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Season 2 of Widowers contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"The Yuck of the Irish" 1 23

Following his loss in the election, Angus returns from a spontaneous trip to Ireland alongside Sophie, an attractive young holiday-goer. Everyone assumes he had an accident while visiting his family and that the woman is his nurse. Noel and Kenny are mortified when Angus informs them Sophie is actually his new girlfriend but requests that they keep it on the down-low as it's only a casual thing. Noel and Kenny are left debating what to do as they now feel they have a gold-digger in their midst, something which has been a very controversial subject over the years at Shady Glades. Meanwhile, Tracy hires a life coach in an attempt to have a more positive outlook in her second year running the home, whose cheery attitude manages to get on everyone's nerves.

"Gotten Ill Gains" 2 24

After the sudden departure of Donna, Tracy hires a moonlighting nurse until a permanent replacement can be found. Her recruit turns out to be a burly East German fitness tyrant named Gunter who puts all his patients on a brutal exercise regime. As a result, the number of residents requiring medical assistance rapidly dwindles, which is bad news for the healthy folk when flu season hits the home and no one has had their shots. Noel and Kenny attempt to uncover the reason for an attractive resident's apparent immunity to the flu and end up fighting over who gets to ask her out. Meanwhile, Josh barricades himself in the Java Hut to avoid coming into contact with the sick, which has a cataclysmic effect on everyone as Tracy is deprived of her caffeine and subsequently takes her bad mood out on the home.

"The Handyman Can" 3 25

Tracy gets her 17-year old son Matt a job at the home as the new handyman, and he quickly annoys everyone with his abrasive and wise-cracking attitude. Noel and Kenny decide to teach him a lesson, and subsequently make sure he has plenty to do as they embark on a mission to tamper with everything in sight; unscrewing anything they can find and leaving every faucet on. Unfortunately, it's Angus who bears the brunt of this as they unknowingly break most of the things he uses during the course of a day, leading him to think that someone is out to get him.

"The PSGs" (Part 1) 4 26

Angus is mortified when Tracy reveals an outside candidate will shortly be arriving at Shady Glades to act as home president. After kicking up a fuss about it in the cafeteria, Angus finds a note waiting for him upon return to his room, inviting him to meet in the basement at midnight. Worried about what he's gotten himself into, Angus shanghais Josh into escorting him. They end up meeting a secret society known as the PSGs (former Presidents of Shady Glades), who gather in secret to deal with what they believe to be unfit candidates. The PSGs enlist Angus to overthrow the president and have arranged for Tracy to be called out of town while he does so. Josh reluctantly goes along with the plan in the hopes of acquiring much-needed upgrades to the Java Hut but has trouble quelling his concerns when Angus rapidly regresses into his old tyrannical self.

"Singing in the Reign" (Part 2) 5 27

Angus and the PSGs' plan comes to fruition as Tracy finds herself called out of town, allegedly to meet with a potential investor. Tracy reluctantly takes Noel along when research indicates that the investor is an avid Star Trek fan. With Tracy out of the picture, Angus is free to take her place managing Shady Glades, with Josh as his unwitting lackey. Angus is quick to institute his typically heavy-handed management style; making the home's colour scheme more muted, implementing nothing but healthy options in the cafeteria, and changing recreational activities to better suit his own idea of fun. Josh realises he needs to stay by Angus' side to ensure he doesn't completely go off the rails. Kenny realises the home desperately needs Tracy back; unfortunately, she and Noel find themselves stranded on a remote island airport in the middle of a rainstorm without a working telephone. In the hopes of receiving more sympathy from unhelpful officials, Noel pretends to be Tracy's senile father.

