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Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Roz Through the Looking Glass" 1 177

Roz begins to feel like a zoo animal on display when she realises the front of her new house with Mark overlooks the town square, allowing people a glimpse of their lives every time they pass. Roz considers telling Mark that she'd like to live somewhere else but feels guilty when she realises it's the house where he spent his teenage youth and that it was a very expensive purchase. Meanwhile, Denny investigates the disappearance of a local shoe proprietor's teenage son. Dino's kitchen happens to overlook the house, and while spending an afternoon baking, Dino mistakenly believes he has witnessed Mark committing murder (though he is only preparing food for a housewarming party). Dino repeats this to Denny, and the two of them are convinced that Mark is responsible for the teenager's disappearance. As this is going on, Caroline and Hilda do some digging of their own when Jennifer says something that makes her convinced she has ties to the shoe proprietor, with Hilda determined to bring about her downfall.

  • Jennifer Conrad and Mark Flint become main characters.
"The First Lady of Bloomer" 2 178

Jennifer is annoyed when people start asking her to approach Angus about things that need doing around Bloomer, so she enlists Roz's help to be more assertive and turn them away. However, Roz gets more than she bargained for when Jennifer starts implementing changes around town. Knowing that Angus is spineless and has always let his kind nature be taken advantage of, Roz advises Angus to stand up to Jennifer and let her know who's the boss. The resulting argument has Roz thinking she should stay uninvolved in other people's disputes, but this realisation comes at the worst possible moment when Caroline reveals her suspicions about Jennifer's past. Meanwhile, Jennifer's woes have Hilda missing her role as the "first lady of Bloomer"; and Dino has trouble providing vegan refreshments for a pair of naturalist clients at the detective agency.

"Das Boots" 3 179

Boris Boot, the old shoe proprietor, returns to the detective agency to thank Denny and Dino for helping him find his son, Terry. Busybody Caroline happens to be there, and she takes the opportunity to ask Boris about his connection to Jennifer. Boris reluctantly admits that 18 years ago he was Jennifer's boss back in Milwaukee at a produce supplier, and their friendship eventually became sexual, leading to the birth of Terry. Jennifer felt she was too young to care for a child and gave Boris full custody of Terry. Caroline is stunned by this revelation and decides to put it to the floor at the next town meeting when Angus and Jennifer are conveniently out of town. The residents fiercely debate the best way of dealing with the news. Dino becomes irritated by Caroline's constant interference and makes an empowered speech, telling everyone it is Jennifer's decision and they should not get involved. Angus and Jennifer happen to walk in at this very moment and overhear everything. Jennifer apologises to Angus for not telling him everything about her, but he says it's okay as he has his own baggage when it comes to children. Caroline tries to make amends by bringing Jennifer and Terry back together, convinced Terry's disappearance was a cry for maternal love.

"Into the Woods" 4 180

Mark is looking forward to a visit from one of his friends from art school, and Roz is determined to be the perfect host, even if it means pandering to his snooty social circles. However, Roz's game plan changes instantly when she realises that Mark's friend is none other than Barry Woods, the irritatingly nosey director who twice filmed documentaries about KACL. Roz takes her concerns to a town meeting and warns everyone that Barry is likely to invade their privacy. Barry assures Roz that he is only here to catch up with an old friend, but she refuses to believe it and decides to do some investigative reporting of her own with the help of Denny. Little does she know, this is all part of Barry's plan for a documentary on what a small amount of paranoia does to right-minded people. On top of things, Angus and Caroline are determined to get their moment in the spotlight; and Dino desperately wants to prove his multitude of skills in the kitchen, so Barry will let him cater his next production.

"A Little Less Corporation" 5 181

Roz is surprised when Mark asks her to run Café Blossom with him, which he has just bought the lease for. Roz agrees to give it some thought but soon realises that the other residents aren't so happy with Mark's decision as they are afraid he will "take over" the town by buying out every business. Mark becomes determined to prove that he is not out to build an empire, but faces resistance from Seth, who is determined to keep Roz on at the station as she is the least incompetent employee he's ever had. The pressure mounts up and proves too overbearing for Roz, resulting in her barricading herself in the town hall during a group session for recovering agoraphobics. Meanwhile, Angus pesters Jennifer to invite Terry to dinner, convinced that she should build a friendly relationship with her son. The evening becomes an awkward affair when Hilda shows up to plead her love for Angus, who gets progressively drunker as he laments his lack of a relationship with his own sons.

