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Title Season # Series #
"Mourning Becomes Bloomer" 1 111

As life returns to normal in Bloomer, Angus worries about the effect Gil's passing had on the town and hires a grief counsellor, Dr. Bauer, to set up base at town hall and help residents through their issues. However, despite several conflicts presenting themselves all around, Dr. Bauer finds herself without visitors. Poppy is shocked to discover she is pregnant after her one night stand with Dino, and she vainly tries to find out his opinion of kids without arousing his suspicion. Giles interviews for a new assistant after Chloe left for New York City and is surprised when the newly released William "Will" Chesterton shows up on a second chance program for ex-cons. Will is determined to follow in the footsteps of his late brother and become a successful food critic; Giles agrees to give him a trial run at the station so he can work towards his dream. Debbie is having trouble running Café Blossom alone. As all this is going on, Roz and Bulldog are on a disastrous romantic weekend away in Milwaukee, trying to forget about recent events.

"Village of the Damaged Ears" 2 112

The residents of Bloomer feel angry and sleep-deprived when a mysterious man keeps playing the bagpipes loudly in the town square every morning. When Angus informs the citizens that nothing can be done without a neighbourhood association making the rules, Roz takes it upon herself to form one and nominates herself as president. However, she is stunned when another resident decides to run against her, revealing she enjoys having the bagpipes as her wake-up call. Things turn for the worse when Bulldog decides to side with the resident, convinced that the bagpipes were responsible for the temporary return of hearing in his left ear. Meanwhile, Dino considers buying Café Blossom after Debbie appeals to him for financial help, but Poppy is unhappy with this development as she feels they need to start saving money for their child's college fund.

"Where There's Will There's No Way" 3 113

When Giles reveals he has hired an ex-convict as his new assistant, the residents of Bloomer grow frightful of a dangerous criminal in their midst and become determined to find out who it is. The issue presents itself at a neighbourhood watch meeting, where Roz feels conflicted when Giles tells her in confidence that Will is the ex-con as she fears the town will go against Gil's wishes and push him away. Meanwhile, Poppy is forced to attend her first Lamaze class alone when Dino gets caught up at Café Blossom. She is shocked to run into her ex-boyfriend Ed Piper there with his new wife, Mei-Ling. Embarrassed to admit that her pregnancy and living situation with Dino is the result of a one-night stand, Poppy pretends she has gotten married to Bulldog, much to Ed's surprise. Things get complicated when Poppy accidentally invites Ed and Mei-Ling to her house for dinner, and when Dino suddenly gets some free time, Poppy realises it won't be as easy as she thought to keep up the façade.

"Keeping Up with the Chestertons" 4 114

Just as Will is getting settled down in Bloomer, he is shocked to find his brothers, Phil and Bill, have resurfaced in town after striking it rich with their re-launched meals on wheels company. Phil and Bill are determined to take Will back home to Seattle so he can integrate himself with the Chestertons. However, Will refuses to be a part of the family that abandoned him, and he enlists the help of Bulldog and Dino to help him say the one word he struggles with: "no". Unfortunately, Bulldog and Dino's eagerness to sample the high life puts a crimp in Will's intentions and the three of them wind up getting onboard a private jet headed for the Chesterton family compound in Seattle. Giles, upon hearing this news, becomes determined to stop Will being coerced and tries to beat them there. Meanwhile, Debbie fears reprimands from Poppy after accidentally giving her caffeinated coffee all afternoon.

"Sofa So Good" 5 115

When Roz has a major meltdown at Kane Groceries over a mislabelled product, Angus agrees not to press charges for "emotional distress" if she has some couch time with Dr. Bauer. Despite her initial reluctance, Roz soon finds that Dr. Bauer makes the perfect sounding board for her recent difficulties. However, Roz's newfound dependence on therapy is threatened when she winds up getting a bill of more than $1,000 for their sessions. When Angus refuses to pay a cent, Roz is faced with delving into the retirement fund. Meanwhile, Bulldog is horrified when he learns of Roz's therapy and fears it will wreck their marriage, so marches down to the practice with Dino tagging along for support. The two of them end up getting sidetracked when an eager young psychiatrist insists on treating them for their supposed issues, and escaping proves impossible due to the incredible comfort of his sofa.