"The Daly Mail" 6 28

Bloomer's resident mailman Laurence pays a visit to Shady Glades, filling in for an absent co-worker. After a string of price hikes imposed by Tracy, Kenny decides to apply for the temporary position when Laurence says how short and easy the route is. Kenny winds up taking on more than he can handle when he is forced to fill in for Laurence's regular route when he goes on holiday with his family. The stress of delivering mail on time as well as the tiring walks sends Kenny to the brink of insanity, leading him to construct a fortress made out of parcels in the activities room. Noel rallies the residents into helping Kenny deliver everything, bringing new meaning to the term "snail mail." Josh finds herself shanghaied into becoming the interim president when he successfully convinces Tracy to call off the price hikes and struggles to cope with the multitude of requests on top of his regular workload. In the meantime, Angus deals with being "grounded" following his attempted takeover of the home.

"Don't Wear the Reaper" 7 29

Noel is among the guests at Tracy's yearly Halloween announcement, in which she runs through the rules of the holiday for the home's newest residents. Kenny misses the announcement, consequently donning a Grim Reaper costume and infuriating some of the residents. He is overcome with guilt when his costume leads to a frightened resident having a "minor cardiac event", and accompanies him to the emergency room to make amends. As a result, he is forced to endure an endless series of guilty situations as the man's extended family arrive and continually praise him for being a good samaritan by helping his friend to the hospital. At Shady Glades, Noel tries to lighten the mood in what has become a very sombre celebration, and Angus holds Josh "hostage" at the Java Hut just as he's about to leave for a party, wallowing because the pumpkins remind him of his produce supplying ex-wife.

"Chambermaid of Secrets" 8 30

Tracy announces that this year's Miss Wisconsin Chambermaid contest will be held at Shady Glades. Kenny prompts the home's own maid Phoebe to enter and offers to front the costs when he realises it will give her the confidence boost she desperately needs. As a result, Kenny winds up looking like Phoebe's "sugar daddy", which doesn't go over well with the judges in the early stages of the competition. The competition coincides with the rainy season, which makes mud more prevalent than usual in the home. With Phoebe needing to look her best, Josh finds himself roped into becoming her temporary replacement. Noel battles it out for a place on the judging committee when one of the judges falls ill.

"Gold Rush" 9 31

Tracy is concerned when she notices an influx of attractive young women at the home, worried that it is being targeted by gold-diggers. Noel pulls out all the stops to impress a pretty visitor, feigning wealth by fashioning a monocle and top hat, and by getting Josh to pose as his butler. Kenny is dismayed to find he is immune to the attention of the gold-diggers despite the generous amount of money he accumulated in his ex-wife's will and tries to find out why. Angus discovers the gold-diggers were tipped off by Sophie, so he tries to get her to call off her piranhas. Meanwhile, Matt discovers his own talent for gold-digging when he is propositioned by one of the home's female residents.

"Charity Begins in Homes" 10 32

It's Thanksgiving at Shady Glades, and Bloomer's annual charity drive brings a vast array of do-gooders to the home. Kenny deals with an eager teenage girl's attempt to spend time with him who despite her best intentions treats him like a typical old person. Noel faces off against the Bloomer High computer club's efforts to fix the home's broadband connection, convinced he can do a better job. Angus is disgruntled when his equally crotchety successor Gabe Sloane shows up at the home to oversee the project. Meanwhile, Josh and Matt find themselves roped into cooking Thanksgiving dinner for everyone when the entire kitchen staff come down with the flu.

"Retirement Home Alone" 11 33

Noel, Kenny and Angus have free run of the home when most of the residents leave to spend Christmas with loved ones. What they expected to be a relatively quiet Christmas turns out to be anything but when a pair of opportunistic teenage thieves attempts to rob the home of its valuables. A chaotic Christmas Eve unfolds as Noel and Kenny decide to mess with the thieves by booby trapping the home, to Angus' dismay. The fun and games climax when one of the thieves, a Bloomer High student, says that Matt told them Shady Glades would be empty over the Christmas period. Tracy and Matt are called to the home and Noel, Kenny and Angus are forced to spend their Christmas Day mediating the resulting family dispute.

