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Season 7 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

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"The Impertinence of Being Honest" 1 133

Roz returns to her old duties at WKZT after buying the station back for a bargain price at an auction. Bulldog worries she is exerting herself too much after her recent diagnosis of possible Hodgkin's lymphoma. In the meantime, Denny's detective agency is going out of business, so he scours Bloomer for a job. Bulldog is surprised to learn that he has a passion for writing detective novels and encourages him to apply for a job at the station in the radio drama department. However, Denny has just been offered co-ownership of Café Blossom by Dino, presenting him with a conflict. Roz and Dino end up fighting over possession of Denny, and their bargaining war threatens to tear their friendship apart. Roz is furious with Bulldog when he discloses her diagnosis to Dino to try and put things in her favour, as she didn't want to tell anybody until she knew for certain. Meanwhile, Angus becomes determined to patch things up with his ex-wife Hilda when she returns to town after getting dumped, but his adopted son Seth complicates matters.

  • Hilda Bridge and Denny Reynolds become main characters.
"Give a Dog a Damn" 2 134

As news of Roz's Hodgkin's lymphoma spreads around Bloomer, the townspeople fiercely debate the best way of showing their support as she prepares to get a biopsy. Bulldog tries to convince everyone that Roz doesn't want a big deal made out of it but inadvertently makes himself look like a bad husband who doesn't give a damn about his wife's potentially life-threatening illness. To complicate matters further, Hilda tells Roz who ends up thinking the same thing. Meanwhile, Angus tries to dissuade Dino from modernising Café Blossom; and Denny scours the town for someone to take over the lease of his detective office.

"China Syndrome" 3 135

Poppy makes an unexpected return to Bloomer after a three-month stay in China and is accompanied by her new-age therapist, Virginia. In the meantime, Angus is close to making a breakthrough with his newly adopted son Seth when they hear of Poppy's return. Poppy reveals that she was in a dark place after her engagement with Dino fell through, and after getting caught breaking into a Chinese sperm bank, she met Virginia, who helped her through some of her difficulties. However Poppy fears she will be forced to stop depending on Virginia when it transpires that she is the estranged mother of Seth and one of the reasons she agreed to come to America was to develop a relationship with her son. Determined not to let this happen, Poppy tries to stop Seth from learning about Virginia's real identity and shanghais a guilt-ridden Dino into helping out. Meanwhile, Bulldog feels like he has stepped back in time after encountering the playground-like conditions of the station's break room when he helps Denny with a bully problem.

"Schlock Therapy" (Part 1) 4 136

Bulldog is annoyed with Virginia when she convinces Roz to abandon her chemotherapy and seek new-age treatment instead. Bulldog becomes determined to convince Roz to re-consider, and the two of them wind up having an argument when Roz points out how long it took him to get his ears fixed. Virginia begins to have second thoughts when she realises just how vital it is that Roz receives the proper treatment. Poppy and Seth try to convince her to tell Roz the truth, but it soon transpires that she is being blackmailed by her employer in China after he illegally helped her learn the whereabouts of her son. Bulldog laments over his failures at a bar with Denny, where concern for Roz's health and a few too many drinks results in a momentary lapse of judgment with a pretty female patron. The next day, Roz decides to resume her chemotherapy after seeing sense while Bulldog wakes up in the patron's bed and is fraught with guilt over the possibility that he slept with her. Meanwhile, Angus and Hilda try to help Dino re-enter the dating scene.

"Are You There God? It's Me, Bulldog" (Part 2) 5 137

Bulldog is wracked with guilt over the possibility that he slept with bar patron Gloria. Denny has trouble hiding that he saw Bulldog leave with another woman, so he seeks refuge at the local church. When Bulldog comes in searching for answers from God, Denny hides out in the confessional but Bulldog ends up heading there himself, forcing Denny to act as a priest while he confesses his guilt. Things are complicated further when it transpires that Roz has been attending the church ever since her diagnosis and has stricken up a friendship with Gloria, who happens to be the newly hired minister. Worried the truth will come out eventually, Bulldog does his best to keep Roz and Gloria from seeing each other again, but after getting caught out, he decides to admit his mistake to Roz. Gloria is noticeably embarrassed and explains that, while Bulldog did go home with her, nothing happened as he saw the light before passing out. Bulldog is relieved, but Roz can't decide whether to forgive him or not, resulting in another trip to the confessional and further complications. Meanwhile, Angus and Hilda fight over who to set Dino up with, unaware that he hit it off with another woman at Café Blossom.

