First appearance "The Amber Memorial" (5.01)
Last appearance "Poughkeepsie" (7.22)
Guest appearances 2.11, 4.03, 4.09

Yvette Harper is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Yvette is the mother of Susan Harper. She first appears in Season 2 when she visits Susan at Whirlpool. During this visit Yvette discovers Susan is gay, and immediately accepts her. Yvette re-appears during Season 4 when Susan gets engaged to Amber Kinsella. Yvette soon proves to be more old fashioned concerning the "sanctity" of marriage, but is able to put her prejudices aside and attend the wedding. Yvette moves in with Susan to help her cope with Amber's death in Season 5. During this time she also meets and hits it off with Robert Noble, Amber's step-father, and they get engaged towards the end of the season. Despite it being a ruse for Robert to gain his green card, the chemistry between them prompts them to make a proper go of their marriage. They get married in Season 6 in a lavish ceremony in Mexico. At the end of Season 7, Yvette and Robert take over Susan's lease when she moves in with her new girlfriend.

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