First appearance "Separation Anxiety" (12.02)
Last appearance "Do Svidaniya, Petrovs!" (25.09)

Yuri Petrov is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Hailing from Russia, the somewhat naive mechanic Yuri first appears in Season 12, when he is recruited by Eve Summers to work in Maris' new and improved garage. Yuri is soon joined at the mansion by his wife, Svetlana, and the two move into the guesthouse after a series of events leave them homeless during the Christmas period. In the Season 12 finale, Yuri learns he is going to be a father when Svetlana reveals her pregnancy, and welcomes his son Eduard into the world towards the end of Season 13. Maris' unexpected sale of her mansion leads to Yuri becoming a golf caddy at the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel in Season 14, and following a difficult period of adjustment, he is promoted to manager of golf course operations in Season 16. Yuri remains in this capacity until the Season 22, in which he resigns from Bear Creek alongside his friends and colleagues. With Maris travelling, Yuri and Svetlana take up positions at their old friend Jeremy Cook's country club in England, before returning to the States, and then to Canada, to work for Maris again at her new mansion in Toronto. By the Season 25 premiere, Yuri is beginning to question whether he could've made more of his career, leading to him returning to Russia to pursue a new path as executive mechanic at the Kremlin. Svetlana joins him midway through the season, marking their exit from the series.

For the majority of his time on the series, Yuri's marriage to Svetlana remains stable, but they find themselves at odds at various points, resorting to counselling with Dr. David Crane among others, and even undergoing a trial separation in Season 21. After a brief scare involving Svetlana's crush on Jeremy, Yuri's relationship with Svetlana finally stabilises and they remain firmly committed to each other by the time of their departure.

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