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"This is Not a Dream" 1 155

Two years have passed since Bulldog's sudden death. During that time, Roz has been travelling America to fulfil his dream of having his ashes spread over various football fields; while helping out at various charities. She returns to Bloomer determined to make a fresh start but quickly finds she is unprepared for the changes that have occurred during her absence. Denny helps Roz get a secretarial job at the station, and she is surprised to find that it is now owned by a "matured" Seth, who boasts an adult personality that's even more insufferable than his old one. Roz also discovers that Dino has moved into her old house, along with new wife, Caroline Perry-Luther, and their twin boys. Dino offers Roz the spare bedroom, feeling it is the least he can do for pilfering her home for a bargain price. Caroline prides herself on being the "perfect" housewife but is unhappy with this development as she feels it will pull Dino away from his family. Meanwhile, after learning of Roz's return, Angus is determined to make amends with her as he feels responsible for the time she and Bulldog spent apart before he died.

  • Caroline Perry-Luther becomes a main character.
"And Then I Go and Spoil it All" (Part 1) 2 156

Hopeful of a reconciliation with his ex-wife Hilda, Angus invites her to his house under the pretence of a "welcome back" dinner party for Roz. However, when Hilda gossips about her invitation during a town meeting, Roz ends up getting invited anyway. As an apparent third wheel, Roz worries Angus is planning on fixing her up with someone, but she doesn't say anything when Hilda asks her to play along so Angus can be relieved of his guilt. The confusion escalates when Angus mistakenly thinks Roz desires a set-up, so he picks the first guy he sees at Café Blossom to be Roz's date for the evening. To both Roz and Angus' surprise, Roz ends up having a good time, but she is outraged when she learns of her date's real origins. Angus admits his error and reveals the truth. Hilda refuses to get back together with him, citing that he is still being driven crazy by guilt, which was what caused their marriage to break up in the first place. Roz and Angus lament their failures over a bottle of wine and are horrified when they wake up in bed together the next morning. Meanwhile, Dino's daily commute to his restaurant in Milwaukee is causing marital problems with Caroline.

"The Commuters" (Part 2) 3 157

Roz and Angus avoid each other after their apparent night together. Dino is getting bored of his daily commute, so he starts looking for a "commute buddy" to travel with him on the train a few times a week, promising them a free meal at his restaurant. Desperate for any reason to avoid the hotspots in Bloomer, Roz agrees to Dino's request, and they soon find themselves enjoying their time together. However, Caroline is overcome with jealousy and worries that something else will evolve from their friendship. Determined to lay her paranoia to rest, Caroline turns to Denny for help in spying on Roz and Dino on the train. Unfortunately keeping hidden proves to be a difficult feat when the train unexpectedly breaks down. Back in Bloomer, Hilda is surprised to find Seth guffawing with his friends and discovers they placed the drunken Roz and Angus in a compromising position to screw with their heads. Hilda decides to do the honourable thing and tell Angus, but she changes her mind when he gets in a bad hangover mood.

"Escape from Bum Town" 4 158

Roz discovers that Bloomer has expanded in her two-year absence and she decides to pay a visit to the new section of town with Caroline. However the two of them are surprised to learn that it is more commonly known as "bum town" and when they realise their kind isn't liked by the residents, they are forced to pose as homeless people to avoid confrontation. Before they know it, Roz and Caroline are being fed and clothed at a homeless shelter, and they end up getting on the local news in a report on poverty in Wisconsin. Denny sees this and becomes convinced that Roz and Caroline have been kidnapped, so he teams up with Dino to rescue the "helpless" girls from bum town. Further complications ensue when Roz and Caroline start to sympathise with their fellow homeless and become involved in an escalating plot to teach a lesson to the "fat cats" in the affluent part of town. Meanwhile, Angus is determined to get revenge on Seth for the prank he pulled on him and Roz a week earlier. Angus quickly comes to the realisation that he doesn't have what it takes to pull off a practical joke, and Hilda soon regrets her decision to give her neurotic ex a helping hand.

"Roz Dispenser" 5 159

Virginia makes an unexpected return to Bloomer, determined to make things right with Seth due to a rift caused several months ago when Caroline accidentally revealed their family connection. Virginia is surprised to learn of how successful her son has become in business and decides to invite him and Angus to dinner. On the night Roz finds herself being shanghaied into dispensing endless advice to Seth and Angus over the phone. Seth fears that having his mother around will jeopardise his future success, revealing it was Caroline's revelation that prompted him to make something of himself. Angus, on the other hand, is determined not to let Virginia take Seth away from him, as they have only recently developed a bond. In flashbacks, the fateful night Caroline let the cat out of the bag is revealed to be the first time she met Dino after seeking refuge at Café Blossom.