"RV Having Fun Yet?" 12 34

Noel and Kenny head to Ohio in the RV to meet up with Noel's old friend Denny Reynolds for a New Year's celebration. Faced with crippling travel sickness, Noel spends the majority of the journey asleep while Kenny drives. Upon waking, Noel is mortified to find that Kenny, having never met the man, has mistakenly picked up the wrong person, who turns out to be a fugitive bank robber that forces them at gunpoint to drive him over the border to Mexico. At the home, Angus, Josh and the rest watch the events unfold on a television news bulletin while Tracy futilely tries to keep the home's mandated New Year's party going in spite of the dour mood.

"Closet Case" 13 35

As punishment for their latest prank, Tracy makes Noel and Kenny step in to cater a party at Shady Glades honouring its war veterans following a last minute schedule change. Kenny turns out to be a dab hand in the kitchen, leaving Noel to deal with the guests. Noel must act quickly when one of the guests forgets to bring his insulin, necessitating a dash to his room where he is shocked to find a closet filled with Nazi memorabilia. Noel struggles to contain the knowledge that Shady Glades may have a Nazi in its midst. Back in the kitchen, Kenny begins to crumble under the pressure of getting everyone's food requirements right.

"Hostage with the Mostage" 14 36

Following a drastic cut to his pension, Angus is forced to get a job at the Java Hut but struggles to contain his humiliation at being Josh's underling, yelling at customers and refusing to do tasks that he claims are beneath him. Days later, his bad mood appears to subside when Josh goes out of town to visit his mother, as he now has the run of the place. In the meantime, Tracy sends Noel and Kenny to sensitivity training after they unknowingly insult the memory of a resident who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. They find themselves forced to endure an endless series of lectures and demonstrations before they must apologise to the man. Matt is suspicious over Josh's sudden departure, especially when he notices his jacket is still hung up behind the Java Hut's counter. Matt does some stealthy investigation and discovers that Angus has locked Josh in the back room to usurp his position of power. Later, Noel and Kenny return, and they realise, through their extensive training, they have become experts on picking up the signs of Alzheimer's and are now faced with the very real possibility that one of their closest friends may be developing the illness.

"Suddenly Sophie" 15 37

Angus' gold-digging ex, Sophie, returns to Shady Glades, this time looking into getting a place in the home for her mother, Laurel. Angus finds himself bonding with Laurel when he discovers she has just been found to be in the very early stages of Alzheimer's like him. Their apparent romance concerns Noel and Kenny, who are convinced that the old Angus would never date the mother of the woman who humiliated him, and believe that he has had a setback and forgotten about Sophie entirely. Meanwhile, Josh takes to carrying a cell phone following last week's situation and becomes the butt of jokes when he can't figure out how to use it.

"Widows" 16 38

Kenny hits it off with Maureen, an attractive and somewhat sultry resident of the home and soon finds himself embarking on a series of dates with her. Noel can't help but feel there is something amiss with Maureen but refuses to admit he is simply jealous that she is commanding all the attention of his best friend. Elsewhere, Matt has been hired by Tracy to install a new pond in the home's garden, only to encounter a nasty surprise while digging: what appears to be the beginnings of a dead body. Noel's investigation leads of Maureen leads him to her gossipy best friend, who reveals Maureen's husband died mere days ago, and the wake became a very awkward affair when she found out she would be inheriting none of his money. When Noel hears about Matt's discovery, he becomes convinced that Maureen offed her husband in the hopes of gaining his inheritance, and is now planning on doing the same with Kenny. When a resident mentions that Kenny has just left with Maureen for a romantic canoe ride on Lake Bloomer, Noel fears the worst.

"The Power of Positive Thinking" 17 39

Tracy allows some support groups to start using Shady Glades as a base following the closure of Bloomer's local YMCA. Though hesitant at first, the residents soon find themselves becoming involved in the groups most relevant to themselves. Angus continues to surprise everyone with his personality change when he decides to join a group called "The Positive Thinkers", but soon finds his inner pessimism making a comeback. Kenny joins a group for people with pacemakers or heart conditions and ends up causing controversy when he brings an unhealthy snack to his first meeting. Noel meets with a group of avid Star Trek fans and leads them in faking a number of disabilities as Tracy is resistant to allowing groups that don't really help people. Tracy is chagrined when Matt sets up a game of three-card Monte on the nights that addicted gamblers meet. Realising the impact the groups are having on the home, Josh resolves to restore the status quo.