"Sink Your Teeth Into This" 6 182

When Denny chips his tooth biting into an apple, Dino pesters him to visit the dentist when his attempts to fix the problem scare off potential clients. Denny reluctantly admits that he is afraid of the dentist due to an incident stemming from his childhood, so Dino teams up with Angus to help him overcome the problem. Unfortunately Denny flat-out refuses to even set foot in the dentist's office. Close to giving up, Dino soon realises that Denny has always put work above anything else and decides to fabricate an investigation to coax him into the office. This results in a confusing and controversial case involving the dentist, a sweet-natured young woman named Becky, but Dino gets more than he bargained for when Denny actually manages to pile up evidence against Becky, resulting in her getting indicted for several crimes she did not commit. Meanwhile, Jennifer questions whether to contact her son Terry again, until Hilda spitefully convinces Terry that his mother is an unstable stalker who needs to be avoided.

"Return to Camelot" 7 183

The gang gather at the now abandoned new-age healing store, Camelot, where it is due to be demolished to make way for a large supermarket. Roz is shocked when she realises that Angus was coaxed into using explosives to demolish Camelot by an aggressive resident during a town meeting. Worried about the environmental damage an explosion will have on Bloomer, Roz teams up with a local pro-green organisation to protest the demolition. However, Roz gets more than she bargained for when she realises she will be in direct competition with Mark, who recently bought a large share in the supermarket chain waiting for use of the site. Meanwhile, Denny, Dino and Hilda take it upon themselves to sell off the remainder of Camelot's stock and wind up getting into trouble when they inadvertently allow a hallucinogenic herb to be passed around during show and tell at the local elementary school.

"What's Cooking?" 8 184

Caroline considers going back to work when she realises Dino's job at the detective agency doesn't pay the bills. Roz and Mark agree to hire her at Café Blossom, and she quickly finds herself developing a camaraderie with the locals. Caroline's place in the customers' heart is seemingly affirmed when she cooks a delicious blueberry cheesecake, which becomes the fastest-selling product the café's ever had. While Roz and Mark are busy reeling in cash, Dino is overcome with jealousy and feels that Caroline is stealing his thunder, as he is supposed to be the master in the food department. Determined not to be bested, Dino starts cooking new confectionaries of his own, and pretty soon a war between Café Blossom and Denny's detective agency has broken out, with brand new deserts being produced left and right. Unfortunately, the competition has a bad effect on Dino and Caroline's relationship outside of work, and nobody has the balls to tell them that their food is getting worse and worse due to being rushed and made without love. Meanwhile, Angus and Jennifer discover Terry has a rambunctious new girlfriend and struggle to give him the "talk", resulting in Angus gaining Jennifer's ire when he goes behind her back to ask the loose-tongued Hilda for assistance. The experience helps Angus and Hilda reach closure and sensing that Angus has finally found happiness in Jennifer, Hilda makes the decision to move back to Nevada.

  • Hilda Bridge's last appearance as a main character.
"A Tomb with a View" 9 185

The residents are shocked when Angus announces in a town meeting that the graveyards in Bloomer are filling up quickly, and if people don't act fast, there won't be any left. This results in lengthy queues at the register office with people desperate to get their slot. Roz is shocked when she realises Mark has booked them side-by-side graves so they can live out their afterlife together. Roz has trouble telling Mark that she'd rather be with Bulldog, as he was a large part of her life and she confides in Caroline that she still considers him to be her soul mate. Unable to get the words out to Mark, Roz realises she'll have to go to the register office herself, but she soon realises she still isn't quite over her fear of death when she finds herself once again unable to deal with the subject of her mortality. Meanwhile, Denny returns to dentist Becky for a check-up and quickly finds himself hitting it off with her when he doesn't have searing tooth pain to worry about. Becky agrees to go on a date with him, but Denny fears for their future when he discovers she is an avid collector of his weakness: dentistry tools.