"Beyond the Seahawks" 6 160

The Seattle Seahawks make an unexpected layover in Bloomer while on their way to a game, and the townspeople are overcome with excitement at being in the media spotlight. Roz takes the opportunity to make a dream Bulldog had a reality; by asking the team to re-name themselves the Bulldogs. However, they are unwilling to grant favours for a town unless they love it, prompting Roz and Angus to pull out all the stops and make Bloomer the perfect haven for the Seahawks over the next weekend. When Hilda discovers Café Blossom trashed and Denny is asked to investigate several instances of vandalism, Roz and Angus begin to realise that the team are taking advantage of their hospitality, so they decide to teach them a lesson. Roz reluctantly comes to the conclusion that Bulldog's dream will not be achieved, but Angus manages to lighten the mood when he admits he had a backup plan, and the local high-school team will now be known as the Bulldogs.

"Snooty and the Beast" 7 161

Dino and Caroline are determined to get their twin boys into Clifford Academy, a prestigious pre-school. The headmaster agrees to give them an interview under the condition that Dino caters a dinner party he is hosting for the parents of several gifted children. Dino happily complies and enlists Denny and Angus to help him behind the scenes. However, Dino begins to have second thoughts about enrolling the twins in the academy after discovering how snooty the children become there. Unfortunately, Caroline is unwilling to go down without a fight, and before they know it, she and Dino are involved in a rapidly escalating contest in which Caroline tries desperately to impress the headmaster; while Dino does all he can to sabotage their chances. Denny and Angus conspire to teach one of the guests a lesson after he displays a shocking attitude towards the hired help. Meanwhile, Roz helps Hilda interview for potential co-owners of Café Blossom, but the two of them quickly clash over their specific interviewing techniques.

"The Prodigal Son Returns" 8 162

In need of some extra cash after his detective business hits a dry rut, Denny takes up Dino's offer of a waiter job at Luther's Place. However, Denny is overcome with nerves when he realises the majority of his co-workers are ex-cons hired through a prison's "second chance" program. Denny's fear increases when he discovers the janitor is a reformed drug addict whom he helped put away during his early days as a detective. Worried about the consequences, Denny winds up phoning in sick so much that Dino is forced to fire him and hire another waiter through the program. To his surprise, it turns out to be Aaron, the illegitimate son of Bulldog. Roz is upset when Aaron admits he momentarily returned to a life of reckless thievery after the death of his father but promises to support him as he gets his life back on track. However Roz worries about potential setbacks when it transpires that the janitor was one of Aaron's criminal buddies, so she turns to a broken Denny for help in dealing with the brute. Meanwhile, Angus tells Dino's boys a bloody bed-time story about civil war-torn Bloomer, and Caroline is annoyed when they display a thirst for violence afterwards.

"The Habit" 9 163

Caroline is shocked to discover Roz suffered a temporary relapse into her drug addiction during her time away from Bloomer when her therapist phones the house to check up on her. Caroline tells Dino she doesn't want a potential drug addict living with their kids and prompts him to confront Roz about it. Roz reluctantly confesses the truth and reveals that during her time away she was temporarily tempted back into her old habit; however, she quickly saw sense and checked herself into a rehabilitation clinic. Caroline's intervention creates a rift between Roz and Dino, and Roz eventually decides to start looking for her own place. Angus agrees to let her lease a newly available apartment in a building he owns, but Roz immediately regrets the offer when she realises it is directly above Kane Groceries and that he is even more insufferable as a landlord. Meanwhile, Denny is hired to investigate a local pyramid scheme but winds up getting swindled into it himself. Hilda successfully steps in and deals with the problem, and after she gets praised by the client for being the superior detective, Denny is overcome with jealousy when locals start approaching her for investigative help instead.