"Bless This Mess" 6 138

Poppy tries to help the recently unemployed Virginia get work at Camelot, the local new age healing store, but they find resistance in its owner, who thinks that new age healing is all "nonsense" and only works there because he inherited the place from his mother. When Poppy asks why he doesn't just sell it, he says it wouldn't feel right and will only do it if a priest blesses the place. This prompts Poppy and Virginia to seek assistance from Gloria; however, she has just been fired from the congregation for her attempted "seedy antics" with Bulldog. Nevertheless, Gloria agrees to help, hoping to get on the right side of the townspeople again after Roz criticised her in front of everybody. Unfortunately keeping up the illusion that she is still a woman of the church proves to be a difficult feat when the obsessive replacement minister arrives. Meanwhile, Bulldog continues his efforts to make amends with Roz by reserving Café Blossom for a romantic dinner, but his efforts are hindered by Angus and Hilda, who are determined to celebrate their one-month anniversary there.

"The Sinking Detective" 7 139

Denny is overcome with jealousy when a world-renown detective visiting Bloomer from France, Julien Gustav, investigates a sudden outbreak of shoplifting at Kane Groceries. Determined to prove that he can "out-detect" Julien, Denny enlists Bulldog and Dino as his sidekicks as they try to solve the case. However, they quickly find Julien is always one step ahead, and Denny winds up accusing him of orchestrating the crime wave so he can re-live his glory days. Julien is outraged with the accusation and dramatically resigns the investigation, leaving Angus furious with Denny for ruining his chance of finding the culprit. The next day Denny starts finding random grocery items in the strangest of places, and he comes to the conclusion that Julien is still up to something; unfortunately, Angus spots one of the items, and Denny finds himself becoming the accused.

"Laundry Night of the Living Dead" 8 140

The townspeople are outraged when Angus announces that the local Laundromat will be closed due to budget problems. Roz is surprised to learn that so many people still depend on a Laundromat in this day and age and decides to side with Angus by telling everyone to get their own washing machine. Poppy reveals that it isn't the laundry services they depended on, but the social gathering they enjoyed. Roz is invited to spend a laundry night with them, and after having a good time, she becomes determined to save the decades-old tradition by staging a sit-in at the Laundromat. Angus refuses to cave into their demands and pretty soon everyone in Bloomer is unable to wash their clothes, resulting in a collectively foul stench and dirty appearances. As a result, the town is overrun with zombie-like people desperate to do the laundry and Roz is faced with a dilemma when it becomes apparent the situation will only get worse. The lack of laundry has a startling impact on business at Café Blossom, so Dino resorts to setting up a "shelter" for laundry-doers. Denny, meanwhile, finds himself in a stand-off at the local supermarket over the last remaining bottle of fabric softener.

"Candi Kane" 9 141

Angus is dreading a visit from his infuriatingly self-centred and ditzy younger sister Candice "Candi" Kane, who has always been considered a blemish on the Kane family ever since she "de-flowered" a sixteen-year-old boy at their family inn in Ireland. Hilda prompts Angus to make peace with Candi as she wants to get to know his family under social circumstances. However, things are complicated further when Seth develops a crush on Candi, and everyone is left fretting that he will be next on her de-flowering list. Candi becomes determined to prove she has changed and shocks everyone when she announces her reason for coming to Bloomer; she is re-launching the Kane Inn chain on the outskirts of town. Meanwhile, Dino worries about the impact an inn will have on Café Blossom, so he decides to put things in his favour by hiring an ad agent. This causes problems for Dino and Denny's friendship when it turns out the agent was the one who launched the widely damaging smear campaign against Denny's detective business.