"Have Yourself a Manic Little Christmas" 10 186

Christmas is approaching, and Mark decides to organise a dinner party for the whole town in thanks for making him feel so welcome over the last few months. However, he underestimates how fussy Bloomer's residents can be; in particular Angus, who unleashes a barrage of criticisms as he ignorantly tries to make sure everything complies to the town charter. Mark gets so sick of Angus' intervention that he ultimately decides to give up and leave him to the organisation instead. Roz, noting that Mark truly wanted to do something nice for the town, tries to level with Angus and tells him to be more lenient. Angus reluctantly agrees and apologises to Mark, and the two quickly form a camaraderie as they plan everything together. Unfortunately, their relaxed attitude puts the entire dinner party in jeopardy, and Roz realises she'll have to put a temporary wrench in their newfound friendship so everything can get done in time. Meanwhile, Denny debates whether to ask Becky to spend the holidays with him; and Dino tries to give his kids a second chance at stardom by inviting film director Barry Woods to their nativity play, much to Caroline's chagrin.

"The Tooth, the Whole Tooth" (Part 1) 11 187

Denny is asked to investigate a series of thefts across Bloomer, and after some digging, he is surprised to realise that the victims recently had check-ups at the dentist. Denny is dismayed by the possibility that Becky could be connected and enlists Jennifer to go undercover as a patient. After demonstrating her poor acting skills, Jennifer eventually comes clean to Becky and reveals the purpose of her visit. Becky passes Jennifer a book and politely asks her to leave. At Denny's office, he and Jennifer go through the book and are surprised when they come across a passage that indicates that the back-room of Becky's practice functions as a mobster hangout. Denny decides to find out more and asks Becky to dinner with him. Jennifer, Caroline and Roz hide behind their menus on a nearby table and watch over the proceedings. Becky admits the truth to Denny; explaining that she was once in significant debt and had to go through illegal channels to save her practice; as she had made a promise to her late father that she would always keep it in the family. Denny agrees to support Becky, and she is moved by his words until the girls draw attention to themselves when a birthday cake is incorrectly delivered to their table. Becky is angry with Denny for involving his friends in this and accuses him of treating it like a joke before storming out. The next day when Denny visits Becky's office to apologise, he finds it completely empty and fears the worst has happened.

  • Becky Simpson becomes a main character.
"And Nothing But the Tooth" (Part 2) 12 188

Denny reports Becky's disappearance to the police but has to wait 72 hours before they'll do anything. Determined not to give up, Denny rallies the residents of Bloomer in staging a large "manhunt", with several volunteers including Mark, Dino and Jennifer. Unfortunately, their combined efforts throw the search further into chaos, and Denny realises it'll take a lot more to strike their confidence than a few speeches. Meanwhile, while the manhunt situation escalates, Roz comes to the conclusion that perhaps Denny is overreacting, and Becky willingly let town because she was upset about being unable to trust her boyfriend. Enlisting the help of Caroline, Roz tracks Becky down to a motel on the outskirts of town, where she admits that she was a bit too hasty and decides that she should give Denny another chance. Becky returns to her office to drop off her things where they encounter a pair of mobsters who are unhappy that she took off without warning, as it compromised their entire operation. Fortunately, before the situation escalates, Denny steps in and warns them to get out of town. The mobsters realise Denny is the P.I. who has prevented many of their crimes and make a swift exit. Becky thanks Denny for his help, and they embrace; while back in Bloomer, Angus makes a mountain of a molehill.

"The Shoe Must Go On" 13 189

Jennifer is upset when she discovers Terry is considering leaving town with his family for their yearly road show, in which they travel the country to promote their line of footwear. Seth notices that Angus is also unhappy about this because he has recently developed a tight-knit friendship with Terry. Jealous, Seth becomes determined to convince Terry that he isn't wanted in Bloomer, and during a town meeting, he coerces the residents into thinking Terry needs to be persuaded into re-joining his family business – by any means necessary. This results in half the town acting spiteful towards Terry, mistakenly thinking they are helping him. Jennifer is furious when she finds out her son is being "bullied" and confronts the town during the next meeting, then when she realises Seth was to blame, she automatically assumes Angus was connected too and decides to join Terry in the road show. Meanwhile, Denny and Becky are both confused about the right time to make the next step with each other, so they seek council from Roz and Mark, who inadvertently complicate matters further by offering conflicting advice.

