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Season 1 of Widowers contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

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"Welcome to Shady Glades" 1 1

Noel inadvertently upsets the balance of Shady Glades when he adjusts the thermostat. Head nurse Donna explains the residents fought over the thermostat for years before settling on a particular temperature that everyone seemed happy with. With the thermostat off-balance again, war breaks out. Kenny becomes embroiled in the war, requiring a cooler temperature for a strict exercise regime he devised to attract female residents. Noel attempts to resolve the situation by appealing to upper management for individually heated rooms. A stalemate occurs as ambitious site manager Tracy is concerned that approving Noel's request will open the floodgates to a never-ending cavalcade of suggestions.

"The Great Pumpkin" 2 2

When Angus is appointed as Tracy’s business advisor, Donna leads a strike with the other nurses in protest of his radical ideas. Angus responds by enlisting townspeople to volunteer at Shady Glades until agency nurses can be located and conditions at the home quickly degenerate. Kenny's thyroid medication is swapped for different pills which turn him orange. Tracy regrets hiring Angus when she observes the impact his decisions have made. Donna feels guilty for neglecting her duties as health care provider when a resident’s health suddenly deteriorates. Recognising they have similar goals, Tracy and Donna come together to eliminate Angus once and for all. Meanwhile, local Bloomer children start referring to Kenny as the Great Pumpkin, and he enjoys the attention a little more than he should.

"Sleepers Creepers" 3 3

In search of something to do, Noel decides to get a job at the Java Hut, a coffee shop at Shady Glades. He further upsets the balance of things when his generous lashings of caffeine result in the residents staying awake through the night. Waiter Josh informs Noel of an unwritten agreement between the serving staff and residents that they receive less caffeine for their buck to prevent such situations occurring. Tracy forces Noel to keep the residents awake through the following day to restore their sleeping patterns. Meanwhile, an enigmatic thief is using the situation to strike in the daylight and Kenny is determined to track him down.

"Weapons of Mass Cultivation" 4 4

Angus pretends he is a resident of Shady Glades to guilt trip his son Giles, who is coming to Bloomer for the first time since they lost contact. Kenny and Noel get caught in the lie and play along for the fun of it. They invariably take things too far, telling Giles that Angus is desperately unhappy and they suspect his support workers are abusing him. As a result, Giles launches a smear campaign to get Shady Glades shut down. Kenny and Noel urge Angus to tell Giles the truth before they lose their home. In the meantime, Tracy finds herself met with angry stares around town and can only make her case worse after the gardening supplies she ordered are mistaken for instruments of torture.

"Flex, Lies and Audiotape" 5 5

Noel and Kenny are inspired to get back into radio when they uncover an old FM transmitter in the basement. Tracy approves, and they start broadcasting their unique perspective on life at Shady Glades. Audience levels quickly dwindle forcing them to come up with ways of keeping things fresh. Kenny tasks Noel with finding hot gossip. Noel discovers a unique talent for contorting his body into unusual positions, allowing him to eavesdrop on residents from a variety of hiding places. When Donna finds Noel hiding in her desk, she teaches him a lesson by pretending he will break something if he brings himself out of the position. Meanwhile, Josh is delighted when he is promoted to head waiter at the Java Hut until he realises that a rumour has made people think he slept with Tracy for the promotion.

"Jesus Christ Super Stump" 6 6

Kenny discovers a stump in the woods behind the home, with a natural edifice resembling Jesus. As Kenny lets others in on the secret, he realises it has the potential to make him some serious dough. However, Noel questions if it is moral to exploit the faith of their fellow residents. When Tracy announces plans to up their rent by 10%, they agree that needs must and set up base in the activities room, providing hourly trips to the well for a fee. It soon becomes apparent that allowing their patrons to select the amount they give won’t bring in the money, so they revert to a fixed price. Tracy grows suspicious over the quietness of the activities room, so she follows Kenny through the woods and is unpleasantly surprised by what she finds. Meanwhile, Josh shanghais Donna into pretending he is the on-site doctor when his ultra-Christian mother arrives to view the edifice.