"Sons of the Deserted" 10 164

Seth decides to throw a party to celebrate a year of running WKZT. Angus boasts about the success of his son but is put in his place by a jealous employee who points out that Seth isn't biologically his. Angus becomes despondent as a result and considers looking into artificial insemination so he can finally get a blood-related child of his own. Roz agrees to accompany Angus to the insemination clinic so she can help him make the big decision. However, they are surprised to run into Giles, who reveals that his walkabout with Alexis was a bust when they realised they have nothing in common. Angus and Giles enjoy catching up and reflecting on old times until Giles admits that he is there for the same reason as he and his girlfriend are unable to conceive, and their old rivalry resurfaces when they end up competing over the woman they want to artificially inseminate. Meanwhile, Dino hires Denny to go undercover as a health inspector at Luther's Place to investigate the disappearance of the tip jar, but his investigation is hindered when the real inspector shows up for a surprise visit.

"Aaron's Bunker Place" 11 165

Roz is not looking forward to her first Christmas alone in Bloomer. Realising that all her friends have plans and mistakenly thinking that none of them want to include her, Roz takes up Aaron's offer to spend the holidays with him and his mother in Nevada. Roz immediately regrets it upon her arrival when she discovers Aaron's mother Bertha has descended into a paranoid loon over the last few years and has uprooted her entire family to a nuclear bunker in the middle of the Nevada dessert. While Bertha and Aaron's brothers are out looking for food, Aaron tells Roz his Christmases have always been crazy and asks her what the holidays are supposed to be like. Roz reflects on the past Christmases she's shared with Bulldog and the rest of her friends. Meanwhile back in Bloomer the gang begin to wonder where Roz has gone until Seth finds a note in his office explaining her plans. They feel ashamed for making her feel unwelcome during one of the toughest times of the year and decide to remedy their mistake by hightailing it to Nevada and joining the family festivities. However, it quickly becomes a race against time when Angus discovers that the army will be resuming nuclear bomb testing in the desert shortly and Bertha's bunker may not be entirely stable.

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Dino" 12 166

The gang gather at Luther's Place for the world premiere of Dino's latest lobster meal. Dino is delighted when most of his friends are complimentary but is in for a surprise when Hilda admits she didn't enjoy it and declares that he puts lobster in too many of his meals. Dino takes Hilda's criticism to heart and decides to hire her as a "personal advisor" to work with him in the kitchen. Hilda happily accepts but soon finds she has trouble fitting in with the rest of the staff, who feel their opinions are being forgotten in favour of hers. In the meantime, Angus becomes a regular at the restaurant and pesters waiters into reporting on Hilda's personal life, wanting to know if she is dating anyone or not after he receives a tempting offer from his grocery supplier. Elsewhere, Denny accepts Roz's request to hire Aaron as an assistant at his detective agency but takes a disliking to his approach of telling everyone they meet that he is an ex-convict.

"New Age Mistreatment" 13 167

While doing the annual expense report, Roz is shocked to discover that the station is on the verge of bankruptcy and is forced to tell Seth. Unwilling to embarrass himself by asking for a loan from Angus, Seth decides to advertise for investors and is pleased when three Chinese business partners express an interest. However, after their initial meeting at Café Blossom, Seth soon realises how difficult it will be to secure their financial aid when they reveal they are "new age" businessmen, and any company they invest in will have to adhere to a strict environmentally friendly regime. After several failed efforts to convert the employees, Seth decides to appeal to his new age expert mother Virginia for assistance. As they work on changing the station, Seth and Virginia find themselves growing closer, but their newfound bond may be ruined when a jealous Angus tells Virginia that Seth is only using her and will toss her aside once they secure the investment. Meanwhile, Dino and Caroline feign several faiths as they try to get their twins into various high-marking preschools across Wisconsin.

"Gnome Man's Land" 14 168

Denny and Aaron are approached by a strange man named Barney to investigate the disappearance of his brother, Norman. Barney explains the last time he saw Norman was three weeks ago at Gnomeland, of which his brother Norman is the new proprietor. Angus worries about the ramifications on Bloomer if it becomes public knowledge that the much-loathed Gnomeland is back in business, and he swears Denny and Aaron to secrecy. As the investigation develops, Denny begins to feel annoyed with Aaron for accepting it as he feels they can do so much more, until Aaron reveals that he and his former criminal buddies pulled a heist on Gnomeland several years ago which caused it to go bankrupt in the first place. Now he is feeling guilty and determined to make amends. Denny agrees to let him continue the job, but things become complicated when they realise Aaron's former jail buddy Billy is involved in Norman's disappearance. Meanwhile, Dino finds out the truth about the return of Gnomeland and desperately tries to keep himself under control, revealing to Caroline that he suffered a compulsive gnome-buying addiction during its glory days which had dramatic consequences.

