" Chesterton, and that the guest inside is merely a decoy. Consequently, Gil makes a huge fool of himself inside, and things can only get worse when the guest he accused dies unexpectedly. Back in Bloomer, Debbie and Giles try to convince the owner of Shady Glades to give Phil and Bill a place to stay when the stench from the apartment above Café Blossom proves too foul to bear.

"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Will" (Part 2) 17 105

Roz, Bulldog, Poppy, Dino and Gil are released from police custody after giving statements on the death of one of Dr. Hall's guests, and Gil becomes determined to solve the mystery of his newfound brother, William "Will" Chesterton. He seeks answers from Dr. Hall, who reveals that Will blackmailed him into attending his dinner party and can be found in a nuclear bunker on the outskirts of Bloomer. Enlisting the help of Bulldog and Giles, Gil travels to the bunker, only to conclude that it functions as an intelligence base. Will emerges from the shadows and explains that years of solidarity have led him to develop a thirst for world domination, and an international conspiracy to resurrect the KGB lead him to the dinner party. Will also admits that he framed Phil and Bill for insurance fraud after they caught wind of his plans during a meals on wheels delivery; though he insists that the decoy's death was merely coincidental. Gil is horrified by the truth about his brother, and the increased stress causes some minor chest pain. Meanwhile, Giles and Bulldog slip out in secret to phone the police, only to encounter a large broom closet with several props inside. They come to the conclusion that Will is nothing more than a lonely brother with severe abandonment issues role-playing for attention and head back to the bunker to inform Gil. Unfortunately, things have gotten out of the hand, and the brothers have resorted to slapping. Bulldog reveals the truth to a stunned Gil, and Will, overcome with shame, agrees to turn himself in. Later at Café Blossom, Gil says goodbye to Phil and Bill after the charges against them are dropped, and he tells Bulldog that he will continue to visit Will in prison, despite the misguided acts in his past.

"The Deep End" 18 106

Bebe is surprised when her best friend from high-school, Pearl Rosenberg, shows up at Café Blossom and reveals there is a job opening at Whirlpool, one of the most prestigious talent agencies in New York City. Initially hesitant to leave her life in Bloomer behind, Bebe agrees to visit the agency before making any decisions, and quickly finds the staff there are just as quirky as her friends back home. Once there, Bebe immediately clashes with the uptight boss, Miranda Grace, who is only letting Bebe in as a favour to Pearl as she expects new employees to have a high client rate. When her skills as an agent are questioned, Bebe sets out to prove her ability by gaining the agency one of the most reclusive talents in town, Don Bellows, a rising actor who has a massive superiority complex despite the fact that he's only starred in a couple of light bulb commercials. Back in Bloomer, Chloe takes on Bebe's clients in her absence and is forced to pose as the cutthroat agent to appease a demanding actress.

"I Now Pronounce You Deported" 19 107

The residents of Bloomer are getting ready for the annual Wisconsin Town of the Year contest. However, various personal conflicts get in the way, much to Angus' chagrin. Bulldog desperately searches for a gift for Roz after forgetting about their one-year reunion anniversary. Giles and Debbie believe a traitor is in their midst when several flower patches are vandalised, and join up to find the culprit. Bebe returns from her visit to Whirlpool. Impressed by Chloe's efforts to find something to blackmail the judge with, Bebe decides to give her some pointers, and reveals she has taken the job offer and will be returning to New York City later in the day. Dino is approached by Angus to lay out a buffet for the judge, but he has just received a letter informing him that he has been threatened with deportation to Italy due to an error with his green card. Angus is horrified because Dino is the best chef available at short notice and becomes determined to find a way of allowing him to stay. Thus, wedding preparations for Dino and volunteering participant Poppy get underway. Meanwhile, Gil enlists Roz to help him confront the brutish guitar player preventing access to his favourite restaurant.

"A Town Like Malice" 20 108

Dino is having trouble hiding his fear as he prepares to walk down the aisle with Poppy to secure his residence in the States. It doesn't help that Poppy won't stop yammering about how she pictured her dream wedding. In the meantime, Giles and Debbie are forced to take on the food preparation for the Town of the Year contest themselves as Dino is forbidden to work until his green card is cleared. Their lack of experience results in disaster on the big day when several guests come down with food poisoning. To make matters worse, the contest judge shows up for the standard unannounced inspection and tries one of the shrimp. As Angus fumes over their sure loss, Giles and Debbie desperately try to salvage the situation by going door to door in search of homemade food. Meanwhile, further complications unfold when Roz receives flowers from Gil thanking her for her help with the guitarist. However, the label has fallen off, and Roz becomes worried over the ambiguity of the gesture due to his health problems earlier in the year. Bulldog is still searching high and low for an anniversary present. Finally, the fake wedding gets underway as the episode draws to a close. Poppy descends down the aisle, but a now very sweaty Dino can't bear any more, and he spectacularly jilts her by hopping a nearby fence.

"Flowers by Gil" 21 109

With the wedding a bust, it's up to Giles and Debbie to calm down a hysterical Poppy, who seems to need reminding that it wasn't genuine. Angus turns to Chloe for help in buttering up the Town of the Year judge after her food poisoning. When the judge agrees to give them a fair chance, Chloe comes to the conclusion that she has excellent people skills and starts to re-evaluate her future. Meanwhile, Bulldog has finally found an anniversary present for Roz, which he plans to give her during a romantic dinner. However, he soon notices that her mind is pre-occupied, and after spotting the flowers on the table, he comes to the conclusion that she is involved with someone else. Determined to find out the truth, he turns to Dino to help him follow her the next morning and see what she is up to. Their trail leads them to Shady Glades. Dino meets a friendly old man who reveals he migrated from Europe himself, who offers to give him his green card as he doesn't need it anymore. Bulldog, on the other hand, catches Roz speaking to a young, handsome male nurse. Bulldog is outraged and marches over to confront them, only to find Roz in tears: Gil passed away in the middle of the night.

"Soul Food" 22 110

The gang is faced with several home truths as they prepare themselves for Gil's funeral. Bebe flies in from New York to pay her respects; while offers of condolence are received in the mail from Kevin, Angela, Noel and Kenny. Roz is desperately searching for the right caterer but struggles to find someone Gil hasn't insulted within a fifty-mile radius. At the same time, she is not speaking to Bulldog due to his accusation of cheating, and he becomes determined to make amends. Meanwhile, Bebe gets her well-connected boss in New York to convince Gil's favourite world-renown chef to cater the funeral. Roz reacts badly to this as she felt the one thing she felt she could do for Gil has been taken away from her. On the morning of the funeral, Dino and Poppy are surprised to find they have slept together after a night of drinking. An emotionally fraught Debbie makes up various excuses not to attend, but Giles and Chloe convince her that the café sometimes has to be closed. At the service, everyone says their goodbyes to Gil. Bulldog makes amends with Roz by finally finding her the perfect gift; the last review Gil ever wrote. Later, the residents gather at WKZT. Angus reveals Bloomer has won the Town of the Year contest that Gil was so excited about before Roz goes on air to read his final piece.

  • Gil Chesterton, Bebe Glazer and Chloe Nolan's last appearance as main characters.

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