"The Terminal" 10 142

Roz is horrified when June Archer returns to Bloomer as the replacement minister. Worried she may be up to her old tricks again, Roz starts to visit the church more often but quickly arouses the suspicion of June. Stuck for an excuse, Roz pretends her cancer is killing her, much to Bulldog's ire. Feeling that she should not take advantage of her diagnosis or tempt fate, Bulldog marches to the church to tell June the truth but ends up getting sidetracked. To complicate matters further, rumours of Roz's "worsening" condition spreads to Bloomer, and the rest of her friends wind up thinking she is on the way out. Roz realises she must set things straight when several of her friends turn to June for help in setting up a prayer vigil.

"Café Roasting on an Open Fire" 11 143

The residents of Bloomer are shocked when Café Blossom burns down in the middle of the night after somebody left hot Christmas lights on. Dino finds himself without a place to stay for the holidays, so Roz offers him the spare bedroom. Bulldog begins to get jealous when Roz and Dino start spending lots of time together and things get ugly when during dinner, Dino reveals an affinity for older women. Bulldog winds up accusing them of extramarital relations at the annual town Christmas fair. To make matters worse, Bulldog's shocking display of jealousy results in the town thinking he was responsible for burning the café down, out of resentment towards Dino. Bulldog becomes determined to prove his innocence, but when the police show up to ask questions, Roz worries her husband faces spending Christmas in the slammer. Meanwhile, Denny finds his flair for detection returning when he teams up with Poppy to investigate the fire.

"Bio Roz" 12 144

Chemotherapy begins to take its toll on Roz, and she decides to purchase a wig. After searching Bloomer, she eventually chooses one at Camelot offered to her for free by Virginia. However, the next morning she wakes up to discover Bulldog has had the house tented for termites after spotting a potential outbreak in the wig. Using the provided bio-suit, Roz is forced to spend the remainder of the week cooped up alone in her house. Virginia becomes determined to make amends for giving Roz the condemned wig, so she offers Bulldog and Dino a place to stay. They make the most out of it, but Virginia fears their stay will be a lot longer than she anticipated after a mix-up at the house that resulted in new car smell being pumped inside instead of deadly toxins. Forced to stay there a few more days, Roz begins to think she's getting cabin fever and the gang try to keep her calm by telling her stories of their own health crises. Meanwhile, Roz's doctor shows up at Kane Groceries and tells Angus that she has been cleared of cancer. The news reaches Bulldog, and he debates with the others over whether it is the right time to tell Roz the good news since she already has a lot on her mind.

"Here Comes the Son" 13 145

Bulldog decides to throw a party to celebrate Roz's recovery, which ends in disaster when the army storm Bloomer in search of Stuart after he went A.W.O.L. from his regiment. Roz and Bulldog are annoyed when a few soldiers take up posts outside their house to wait for Stuart in case he shows up, so they seek refuge at the town hall. There they are surprised to find Angus is also dealing with a troublesome son after Seth got himself suspended from school. Angus feels unimportant when Bulldog manages to get through to Seth after telling him to be more careful about his future. They quickly strike up a friendship, and Angus grows depressed as it's the second time he has struggled with a son. Later, Gloria is surprised to find Stuart asleep in the confessional. She phones the town hall to inform Roz, but Angus takes the call instead. Still peeved at Bulldog, he decides to give him a taste of his own medicine by picking Stuart up from the church and developing a bond with him instead. Pretty soon Angus and Bulldog are at war over each other's sons, and Roz realises it's up to her to set things straight while trying to keep the suspicious army sergeant at bay. Meanwhile, Denny conspires to bring Poppy and Dino back together during a speed-dating night.

"Brain Free Guaranteed" 14 146

Roz returns to the station after sick leave and is surprised to find the place is thriving more than ever. She soon realises it is down to the acting manager, Ryan Shore, a charming and likeable young moonlighter. Roz worries about the impact her return will have on the station if she shoehorns Ryan out, so she tries to persuade him to stay on as manager. However, she soon realises he drives a tough bargain, so she enlists several of her friends to act as negotiators. The gang later become convinced that he is somehow brainwashing the employees into liking him after he shows his "darker" business side and the resulting rumours has Angus declaring red alert during a town meeting. Meanwhile, Denny struggles to deal with a demanding actor for his latest radio drama, who insists on changing the script to suit his limited skills. Determined not to make any further changes, Denny asks Hilda to teach him assertiveness, but the resulting transformation is unpleasant, and Hilda worries that she has forever corrupted his innocence.