"The Kane Mutiny" 6 116

Giles is horrified when his judgemental mother Edna shows up in Bloomer with her new boyfriend – Angus' brother, Richard, and is determined not to fall victim to her usual emasculating ways. Angus, on the other hand, reacts badly to the news that his brother and ex-wife are together, especially when Richard reveals their first sexual encounter was twenty-one years ago – shortly before Giles was born. Faced with the revelation that Richard might be Giles' father, Angus decides to leave town for a while to clear his head. This leaves Richard at the helm of the town selectman position. Roz, Debbie and Poppy become frightful of the chaos he may cause and set out to find out the real identity of Giles' father, but the three of them are in for a surprise when it turns out to be neither of the brothers. Now one of them is faced with the arduous task of breaking the bad news to Angus when he returns to Bloomer with the intention of confronting Richard.

"Shrink of Insanity" 7 117

With Angus gone, Roz finds herself forced to run town meetings and she quickly comes to the realisation that no one else has the refined ability to keep the residents under control like he did. Deciding that an outsider would get the job done better, Roz starts interviewing for a new town selectman and eventually hires Lucas Drake, a young college graduate with political ambitions. It's not long before Lucas realises he has a huge job on his hands and Roz desperately tries to help him see the good side of Bloomer when he immediately seems prepared to run for his sanity. Bulldog and Dino take it upon themselves to give Lucas the traditional "hazing" but worry about the consequences afterwards when they realise that the Drakes have numerous collections to politicians.

"The Gil Project" 8 118

Lucas announces in a town meeting that Gil's will has finally cleared and he has left Bloomer the majority of his money. An argument breaks out over how the money should be spent, but Bulldog manages to persuade them into using it to renovate the dilapidated restaurant Gil once loved. However, Bulldog doesn't appreciate the chaos of leading a construction team when he takes on the project himself, and he quickly finds his dictator side getting the best of him. Roz is surprised by Bulldog's behaviour and later comes to the conclusion that he still hasn't grieved for Gil properly and the project is his way of doing so. When Lucas reveals the town zoning commission has plans to knock the building down to make way for a strip mall, Roz fears Bulldog will never move on. Meanwhile, Dino and Debbie worry the revival of the most popular restaurant in Bloomer history will affect custom at Café Blossom.

"Nobody Needs Good Neighbors" 9 119

Roz is shocked when she discovers Kenny and Denise are considering moving to Bloomer for their retirement. Denise reveals she has received successful Alzheimer's treatment and it has gone into remission. Bulldog enjoys reflecting on old times with Kenny, while Roz is happy to see how well her sister is doing. However, Roz finds herself regressing to their childhood when Denise gains the affections of everyone in town, making her feel like second best once again. When the town gossip overhears this, Roz's issues are misinterpreted, and everyone is left thinking that she wishes Denise had never recovered. Bulldog, on the other hand, becomes jealous when Kenny unknowingly boasts about how fulfilled he feels, making him feel like he has never actually accomplished anything. Roz and Bulldog's bitter complaints result in a town meeting where they struggle to come across as anything but terrible people. Meanwhile, Poppy finds herself overcome with cravings for the first time in her pregnancy.

"Wall of Fame" 10 120

Lucas announces a "wall of fame" to be erected on the side of the town hall, to mark all the famous people who have lived in Bloomer over the years. Roz is surprised to learn that Veronica Washington, a movie star she admired in her childhood, moved to Bloomer several years ago and no one knows what happened to her. Enlisting the help of fellow fan Poppy, they decide to find the house she lived in and are surprised to learn that it's still occupied by Veronica. The elderly woman reveals she went into hiding after her final film was a box office flop and hasn't left her house since. Roz and Poppy become determined to help Veronica step outside for the first time in years by getting her film shown at Bloomer's old movie theatre, but their efforts are hindered by the less than favourable critical reviews amongst locals. Meanwhile, Bulldog helps Will in his efforts to get Gil put on the wall of fame.