"The Waiting Game" 7 7

Tracy snaps at Angus after he spends the entire day getting under her feet. Angus admits he separated from his wife Jennifer and has been living out of a suitcase for the past few weeks. Noel and Kenny try to convince Tracy to give Angus a place at Shady Glades, but she is reluctant. Eventually, Tracy agrees to put Angus on the waiting list, figuring he’ll find somewhere else by the time his name gets to the top. Never one to shy away from defeat, Angus shanghais Noel and Kenny into helping him make his way up the list by means of coercion, blackmail and bribery. When one of the names above Angus shows up in the obituaries, Noel and Kenny worry about just how far Angus will go to secure his place in the home.

"An Affair to Remember" 8 8

Angus is awarded a place at Shady Glades, prompting Noel and Kenny to remember the events leading up to their moving in. Six months earlier, a newly widowed Kenny returns to Bloomer to lay his wife Denise's ashes to rest next to Roz Doyle and stumbles upon a town meeting orchestrated by Angus, who is raising concerns about Noel's inability to take care of himself since Roz's passing. Everyone agrees that it is time he moved into Shady Glades. Noel baulks at the idea and goes overboard in trying to prove he can take care of himself. Kenny suggests he visits the home with him to get a lay of the land, and the two of them wind up falling in love with the place after realising it has everything they could possibly want. However, Noel hates the idea of caving into Angus and decides to start living at the home in secret; having a pseudo "love affair" with the place while keeping up appearances and making sure he is regularly sighted at his old house.

"The Wrinkly Pool" 9 9

While on the prowl at the home, Noel and Kenny stumble upon an old abandoned swimming pool hidden behind a door in the basement and they decide to renovate it. As responsibilities are handed out, Angus unknowingly slips into his old tyrannical self from his days as town selectman and drives the volunteers to the brink of insanity. Noel realises that in all the excitement he forgot that he never learnt how to swim, so he turns to Josh for private lessons at night, afraid of the others finding out. This leads to rumours that the two are having a May/December romance when they are caught sneaking out of the basement together after haphazardly getting redressed. Meanwhile, Tracy reveals to Donna that she has an irrational fear of the wrinkles that form on old people after they go swimming, and requests that she prescribe some mood stabilisers. Donna refuses to give her a prescription without proof, leading to some very bizarre outbursts throughout the day.

"Rear Window Washers" 10 10

Strapped for cash, Noel and Kenny decide to start a window washing business and quickly run afoul of the home's custodial staff. Never one to say no to a bargain, Tracy accepts their offer to wash her office windows. While doing so, a series of events—obscured by the office's plants—has Noel and Kenny convinced they have witnessed Tracy murdering a health inspector. When Tracy tells them to end their business (because she fears her staff will go on strike) but doesn't explain why, they worry she has caught onto their suspicion and plans to "silence" them forever. To add to their suspicion, the health inspector is nowhere to be found. In actuality, he has been escorted to Donna after a slight dizzy spell in Tracy's office. Donna fears the results of the inspection will spell the end of her job and does whatever she can do butter up the inspector because she just put a large down payment on her house.

"The Bacon Embargo" 11 11

Kenny is mortified when a series of events seemingly conspire to deprive him of bacon on several mornings across the week. He does some digging around the kitchen and pressures a cook into admitting that the home keeps a list of residents, their various health issues, and the food they cannot have. Annoyed, Kenny leads a protest in favour of allowing residents to pick what they eat and goes head to head with Tracy. Angus joins Kenny in an advisory role and suggests to Tracy that the home instates a town selectman-esque role allowing an elected resident to make such decisions. Tracy approves the idea, not anticipating Angus' desire for the position or his subsequent election campaign. At the Java Hut, Josh finds himself on the wrong side of health nut Donna when he decides to ignore the list and start serving what people want.