"May Contain Adulterous Content" 15 169

Valentine's Day is approaching, and Hilda is jealous when Angus won't stop boasting about his exciting new relationship with grocery supplier Jennifer. Determined to prove that she is just as able to move on, Hilda turns to Seth and asks him to set her up with one of his business friends. However, unbeknownst to both Hilda and Seth, the blind date happens to be one of the biggest adulterers in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, with the love-filled holiday approaching, Roz begins to wonder if it is time she moved on and found herself another man. At the same time, she is feuding with Angus for refusing to let her put Valentine's decorations in the hall. Caroline prompts Roz to run for condo board president against Angus so she can overrule his decisions. While trying to make a case at the next meeting, she meets and hits it off with Richard, a handsome condo owner who happens to be the same man Seth set Hilda up with. Roz considers asking him to be her Valentine's date and complications naturally ensue. Angus, on the other hand, threatens to ruin things with Jennifer before they've even started when he gets obsessive over beating both Roz and Hilda, so Dino steps in to offer assistance.

"The Second Coming" 16 170

A man shocks Denny and Aaron by showing up at the detective agency and demanding a job in an unusually cocky manner. They talk about him at Café Blossom and are surprised when Roz identifies him as Bert Bristow, a man who she met during her tour of America. Bert has lost his wife and found comfort in Roz, who promised to help him out if his business wasn't a success. Seth agrees to give him a job at the station. As Bert meets several people around Bloomer, the gang begin to feel an air of familiarity around him. He becomes the main topic of discussion at a town meeting, and everyone is stunned when it is suggested that Bert may be the re-incarnated version of Bulldog. While this is initially dismissed as nonsense, the others soon begin to re-consider when Bert expresses various other striking resemblances, and Roz starts to feel uncomfortable allowing their friendship to continue when she overhears the rumours. Meanwhile, Dino is forced to take the twins to the restaurant when Caroline is detained, where a casting agent, Mark Flint, gives them his number and tells him they'd be perfect for a soup commercial. Dino can't help but feel proud of his boys but ends up shanghaiing Hilda into keeping it a secret from Caroline due to past arguments about stage parenting.

"Marriage Soup" 17 171

The gang gather at Luther's Place for the premiere of the soup commercial. Dino is infuriated when he discovers that the commercial has been edited to only include his sons' hands, and he becomes determined to get justice from the director, pretentious fop Mark Flint, who frequently dines at the restaurant. Caroline grows embarrassed at the resulting argument and confesses to Roz that she feels her marriage to Dino has been crumbling over the last few months. Roz offers her and the kids a place to crash for a while. Dino is upset but decides that his marriage is more important and opts to sell the restaurant. However, it soon becomes apparent that Flint may be his only option. When Caroline and the kids prove to be highly stressful houseguests, Roz decides to help Dino repair his fractured marriage, and they head to Mark's office in Milwaukee in an attempt to convince him to purchase Luther's Place. Mark promises to think about it under the condition that Roz goes out with him on one date. Meanwhile, Angus tries to hide the fact that he hates fruit from Jennifer, and resorts to sneaking her groceries away. Unfortunately, he gets more than he bargained for when Jennifer hires Denny to investigate her stock disappearance.

"Debut Girls" 18 172

After an evening at the symphony with Angus, Jennifer begins to worry that he considers her to be unsophisticated after she struggled to find anything to discuss all night. Not wanting to lose him, Jennifer turns to Caroline for help in becoming a more sophisticated person, and the two of them end up getting involved in a public television reality show based on young girls making their "debut" at society balls. Jennifer and Caroline quickly realise they are nothing like the spoilt girls and become determined to shake the very foundation of society balls after enduring one too many humiliations. Dino is surprised when he learns that Caroline feels she has to live up to his expectations, and he warns Angus that Jennifer may think the same way. Dino and Angus decide to team up and perform one grand romantic gesture at the ball to show they love them for who they are, not anticipating the calamity they have planned. Meanwhile, Roz debates whether to give Mark Flint a call back after an enjoyable date and enlists Hilda to go undercover as a secretary at his office to find out what he thought of her.