"The Son Also Rises" 11 121

Roz and Bulldog are shocked when Stuart shows up at Café Blossom and has a dramatic breakdown, revealing his wife Celia left him for a woman. Roz and Bulldog struggle to help Stuart through his issues, so they suggest that he pays a visit to Dr. Bauer, an expert couples therapist. However Dr. Bauer is not used to dealing with scorned lovers, and Stuart is lead to believe that it is a set-up, creating various embarrassing situations. At the same time, Roz is upset that she failed to help her son through a difficult period in his life and shanghais Bulldog into attending a parenting class with her. They soon find themselves being treated like second-class citizens and a fed up Bulldog becomes determined to prove to the judgemental teachers that clueless parents aren't necessarily bad. Unfortunately, his efforts are marred when Dr. Bauer winds up filing a complaint against Stuart for sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Dino struggles to endure Poppy's arduous interviewing process as they search for a birthing coach.

"Kill More, Girls" 12 122

After learning Angus impulsively got married in Vegas, Giles is resentful that he wasn't informed and decides to hire a private detective to track down his real father. Unfortunately, the detective, the somewhat naive country boy Denny Reynolds, soon proves to be more trouble than he's worth. Meanwhile, Bulldog is surprised to learn that Poppy is a member of a women's only hunting club. Jealous that there isn't one for men, he decides to form one of his own, but chaos strikes when the two groups converge in the local forest, and a panicked Debbie accidentally shoots Will in the buttocks. As Will recovers, Debbie desperately tries to make amends, while Giles sulks at Café Blossom. Bulldog suggests that he shoots something to make himself feel better, so he trains up with the remaining hunters. Before they head out for their first hunt, Giles is shocked when Denny reveals he has received an anonymous tip-off informing him that his father is a member of the club. With Bulldog's help, Giles tries to weed out the likely suspect, but the two of them are in for a surprise when they realise it wasn't the male hunting club Denny was talking about. In the meantime, Roz and Poppy are shocked by the amount of hunting going on in Bloomer and decide to protest at town hall.

"Nun's Story" (Part 1) 13 123

Poppy is horrified to learn that her deeply religious mother Patricia is coming to Bloomer to meet the father of her grandchild. Unwilling to listen to her criticisms, Poppy seeks solitude at a local nunnery. Roz and Debbie help her settle in, and the four of them wind up getting shanghaied into becoming substitute nuns after an outbreak of flu at the nunnery. As the girls struggle to adjust to their vow of poverty and several restrictions they've never heard of before, Roz becomes convinced that the flu wasn't entirely natural when she discovers June Archer working in the kitchen. Roz becomes determined to catch June in the act but is surprised to find that she is a changed woman, claiming her transformation is due to an epiphany she had shortly after leaving MCTV; thus making her the perfect nun. Debbie desperately tries to claw her possessions back from local charity stores in the middle of the night. Poppy wakes up when they start coddling their belongings and is about to report it to the head nun when she suddenly experiences pain in her stomach. Debbie excitedly declares that the baby is on the way, but when Poppy collapses, they realise something is not right. Meanwhile, Roz and June's feud escalates into a cat-fight; and the guys bet each other on who can stay awake the longest.

"That Girl is Poison" (Part 2) 14 124

Poppy is admitted to the hospital where she discovers she has lost her baby. The gang gather in the waiting room but have trouble contacting Dino. Roz forces June to drive her to the hospital. Roz is still determined to prove to everyone that June poisoned the nunnery and convinces a doctor to get her fingerprints tested. June eventually comes clean after trying to intercept the lab results and reveals the poison was intended for the janitor after he made a pass at her. Roz agrees not to say anything and June thanks her before departing for the nunnery, but her choice to keep quiet about it is hindered by an eager young medical student who is determined to present it as a case study. In another part of the hospital, Giles tries to keep Patricia at bay when she is determined to intervene. Meanwhile, Bulldog searches for Dino and eventually finds him at Café Blossom, where he reveals he has been offered a cooking channel position in Hollywood. Debbie supports an emotionally fraught Poppy, but when she disappears the gang fears the worst.