"Sparring" 14 190

With Jennifer away on a road show, Angus begins to feel lonely without her, which in turn worsens his mood when it comes to running the town. Fearing Angus will bring Bloomer to its knees, the gang conspire to get him out of the way for a while by pooling their money together and sending him to an all-inclusive spa. Angus gladly accepts the offer and bids farewell to his friends before departing. However, Roz soon realises things will not be so peaceful without him when people start arguing over who should be made temporary town selectman. Massive arguments break out, resulting in the town being divided into three quadrants with Mark, Caroline and Denny respectively taking charge. Roz, Dino and Becky worry that their significant others will become mad with power and band together to bring Angus home from the spa, but persuading him to give up a week of luxury living and being doted upon proves to be a difficult feat.

"The Barefoot Encounter" 15 191

Jennifer returns to Bloomer without Terry and the townspeople begin to get suspicious of what happened. While at Café Blossom, Roz walks in on Jennifer in the bathroom washing a red substance from her hands and becomes convinced that something awful occurred during the road show. The situation escalates to the point where it becomes a fierce debate during a town meeting, and Angus, although initially dismissive of Roz's claims, comes to the conclusion that he hasn't known Jennifer that long and there may be a dark side to her. Denny takes it upon himself to investigate the possibility that Jennifer murdered Terry and his suspicions are aroused further when several pairs of shoes fall out of Jennifer's luggage. Eventually, accusations start pouring out during the next town meeting, and Jennifer breaks down and admits the truth: the road show, and in fact the entire Boot shoe-making business, was a front for a group of foot "fetishists". Embarrassed, Jennifer hastily left, knocking over several jars of red nail polish in the process and taking Terry's shoe collection in protest. Jennifer is upset that people thought the worst of her and Angus tries to make amends, though his efforts are hindered by Dino and Mark's determination to crack several foot-related jokes.

"Battleaxe of the Bands" 16 192

Dino, Denny and Mark are inspired to form their own band when they discover they each have an instrument tucked up in their garage which has gone untouched since their teen years. The neighbours soon begin to get sick of the noise, and Caroline, Becky and Roz start to argue about whose garage the band can practice in. However, they have a change of heart when they decide to listen to the music properly, and realise they have a pretty good sound. Soon, Caroline, Becky and Roz have enlisted themselves as the band managers, and start pressuring the guys to make more of themselves. As a result, the guys find themselves having less fun while playing, and a power play ensues when they decide to go on strike, insisting that the women take things less seriously. Meanwhile, Angus desperately tries to get a place in the band but refuses to listen to Jennifer when she tells him they don't need a triangle player.

"Honey, I Warped the Kids" 17 193

Roz and Mark prepare for a visit from Stuart and Alice. Roz is nervous about her adult children meeting Mark for the first time and is determined to make sure everything goes smoothly. Becky's dentistry office is being renovated, and she needs somewhere to keep her equipment. Roz offers to hold it in her garage because Becky's house is too far out the way. When Stuart and Alice arrive, they seem to hit it off with Mark and Roz is pleased. However, a bad piece of advice from Dino – who mistakenly believes Alice is a lesbian after their encounter years earlier – leads to Mark making a fool of himself when he asks her about her love life. Alice on the other hand completely misinterprets Mark and thinks he is trying to hit on her. Horrified, Alice decides to confide in Roz but faces several obstacles. While searching the garage for wine, Stuart is stunned when he stumbles upon Becky's collection of dentistry tools and novocaine. As a result, he is left thinking Mark drugs Roz on a regular basis (which isn't helped by Mark consistently offering to get everyone drinks) and subjects her to torture to keep her in line. Meanwhile, Denny wonders why Becky didn't approach him first for a place to store her equipment.

"Down There" 18 194

Denny excitedly tells Dino he thinks he and Becky are about to take the "next step" in their relationship. When Becky invites him to her house for a quiet night in, Denny thinks the time is right. However, he finds his eagerness to bed Becky has diminished when they sit down to watch her favourite movie, Teeth. At the end of the evening, Denny excuses himself and makes a hasty exit. Becky is confused and seeks council from Roz and Caroline, and they come to the conclusion that Denny must be a virgin. However, the real truth is that Denny is afraid Becky suffers the same handicap as the main character in Teeth, as Becky spent the whole movie talking about how she identified with the lead actress. Naturally, complications ensue as Becky tries to let Denny know not to feel too pressured, and Denny desperately attempts to avoid getting into heated situations with her. Meanwhile, Mark and Angus join the local video rental store and can barely look at each other after watching Teeth together, making Jennifer very suspicious of the type of films the store provides.