"Less Than Hero" 12 12

The home's semi-annual wheelchair races have come to an end, but Noel and Kenny are unprepared to hand their wheelchairs back as they are having too much fun with them. Subsequently, Kenny is mistaken for a disabled resident by a sweet new chambermaid, Phoebe. Kenny has trouble clearing up her mistake, especially when the real disabled residents see fit to worsen the situation by telling Phoebe he is a war hero. As a result, she continually praises Kenny and does everything in her power to make him happy. To avoid Phoebe seeing him walking and humiliating her, Kenny is forced to spend his whole time in the wheelchair and soon gains some perspective on his less fortunate co-residents. Meanwhile, with the Shady Glades parking lot being repaved, residents are forced to park on the streets of Bloomer and Noel gets on the wrong side of a local meter maid.

"Tracy Wilk's Booth" 13 13

Tracy makes everyone take part in Bloomer's annual winter carnival, in an attempt to get in good with the town and gain tax breaks from the newest selectman. Angus is eager to meet the selectman above all else but is dismayed to learn they have more of a behind the scenes role and rarely make public appearances. Angus, driven crazy by the thought that Bloomer may be in the hands of an incompetent madman, shanghais Noel and Kenny into helping him break into the town hall to find out more about the elusive selectman. Everyone is amused by Tracy as she adopts a happy-go-lucky persona and sets up a "palm-reading" booth in the town square, but the situation becomes less funny when it is revealed she is in the midst of a divorce, and the tax breaks could help her ward off bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Donna helps Josh get over his childhood fear of haunted houses.

"My Two Sons" 14 14

Noel's birthday brings an unexpected visitor, his 40-year old son Kirk. When Kirk reveals he was kicked out by his mother, Noel fears his son is falling into the same traps he did—an unhealthy Star Trek obsession, a dead-end job and a severe lack of social activity—and becomes determined to better his life. Kirk thwarts Noel's efforts, proclaiming he is perfectly happy with his life, causing Noel to think he has failed as a father and instead focus on "getting his other son right." This results in the arrival of Poppy and their young son Jamie, sending the home into a frenzy over having to deal with the especially chatty woman, and all Noel succeeds in doing is making Jamie want to play with his Star Trek action figures. Meanwhile, Kenny is tasked with organising Noel's birthday party and has to contend with Tracy's extensive list of restrictions.

"Baking Bad" 15 15

Kenny follows Martha, an attractive and feisty resident, into the home's weekly cooking class and unwittingly finds himself signing up for it. Kenny and Martha soon develop a close friendship, leading to Martha asking Kenny to pick her up some of the ingredients she needs for her famous apple pies. Bored, Noel accompanies Kenny but is confused when they realise their destination is not the supermarket, but behind Bloomer's high-school. Kenny and Noel subsequently realise that Martha has them involved in a weed deal and the reason her pies are so popular at Shady Glades is that the special ingredient helps alleviate the aches and pains of the residents. This leaves them debating the morals and ethics of dealing in drugs against their desire for cold hard cash. Unbeknownst to them, Donna is suspicious of the drug operation going on behind the scenes and has enlisted the help of Angus in a sting operation.

"Ultimate Sunblock" 16 16

Mark Flint returns to Bloomer in Roz's old Winnebago, having decided to donate it to Shady Glades. Kenny and Noel take it off his hands and have fun behind the wheel, but a series of occurrences leads them to losing the key immediately after they park it outside Angus' window. Angus is subsequently deprived of sunlight all day, and it quickly has an adverse effect on him, turning him into an aggressive "fun-sucking vampire". Noel and Kenny scour the town in search of a tow truck when Angus' sun-starved persona has people too afraid to leave their rooms. Meanwhile, Donna discovers Josh emerging from the Winnebago while brushing his teeth, driving him to admit he has been living in it after failing to pay his rent. Donna offers Josh a part-time job assisting her in the infirmary, not anticipating his lack of skill in areas other than serving coffee.

"Swing and a Miss" 17 17

Fed up of spending their evenings alone, Noel and Kenny decide to attend a singles' party being held on an estate near Shady Glades. Noel and Kenny soon realise they made a mistake and that the party is actually for swingers. To their surprise, the event turns out to be pioneered by Donna's latest boyfriend, whom they were introduced to earlier in the day. After slipping out, Noel and Kenny are left debating whether to tell Donna what they saw. At the same time, they must deal with the unwelcome affections of an elderly gay couple who believe they were at the event for entirely different reasons.