"Girls Just Want to Have Funds" 15 147

Dino runs out of insurance money during the re-construction of Café Blossom, prompting Angus to organise a fundraiser. Unfortunately, the residents of Bloomer are feeling tapped out after their last fundraiser (for Roz's illness), and not much money is brought in. Dino is about to give up when Bulldog suggests that they pay Damien Black a visit in New York City as his family are known for their generous donations. Roz and Bulldog agree to tag along, but the three of them quickly find themselves competing with Bebe Glazer, Chloe Nolan and their boss, Miranda Grace, for the money, as their talent agency is suffering financial problems as well. However, they are faced with putting aside their differences when it becomes apparent that the other competition is far more of a threat. At the same time, Roz is shocked by how similar Chloe has become to Bebe, and after raising the issue, she ends up trying to seek out her own protégé to mould from a sea of rich people for when the time comes for her to retire. Back in Bloomer, Poppy wrestles with her desire to know if Dino has a new girlfriend after discovering he has left his cellphone behind.

"Pride and Presidency" 16 148

While having her six-month check-up, Roz befriends Rita Benz, a friendly older woman who invites her to join a cancer survivors' club. Roz enthusiastically agrees and asks Poppy and Hilda to go along with her. There Roz is surprised by the alarming display of hatred the women have towards Poppy and Hilda as they have never had cancer, and she becomes determined to change the way the club operates. This results in Roz running for club president and she quickly finds she has support from other members who have tried to invite their friends in the past. Unfortunately, the stress of a campaign soon begins to get to Roz, and she discovers the seedier side of the club when she is offered some painkillers by one of the women. Determined to wipe the smirk off Rita's face, Roz accepts the offer and is ultimately elected president. Rita is unwilling to go down without a fight, so she takes the battle to Bloomer, where she manages to convince Roz's friends that she has a serious drug addiction and an intervention must be staged to get her to resign her presidency.

"Detect This" 17 149

Denny's rival French detective Julien Gustav returns to Bloomer a broken man and reveals he has been shamed in his hometown after sleeping with the missing 18-year old mayor's daughter. Julien approaches Denny about the possibility of setting up a detective agency together. Denny refuses but after getting involved in a juicy missing pen case at the station with Bulldog, he quickly realises his flair for playing detective never really left. Denny agrees to give it a trial run with Julien, but as they start investigating crimes together, Denny soon sees that Julien is still the same man he always was when he starts taking credit for successful cases. A heated confrontation results in the two of them going their separate ways and Denny is determined to prove once and for all that he is the superior detective by solving a recent hit and run. Bulldog decides to help put things in his favour by informing Julien's town mayor of his location. Bulldog gets more than he bargained for when the mayor and practically an entire army of the French show up to teach Julien a lesson.

"Urine Trouble Now" 18 150

Controversy breaks out in Bloomer when it is discovered that a herb sold in Camelot is being used for recreational purposes by kids at the local high-school. Roz announces a series of anti-drug endorsements will be aired on the station but struggles to get the radio personalities involved when Angus insists every place of business undergo drug testing via urine samples. Angry with him for implementing such chaos, Roz forces Angus to help her sway the resisting employees. Dino worries about the consequences when it transpires that he used the herb in several dishes, mistaking it for a renown Chinese delicacy. Denny goes undercover as a student at the school in an attempt to find out who started the craze and attempts to find someone to pose as his cheerleader girlfriend, so the cool kids will accept him. Poppy feels left out when she realises she's the only one out of her friends never to have experimented with drugs, so Hilda takes it upon herself to remedy this. Later, the urine samples bring surprising results when it is discovered that there is a high amount of pain narcotics in Roz's system. Bulldog worries Roz has become an addict after her taking painkillers during her race for president, so he tries to find out the truth without betraying her confidence.