"The Passion of the Heist" (Part 1) 19 173

Aaron is finally beginning to feel accepted as a part of the Bloomer community and is overcome with strange emotions when Denny unveils a plaque above the detective agency, with his name included. Aaron finally breaks down and admits that his criminal past is not quite behind him, and for the past month he has been involved in planning a heist from the First Bank of Bloomer with his con friends. Denny is shocked but realises that Aaron has been an unwitting participant from the start and agrees to help him. Turning to Dino for assistance, Denny makes plans to ambush the cons on the night of the heist, but they soon find they have been betrayed when they realise their presence has alerted local police to a potential crime, allowing Aaron and his cronies to pull off the heist without interruption. Meanwhile, Roz is enjoying a second date with Mark Flint, taking a tour around Bloomer, when Mark receives a phone call informing him that a large sum of his money has been stolen from his account. Roz is upset when she realises Aaron's connection as she feels she has truly lost her last tie to Bulldog, and she ends up finding comfort in Mark, causing them to sleep together.

"The One That Got Away" (Part 2) 20 174

The morning after, Roz is surprised to learn that Mark Flint has an entirely separate and less likeable "business" side as he begins his efforts to claim his money back and bring Aaron to justice. Roz comes to the conclusion that Aaron was not happy in Bloomer and decides to wash her hands of him, but Mark refuses to give up, so Roz tries to talk him around. Mark reluctantly agrees but news of "the one that got away" has a startling effect on his career when people no longer seem intimidated by him, and a local media columnist accuses him of becoming a softy. When Mark considers refocusing his efforts on finding Aaron, Roz has second thoughts about being with a man who requires so much work. With the help of Hilda, she ultimately comes to the conclusion that he's the first man she's actually felt comfortable with in over two years, and that he is worth fighting for. Meanwhile, Denny and Dino form a bounty hunting club after their humiliation with the police and their efforts to locate Aaron complicate matters further for Roz and Mark, when Mark appears to be close to moving on.

"It's a Wonderful Bloomer" 21 175

Roz gets a surprise when Mark reveals he has bought them a large house in the town square. Unsure about whether she is ready to share her life with someone after such a long time with Bulldog, Roz seeks refuge at Café Blossom in the middle of karaoke night. A man finishes up his song and sits down at the table next to her. Roz opens up and tells him what brought her to this moment. In flashback, we see the day after Bulldog's death. Roz is having trouble coping with her loss; while Angus is adamant about bringing the hit and run driver to justice. This causes strains in his relationship with Hilda when he refuses to focus on anything else. Meanwhile, Poppy Delafield resorts to her usual chatty self in an attempt to cover up her emotions and manages to annoy everyone as they prepare to say goodbye to Bulldog. Guests including Noel Shempsky and Kenny Daly also arrive to offer their condolences. In the reading of Bulldog's will, Roz is surprised to learn she has inherited all of his possessions, under the condition that she spread his ashes in his favourite football fields across America. Roz attends the funeral and then quietly leaves Bloomer without telling anyone, leaving the rest of the town to wonder what happened. In the present day, Roz finishes up her story and comes to the conclusion that Bulldog would want her to move on, and the stipulation in his will was his attempt to achieve this. Roz thanks the singer for his ear then rushes home to tell Mark she'd love to move in with him.

"Meet the Flints" 22 176

Roz and Mark wake up in a motel and are confused when the receptionist greets them as Mr. and Mrs. Flint. After a few coffees, they are shocked to realise they impulsively got married the night before during a celebration of their new cohabitation. Roz seeks advice from her friends about whether to stay in the marriage, feeling that she is not ready to tie herself down again at the moment. However, everyone seems to be pre-occupied, and Roz realises she and Mark missed an important announcement: Angus and Jennifer are to be married. As a result, most of the townspeople are caught up in wedding preparation when Angus seems adamant about getting it done as soon as possible. Hilda is having trouble dealing with this development, and after sampling a few too many drinks offered as samples by the catering company, she ends up getting into a cat-fight with Jennifer. Dino meanwhile is overcome with fury as Angus and Jennifer chose not to hire him to cater the affair. Moved by his support from Caroline, Dino reveals that he has successfully sold the restaurant as he felt it lacked the personal touch. Denny agrees to take him on at his detective agency as clients are often complaining about the absence of refreshments. As all this is going on, Roz eventually realises that bottling feelings up and avoiding the issue gets people nowhere, and decides to confront Mark. Mark admits that he has been feeling unready for marriage himself, and as Jennifer descends down the aisle, Roz and Mark have a quiet "divorce" ceremony of their own in the back row.

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