"Hell on Wheels" 18 40

Matt gets a job driving a Meals on Wheels van around Bloomer. However, it soon becomes apparent that most elderly citizens of Bloomer live at Shady Glades and thus don't require meal deliveries. Feeling sorry for him, Noel and Kenny decide to sign up for the program for a week, unknowingly breaking an unwritten rule stating that all residents must eat the food supplied by Shady Glades. Tracy is quick to notice the amount of food going to waste, and more importantly, the surge in cancellations of the home's own meal program. Matt and Tracy wind up indirectly up against each other as they compete to feed the home, unaware of each other's identities. Meanwhile, the surge in Meals on Wheels interest has an impact on Kane Groceries and the Java Hut as well, resulting in both Angus and Josh joining Tracy's cause.

"Lawn and Order" 19 41

A string of cutbacks results in a wave of firings, including the home's resident gardener. Noel and Kenny discover an antique ride-on lawnmower while perusing the toolshed for leftovers and take it upon themselves to cut the home's now unruly grass. It's not long before many of the residents are partaking in improving the grounds, having always been denied in their efforts by the unimaginative gardener. However, when Kenny inadvertently drives over a freshly bloomed flower arrangement with the mower, garden warfare breaks out as the residents go all-out to get their artistic voices heard. Meanwhile, Josh worries that his job at the Java Hut is expendable now that it's apparent the residents will fill any vacancies and sets out to prove his worth to an uninterested Tracy.

"Wheel of Misfortune" 20 42

The residents prepare to attend the yearly summer carnival in Bloomer's town square, anticipating the usual dour affair due to increasing budget limitations. To their surprise, the event turns out to be marked improvement, with the much-beloved ferris wheel making a comeback after breaking down years ago. Tracy reveals the home co-funded the carnival this year, and as thanks, town selectman Gabe Sloane allows the residents to take the inaugural ride on the wheel. In the meantime, Angus is driven to distraction by how much better his successor is doing, and having missed Tracy's explanation he becomes convinced that Sloane has connections to organised crime which garnered him the funding. Determined to get his voice heard, Angus rushes to the wheel and in his haste, inadvertently causes the ride to break down. Noel, Kenny, Josh and Tracy subsequently find themselves much more up close and personal than they'd ordinarily like while they await rescue.

"What Makes Kenny Run?" 21 43

When Kenny discovers he is at risk for further heart problems if he keeps up his unhealthy lifestyle, he is encouraged to join Angus and a select group of residents on their daily morning run. However, Kenny winds up shaking the age-old ritual to its very core when his "can't-do" attitude begins to spread to the other runners. Meanwhile, Tracy is chagrined when she discovers Matt has persuaded the custodial staff to go on strike and considers sending him back to his father.

"Save Shady Glades" 22 44

The residents are disheartened when Tracy announces the owner of Shady Glades has sold the home to land developers intent on tearing the place down. Kenny steps up as the leader of a protest after revealing his controversial activist past. He leads the charge in a sit-in outside Bloomer's town hall. Though part of the protest, Angus is conflicted when he realises the sit-in blocks the delivery route for his grocery store. As a result, Bloomer citizens are deprived of much-needed groceries and town selectman Gabe Sloane is forced to take notice of the protest. Eventually, he agrees to meet with Noel, Kenny and Angus to discuss their demands. However, negotiations are tough: a nervous Noel drinks too much water and panics that a bathroom break will weaken their defence; Angus has trouble deciding where his loyalties lie, and Kenny worries that a particularly extreme method of protest from his activist days will come to light. Elsewhere: Josh deals with an influx of hungry residents at the Java Hut, and a sorrowful Tracy seeks catharsis on the Java Hut's karaoke machine.

Episodes (Season 1 • 2)

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