"The Café on Haunted Hill" 19 195

Roz and Mark are stunned when the son and daughter of former Café Blossom owner Melanie arrive in town and reveal they are opening their own competing bistro. Fearing they will lose business, Roz and Mark desperately try to convince the townspeople to join them in protesting the opening of another bistro but are dismayed to find that they welcome the extra variety. Denny, on the other hand, agrees to help Roz and Mark deal with the situation because they provide him and Dino with food for the detective agency at low prices. Thus, a plan gets underway to convince their would-be ousters that Café Blossom is haunted by the spirit of their late mother Melanie, in an attempt to make them think they are angering her by trying to destroy the family business. Unfortunately, Mark and Denny's efforts to put on a spooky show prove to be less than believable. Meanwhile, Jennifer is beginning to miss having her son around, so Angus tries to help ease the pain by convincing Caroline to let Jennifer babysit the twins for a while. However, a rift is formed between them when Caroline accidentally insinuates that Jennifer is a bit "unstable" when it comes to children.

"A Man in Drag Racing" (Part 1) 20 196

Dino is surprised when one of his closest friends from Italy, Antonio, arrives in Bloomer and tries to persuade him to return to the world of drag racing. Caroline, having not had a holiday for over a year, convinces Dino to "consider" the offer so they can have a free trip to Italy. Caroline gets more than she bargained for when Antonio elects to invite all of Dino's friends at home, in an attempt to show him that they will always offer their support no matter what he decides to do. The flight to Italy is typically disastrous when Roz manically tries to make sure everything goes perfect on her first vacation with Mark, but she fails to notice he has a severe fear of flying. Then, to make matters worse, Caroline and Dino get into a huge argument when Dino admits he is actually considering accepting Antonio's offer. Meanwhile, Angus irritates Jennifer in his efforts to prevent people from abusing bathroom privileges by joining the "mile high club", but neglects the fact that Denny and Becky keep disappearing from their seats.

"There's No Place Like Rome" (Part 2) 21 197

The gang arrive in Rome, Italy, with Dino and Caroline refusing to speak to each other. Roz is surprised when she realises Mark spent the entire flight paralysed with fear and tries to make it up to him. That night at the hotel, a hypnotist takes to the stage and Roz volunteers Mark to be cured of his fear of flying. Unfortunately, the hypnotist quickly proves to be a quack when Mark is left thinking he is a teenager. The hypnotist quickly exits, leaving Angus and Jennifer to deal with the half-crazed Mark while Roz desperately tries to track down a psychologist to revert Mark to normal. The next day, the gang head to the racing circuit where Dino has agreed to partake in a few trial runs. Dino is surprised to run into several of his former drag racing buddies and realises how much he has matured over the years when they still act like irresponsible jocks. Mark, on the other hand, finds himself fitting in much better with the racers. Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that a side-effect of the hypnosis has made him experience delusions of grandeur when he hijacks one of the racing vehicles and promptly crashes it into a brick wall. Meanwhile, Denny and Becky have a frightening holiday experience after getting caught canoodling in the bathroom, when they mistake the airport officials for a family of mobsters.

"Venice the Menace" (Part 3) 22 198

While Roz attends to Mark at the hospital, the rest of the gang head to Venice for the remainder of their holiday. Denny and Becky have been hired by airport officials to investigate a series of thefts from the executive lounge as penance for their canoodling. However, they are still under the impression that they are working for the mob. Their investigation leads them to Venice, where a regular flyer from the executive lounge resides. Jennifer, on the other hand, is determined to get Angus to relax, and eventually snaps, telling him to stop trying to control everything after he attempts to commandeer a gondola. Angus relents and the two of them enjoy their holiday together. Dino meanwhile tells Caroline he has decided not to return to drag racing as he considers Bloomer to be his home. Caroline admits she knew this would happen as Dino had done nothing but complain about the food since boarding the flight. At the hospital, a doctor tells Roz that Mark will recover in a matter of days, as he managed to escape from the accident with only minor scratches. Relieved, Roz heads to the hotel in Venice without him. Mark wakes up shortly after and is overcome with paranoia, worried Roz may meet someone in Venice. As Roz as enjoying a quiet evening ride in a gondola, Mark appears on the bridge overhead. The hypnosis is wearing off, and he embarrasses her by yelling a thunderous proposal. Roz thinks for a moment and eventually says "yes", causing a delighted Mark to cheer and subsequently fall in the canal.

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