"Seeds of Love" (Part 3) 15 125

Emotionally fraught Poppy is visiting Ed and his wife, Mei-Ling. When she learns they are having trouble conceiving a child of their own, Poppy realises she still wants a baby and reverts back to her old extremist ways upon hearing of a vault in Milwaukee where Ed keeps his sperm frozen. Meanwhile, Dino is overcome with guilt for not being there to support Poppy when she lost their baby, and he seeks advice from the guys. When that proves pointless, he purchases an engagement ring and reveals he plans to propose to Poppy. Roz worries that he is doing this for all the wrong reasons and tries to convince him to think it over for a while. However, the two of them are side-tracked when they receive a phone call from a police station in Milwaukee, revealing Poppy has been arrested for breaking and entering. Roz and Dino head to the station where they struggle to convince the officers of Poppy's reasoning. Ed shows up to reclaim his sperm and manages to calm Poppy down by promising her that she will have a baby of her own one day. Dino apologises to her for not being around and decides to keep quiet about his job offer from Hollywood and his proposal for the time being. Back in Bloomer, the residents fiercely debate on how they should offer Poppy their support at a town meeting.

"Legolympics" 16 126

Lucas announces in a town meeting that a big event is coming to Bloomer in the weeks to come. The residents are overcome with excitement and guesses are made all round. Roz becomes convinced that the Olympics are coming to Bloomer and winds up making everyone else think the same. However, she is overcome with guilt when it turns out to be nothing more than a competitive Lego-building contest, which Lucas once won a gold medal for in his childhood. Roz becomes determined to make it up to the town by setting up their own version of the Olympics, but a shortage of construction materials forces them to improvise with Lego. It soon becomes apparent that an expert is needed to get the job done and Roz must convince Lucas to come out of Lego-building retirement. Meanwhile, Giles tries to help Bulldog get over an apparent fear of Lego that stems from his childhood, and Poppy discovers the ring Dino had planned on giving her.

"Our Father Who Aren't in Pants" 17 127

The residents of Bloomer are outraged when a motorcycle gang arrive in town and start joyriding at all hours. Fearing he will be overthrown as town selectman, Lucas turns to Giles to help him confront the leader of the gang. To his astonishment, the leader turns out to be Angus, now sporting a leather jacket and speaking in cringingly "hip" lingo. Giles is shocked by the transformation of his ex-father and comes to the conclusion that it is down to the woman he married in Vegas, the loud and bubbly Hilda Bridge. Giles is annoyed when Angus won't see eye to eye with Lucas on the joyriding issue, so he decides to make him jealous by finally getting to know his real father; the transsexual hunter Alexis Winifred. Unfortunately, Giles is unable to see that Alexis isn't interested in developing a father/son bond, so Roz decides that the best way to resolve the situation is to reconcile Giles and Angus' differences. Meanwhile, Bulldog becomes determined to join the motorcycle gang; and Debbie quickly finds Hilda's larger than life personality grating on her when she gives her the tour of Bloomer.

"Hear, Hear" 18 128

Bulldog finally decides to schedule surgery for cochlear implants after a near run-in with Angus on his motorcycle. Roz is pleased with Bulldog for going through with it after so long and agrees to support him on the big day. After the surgery is complete, Bulldog is delighted when it is a complete success but begins to experience some strange side effects the next day when the implants pick up radio transmissions. Things turn for the worse when Dino overhears this and comes to the conclusion that Bulldog is spying on Bloomer for the CIA. With the help of Giles, Dino becomes determined to prove this while Roz struggles not to set them straight as she promised Bulldog not to tell anyone about the implants. Meanwhile, the residents fiercely debate whether vehicles should be banned in the town square and Lucas, unable to deal with the pressure of pleasing everybody, unexpectedly resigns his position of town selectman.