"To Boldly Grow" 18 18

The residents of Shady Glades eagerly await the start of Bloomer's annual giant vegetable growing competition. Noel and Kenny are dismayed when the prudish organisers ban their entry from the competition due to it looking uncannily like the male anatomy. Determined for their success to be acknowledged, they decide to start up their own competition on the roof of Shady Glades. However, this has mixed results when people flock to Bloomer from all over the United States, all of whom share the common interest of growing erotic vegetables. Consequently, Josh and Donna must keep Donna's grandmother sufficiently distracted throughout the day when she pays a visit. Meanwhile, Angus is mortified to find his ex-wife Jennifer is one of the competition's judges and swindles Tracy into acting as his girlfriend when he discovers Jennifer's new beau is in attendance.

"Seniors of the Revolution" 19 19

A new hotel opens across Bloomer, and it has Tracy on edge due to its competitive pricing and personal freedoms. Tracy is faced with letting the reigns go a little to make sure the residents stay, but things quickly spiral out of control as people begin to realise they are free to do whatever they want. Noel and Kenny quickly emerge as the main instigators of the chaos, having set up a "fort" in the activities room using a freshly cleaned batch of pillows and blankets. Meanwhile, Tracy enlists Angus and Josh to go undercover at the hotel as bellboys, and find out what must be done to tip the scales in favour of Shady Glades. While Angus remains loyal to the home and wants to finish the job he was asked to do, Josh has trouble keeping his cover when he realises the hotel offers a superior salary and benefits package.

"The Trouble with Toasters" 20 20

Josh accidentally causes the electricity to short-circuit while trying to repair a toaster in the coffee shop, which destroys it and every other toaster in the home. Tracy manages to acquire several replacements for a bargain price and boasts about how high-tech and modern they are. However, they turn out to be poorly manufactured and unable to toast the bread even a little, and the residents are faced without toast for at least a month as Tracy has gone over budget. Kenny is dismayed to find the toasters operate on a frequency that has an adverse effect on his pacemaker. Tracy reveals the toasters have been declared a hazard and waste management will be collecting them at the end of the day. Until then, Kenny is forced to spend the rest of the day in a self-contained bubble to stop his pacemaker malfunctioning.

"Antiques Roadshow" 21 21

Kenny is saddened by the news that his first wife Rose has passed away. He prepares to attend the reading of her will with Noel. In the meantime, Tracy eagerly awaits the arrival of the Antiques Roadshow, which is being held at Shady Glades. Determined to put on a good impression and entice potential investors, Tracy shanghais everyone into setting the place up so it looks more antiquated than it really is. Tracy is given the number of a supplier by a seedy resident, resulting in the arrival of a large crate of antiques from unknown sources. Elsewhere, Kenny and Noel return from the reading and Kenny is reeling from his inheritance: Rose's prized collection of sex toys from colonial times. Chaos inevitably ensues as the two crates get mixed up and the sex toys are shown live on the program. Meanwhile, Josh turns out to have an eye for identifying antiques.

"Widow's Peak" 22 22

After reading a newspaper article on the limitations of old age, Noel enters a crisis and devises increasingly outlandish ways of proving his youth. His next stunt involves skydiving off the roof of Shady Glades from its rooftop garden, known as Widow's Peak. Kenny realises Noel has cracked and has to step in when it is pointed out that Shady Glades is only three storeys high. Kenny successfully convinces Noel to abandon the stunt, but they find themselves stuck on the roof after wind slams the door shut. With the residents sealed in voting booths for the Home President elections, any hope of rescue is unlikely. Noel and Kenny decide to spend the time discussing the past, old age, and their first year at Shady Glades, and wind up debating whether they are truly happy with their lives. Meanwhile, Josh enlists Donna's help in retrieving his car keys from a resident with a bizarre eating disorder; and Tracy contemplates rigging the election when she finds out what Angus has in store for the home.

  • Donna Fay's last appearance as a main character.

Episodes (Season 1 • 2)

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