"Dependence Day" 19 151

Angus gets CCTV installed in Kane Groceries after a series of break-ins and is stunned when Bulldog identifies the culprit as his illegitimate son, Aaron. Bulldog decides to stake the grocery store out so he can talk to Aaron, and Angus insists on joining him so he can give the thief a piece of his mind. Bulldog and Angus end up bonding over their respective troubled father/son relationships. Eventually, Aaron shows up, and Bulldog is furious with him for resuming his life of crime after seemingly getting his life back on track. Determined to give him another chance, Bulldog manages to convince Angus to take Aaron on at the store as the new bag-boy. Bulldog is happy when people start to accept Aaron as part of the community but is overcome with guilt when an entirely innocent high-school student ends up taking the fall for Aaron's crime. What's more is Aaron believes he is off the hook and Bulldog is so shocked by his son's lack of morals that he decides to enforce them himself. However, Bulldog gets more than he bargained for when Aaron confesses that he is a recovering drug addict and that he has noticed similar patterns in Roz's behaviour during his time in Bloomer. Meanwhile, Dino's selection of a new theme for Café Blossom creates friction between his friends.

"Mishandle with Care" 20 152

Bulldog is conflicted over how to handle Roz's apparent narcotics addiction, and he makes the mistake of repeating it to Angus. This results in the subject being raised during a town meeting when Roz is conveniently out of town, and the residents debate the best way of handling it. Bulldog is annoyed with Angus for invading Roz's privacy and does what no one has dared to do before when he demands to see the all-knowing "handbook" Angus claims he gets the town rules from. Angus promises to get it for him by the next meeting and ends up coercing Hilda into helping him draw up a copy of the handbook as he lost the real one years ago. Hilda fears the consequences it will have on the town when Angus seemingly becomes mad with power and starts adding ridiculous rules for people to live by. Later when Roz returns, Bulldog decides to just be honest with her, and he tells her he knows about the painkillers. Roz breaks down and confesses that she needs help, which Bulldog promises she will get.

"The Men Who Knew Too Little" 21 153

With Roz in rehab, Bulldog and Denny volunteer to take on her duties at the station in her absence. This coincides with the annual contract renegotiations. Unprepared, Bulldog and Denny end up promising the employees several raises and benefits that the station cannot afford. Determined to prove that they can handle the situation without Roz's input, they draft in the "professionals" to negotiate but get more than they bargained for when the hired help turn out to be ruthless businessmen out to get their hands on the station. With the employees threatening to sue if their new contracts aren't fulfilled, Bulldog and Denny realise the negotiators might just get their way. Meanwhile, Dino is haunted by nightmares when a Native American tells him that Café Blossom was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Poppy decides to help him by getting a sleep herb from Camelot, but her frequent trips to the store result in accusations that she worked as a drug mule for Roz.

"This Stinks" 22 154

Dino prepares for the grand re-opening of Café Blossom. Roz is due to return from rehab, so Bulldog decides to throw her a welcome back party in the town square. However, this coincides with the scheduled re-opening, creating arguments between him and Dino. Bulldog and Dino eventually call a truce and agree to merge the events, with the party being held at the café. Unfortunately, Angus neglects to mention this at the next town meeting which results in the majority of the town thinking Roz's welcome back party is still in its original location. On the night of the party, Roz returns clean from drugs and is upset that Bulldog isn't in attendance, resulting in her thinking she has destroyed their marriage with her narcotics addiction. Roz desperately tries to make amends but soon finds no one around her knows where Bulldog is. Meanwhile, at Café Blossom, Dino is disappointed because most people haven't bothered to attend, while Bulldog worries Roz has been detained in rehab and tries to find a way of sneaking out without upsetting his friend. Consequently, Roz and Bulldog spend the whole evening looking for each other and encounter several obstacles and near-misses along the way. Dino hears the hubbub coming from outside and decides to investigate, and angrily yells at everyone for missing the re-opening of Café Blossom. Angus apologises, admitting he forgot to bring it up at the town meeting. The crowd clears, allowing Roz and Bulldog to finally find each other. Roz happily announces she has kicked her drug habit and Bulldog comforts her when she admits she was afraid he would leave her. Determined to celebrate in style, Bulldog hurries to Kane Groceries and purchases a bottle of champagne from Aaron. Rushing outside, Bulldog is suddenly struck by a speeding vehicle, causing the bottle to smash on the ground and alerting several surrounding people; all the while Roz unknowingly awaits return in the town square.

  • Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe and Poppy Delafield's last appearance as main characters.

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