"The World's Worst Detectives" 19 129

Denny Reynolds returns to Bloomer and announces at Café Blossom that he has opened his own detective agency – in a vacant Shady Glades room. Denny becomes determined to prove that he is a worthy detective after being mocked by Bulldog at the café. Meanwhile, Poppy takes on the search for a new town selectman and come to the conclusion that Bloomer needs a female input. Despite their determination, the two of them quickly find that their only candidates are ditzy high-school dropouts or bitter old women. They eventually have no choice but to hire the suspiciously eager Hilda, but they regret it when she chooses to ignore her work and use the town hall office as a hangout for her biker friends.

"Something to Walk About" 20 130

Giles is shocked when his estranged father Alexis Winifred shows up at the station and reveals she has been kicked out of the hunting club for a rifle incident. Giles, still hoping to develop a relationship with her, invites her to move into his house, invoking a jealous reaction from Angus. Determined to prove that he is over Giles, Angus impulsively decides to adopt a 15-year old boy from China; Seth. Angus quickly regrets it when the boy turns out to be abrasive and rebellious, and Hilda is angry with him for not consulting her beforehand, prompting her to leave town with the whole biker gang. It is decided that the feud between Angus and Giles must be settled once and for all. However, unexpected obstacles occur when Giles reveals he and Alexis are leaving for a walkabout in Australia, much to Angus' dismay. Meanwhile, Dino tells Bulldog that he is planning on proposing to Poppy but immediately regrets it when he remembers how much of a gossip he can be; and Roz helps Denny settle the score with his modern day James Moriarty equivalent.

  • Giles Kane's last appearance as a main character.
"Bloomer Bicentennial Bash" (Part 1) 21 131

The town prepares for its bicentennial anniversary celebration, with Angus and Lucas collaborating to organise the event. The two of them quickly find they miss their old roles as town selectmen and come to blows over it, resulting in the celebration being split in half. Roz realises that Angus needs the position more than Lucas does as he is still upset over Giles' departure for Australia. She tries to persuade Lucas to step aside, but he refuses and tells her to stop meddling in other people's affairs after a heated argument. Roz, shocked by this accusation, becomes determined to prove that it's not true, so she seeks advice from her friends, who all refuse to answer. Realising something must be done, Roz has some more couch time with Dr. Bauer, who prescribes her with some mood stabilisers. Roz ends up going on a very strange trip. In the meantime, Dino is preparing to propose to Poppy and plans on doing it during the celebration. Poppy learns about it through town gossip and becomes determined to put a stop to it without hurting Dino's feelings. Coincidentally Dino is beginning to have second thoughts and wonders if they are truly in a loving relationship. Seeking refuge at closing time at Café Blossom, Debbie comforts Dino over drinks. One thing leads to another, and the pair act on a minor flirtation they've been dancing around for months; meanwhile Angus and Lucas' argument escalates.

"Karaoke, a Catalyst" (Part 2) 22 132

The next morning as two separate bicentennial celebrations get underway, Dino is fraught with guilt for sleeping with Debbie, who tries to pretend nothing happened. Bulldog works on bringing Angus and Lucas back together when the town is presented with a conflict over which event to attend. When their efforts prove fruitless, they are ready to give up when Denny suddenly takes to the stage and starts singing karaoke. The spirits at the party are lifted, and the celebration begins. Lucas decides to resign the town selectman position to Angus permanently; while Dino has one too many drinks and accidentally says Debbie's name instead of Poppy's while making his proposal on stage. As all this is going on Roz continues to be under the influence of mood stabilisers, and Bulldog comes to the conclusion that they need a busybody after all. Bulldog tries to convince Roz that her friends need her but before she can do anything she unexpectedly passes out. A visit to the emergency room reveals she suffered a slight overdose but will be okay. However, the doctor tells her that there is something else she needs to hear. Back in Bloomer, Angus desperately tries to salvage what has become a very sombre celebration; and Debbie battles rumours that she is a home-wrecker.

  • Debbie Simmons's last appearance as a main character.

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